Looking to Clean the Attic? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Are you looking at your attic window, wondering if you need to shake off the dust?

It might have been a while since you last stepped in your attic, but it is about time you give its cleaning a serious consideration.

This is where we step in.

We have discussed 10 steps to assist you in cleaning the attic like a pro.

Take a look.

Remove Everything

An empty space is easy to clean. So, before you begin dusting and brooming, get rid of the junk in your attic. It will enable you to take a thorough cleanup and inspect every corner to eliminate items you no longer require.

Wipe Away Dust

It doesn’t matter when was the last time you cleaned your attic, it will be covered in dust on your next visit. So, you’ll need to dust each frame and window, wooden beams, walls, and all other surfaces.

When cleaning the filthy areas in the attic, don’t forget to put on a mask. Choose an electrostatic duster and dust everything, including lighting fixtures, fans, and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Vacuum and Then Sweep

Using a broom to clean the floor’s dust can cause it to spread even more. Instead, start vacuuming. Take out debris that you can not easily tackle. Move from one side to the other.

Note that the kind of vacuum you choose to use is essential. Choose a high-efficiency machine that has a filter. It will capture dust mites, dead insects, allergens and will perform best. For narrow corners or odd spaces, utilize hoses or other extensions for vacuums.

Inspect Your Insulation

After you clean the attic, it’s time to check the attic’s insulation. If it is lower than the flooring joists, you may need to add more. If you see that the floor joists are higher than the insulation, this indicates good insulation.

Also, make sure that the insulation is equally spread with no gaps. If you see traces of mold, dampness, or mildew, replace it.

Look for Mold or Moisture

The gaps, crevices and vents aren’t just the only areas in your attic that may be a breeding ground for harmful mold. So, please take a look at your attic and give it an in-depth inspection.

Mold comes in various shades, ranging from gray, black, green, brown, orange & white. If your attic smells musty, you’re likely to find mold growing in it.

Take Precautionary Measures

While looking through corners and crevices, make sure to check for any sealant issues. If you’ve got drafts entering through a window or an open space, seal the gaps. It can increase heating and air cost and make it difficult for your unit to perform its job.

Pests can also make their way to your less used attic, so be watchful for them. If you spot indications of rodents, immediately contact the experts.

Sort Clutter

Declutter! When doing so, segregate items in several categories — Donate, Sell and Throw Away Pile. If unnecessary, unused items are too much for you to handle, consider hiring experts of Junk Removal in San Francisco immediately.

Closing words

Your attic is your home’s crown. It is among the most functional places in your home. All the more reasons to keep it in top-notch condition.

Having a clean attic has multiple benefits. It will do away with costly repairs that may be required in the future (damage caused by insects, mold, and mildew), plus it is good for your mental health.

That said, if you were looking for useful attic cleaning tips, you have them here. Were they helpful? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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