Legendary Traders And Their Claim To Fame

Recently, the crypto market has been in an uproar, talking about the shocking total profits of a trader going by the name ChamelX, who has achieved more than 100,000% total profits in a fully transparent environment, proving to the world that they are worthy of legendary status.

The tale unfolded within the Covesting copy trading module on the award-winning margin trading cryptocurrency platform PrimeXBT. Other traders are able to follow the strategy manager and not only witness the legend as it is told, but have made as much as $3 million collectively for doing so.

In honor of this trader’s special feat, we’re looking back at the other legendary traders and investors over the centuries that will forever be etched into history and looked back at fondly for their feats of financial greatness.

W.D. Gann


Starting off the list is the most unusual and unorthodox trader among these ranks. William Delbert Gann earned an equal reputation as a legend and a hoax, but only because his methods were so secretive and bizarre compared to what others used.

Gann used angles, hexagons, circles, squares, and even the position of the planets to predict market cycle timing. Gann taught very little of his methodology, but left behind several tools that are almost all up for interpretation on how to use correctly.

Peter Brandt


Peter Brandt is popular among the crypto crowd because he’s an older-generation trader who still is highly involved in Bitcoin. Brandt is the CEO of Factor Trading Service where he provides expert reporting and analysis. He is also a member of the Bitcoin.Live team.

His career primarily involved trading commodities, forex, futures, and fixed income equity markets, he recently has begun trading and commentating on the cryptocurrency market. Brandt was among the first to discover that Bitcoin was building a parabolic base in 2017, and famously called for around an 80% correction in January 2018 nearly a full year before the bottom was put in. Bitcoin ultimately corrected 84% and Brandt was 100% correct in his call.

George Soros


Billionaire George Soros recently came into the news surrounding cryptocurrencies, as it was revealed his firm now holds Bitcoin and other coins. Soros is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his legendary short position that resulted in more than $1 billion in profit during the UK currency crisis.

Soros has since become more notorious than famous, but his legendary trades still speak for themselves. Soros is also a philanthropist like many billionaires.

Paul Tudor Jones


On the topic of philanthropists, it makes sense to then move into Paul Tudor Jones. Paul Tudor Jones is a billionaire hedge fund manager, conservationist, and philanthropist founder of the Robin Hood Foundation. Jones made his best trades around the 1987 Black Monday collapse due to large short positions at the time.

Paul Tudor Jones is also highly responsible for the Bitcoin bull run, having told other high wealth individuals that it was a good idea to buy Bitcoin. He famously compared Bitcoin to gold in the 1970s, saying it would be the “fastest horse in the race against inflation.”

Warren Buffett


Buffett is an obvious inclusion on the list, as he is probably the most well known investing legend of all-time. The Berkshire Hathaway frontman made his fortune from the moment he was born, taking on odd jobs and whatever he could to make money.

Buffett is one of the few on this list that is alive during the time of Bitcoin, but still looks down on the cryptocurrency. Buffett in the past has compared Bitcoin to “rat poison.” Is the Oracle of Omaha wrong on this one?

Jim Simons


If you search for Jim Simons on Wikipedia, he’ll show up first as a mathematician, but it is his math skills that have made him a legendary trader, and billionaire hedge fund manager. Simons is one of the most successful quantitative analysts in the world, using mathematical models and algorithms to make financial gains.

Simons is in the top 100 richest people in the world according to Bloomberg. He is also known for his studies around pattern recognition, and contributed to string theory.

Steve Cohen


You might know Steve Cohen as the majority owner of the New York Mets, but he made all his money as an American hedge fund manager. He was at one point dubbed “the hedge fund king” in a 2006 Wall Street Journal article.

Cohen and his firms were known for rapid trading and never staying in positions very long. Cohen was also regularly investigated for insider trading.

Ed Seykota


Ed Seykota was a pioneer in using computer-based trading systems to make his money. Seykota was also an advocate of adaptive trading systems, famously stating that “systems don’t need to be changed. The trick is for a trader to develop a system with which he is compatible.”

In the book Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager devotes a full chapter to Seykota and ranks him “as one of the best traders of our time.”

John Paulson


John Paulson is known as “a man who made one of the biggest fortunes in Wall Street history” according to his Wikipedia entry. He got his MBA at Harvard Business School, on a Sidney J. Weinberg/Goldman Sachs scholarship ranking in the top 5 of his class.

Paulson then began his career at Boston Consulting Group, later moving to Bear Stearns in the mergers and acquisitions department. He founded his own hedge fund Paulson & Co, with only $2 million and within a decade had $300 million in assets. Paulson became famous after shorting the housing market before the subprime mortgage crisis.

Jesse Livermore


Jesse Lauriston Livermore was a Massaschusets-born pioneer of day trading. He was also a founder of the earliest forms of technical analysis. He earned his fortune by shorting the top of the stock market ahead of the 1929 crash. At one point, Livermore was one of the richest people in the entire world. Yet at the time of his death, by suicide, he had more liabilitities than assets.

Livermore is proof that fame and fortune doesn’t always fix what is broken. He left a note addressed to his wife reading “My dear Nina: Can’t help it. Things have been bad with me. I am tired of fighting. Can’t carry on any longer. This is the only way out. I am unworthy of your love. I am a failure. I am truly sorry, but this is the only way out for me. Love Laurie”

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