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Leaked: Free Psychic Reading Online Offer By Top Network

Getting a free psychic reading online can be confusing.  There are so many networks out there, all claiming to be the best and luring you in with special, low rate introductory offers.  

But which one can you trust? And most importantly, where can you find the most authentic free psychic advisors online?

Our top pick is Psychic Source, the nation’s most respected online service.  They have been providing quality readings for over three decades and provide access to more than 200 highly experienced advisors.  And now that we’ve found a “backdoor link” to their free reading offer, it’s a no-brainer.  

If you’ve never had a psychic reading before, or if you’ve tried other networks and you’re looking for something new, now is the perfect time to give Psychic Source a try.  

If you go direct to the Psychic Source website, you’ll see their introductory $1 per minute offer for first-time customers – the same one everybody has access to.  It’s actually a fantastic rate considering what other networks charge, but thanks to the team at Sufis.org, there’s an even better offer available… 

Sufis.org has announced a special deal they put together with Psychic Source, giving visitors a special “secret link” for a free 5-minute psychic reading with the popular network!   If you enjoy your reading and decide to buy a paid reading, you can still take advantage of the $1 per minute offer AND get an additional $5 credit when you join their email newsletter.  That’s up to 10 minutes free with the advisor of your choice.

You can take advantage of this offer by creating a free account at Psychic Source, but you MUST go through Sufis.org using the link below.

It is unclear how long this offer will be available, so we advise you create a free account with Psychic Source and “lock in” your free reading before the offer ends.  Once you create your account, the free reading offer will be available for you to use at any time, and it does not expire.

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose PsychicSource.com for Your Free Psychic Reading

  • Absolutely FREE psychic reading for first-time customers
  • $1/min introductory offer for paid readings 
  • Get $5 credit to your account when you join newsletter
  • Connect with psychics, mediums, tarot readers, clairvoyants, astrologers, spirit guides and more
  • Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Live readings your way – by phone, online chat or video call
  • All advisors have 10+ years experience and are vigorously screened for authenticity 
  • The nation’s most respected psychic network
  • Over 1 million quality psychic readings since 1989
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – you will love your reading or it’s free!

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Psychic Readings For Any Situation

Those seeking a psychic reading may do so for any number of reasons, but by and large most people are looking for advice on love, relationships, career, money, and future.

That being said, Psychic Source has over 200 advisors that are ready to give you guidance in any area of your life.

Before choosing the first psychic you see on the site, first ask yourself what you expect to get out of your session.  Knowing this will help you choose an advisor best suited to your goals.

Find a tarot reader if you seek specific predictions about relationships or your direction in life.

An astrology reading is perfect if you’re interested in knowing about the timing of specific events in your life.

Perhaps you are unsure about your current situation and would like some clarity on your purpose or life’s meaning – then a spiritual reading is right for you.

Have questions about love and romance?  Choose an advisor that specializes in free psychic love readings.

Phone Reading, Online Chat, or Video?  The Choice is Yours

Getting your free psychic reading online can be intimidating, but Psychic Source makes it easy to get the reading you want, how you want it.  Besides having advisors available 24/7, you also have the freedom to choose between a phone reading, online chat, or video call.  The video or online chat options are especially convenient for customers who live outside of the United States.

Free Psychic Phone Readings 

Phone readings are ideal for any type of reading you desire.  Though you are not meeting with the psychic face-to-face, you will still be able to feel a connection with your advisor by their voice and tone.

There is a neat “Call Me” feature right on the website that allows you to notify your chosen advisor when you are ready for your reading.  Simply select the advisor you want to speak with, click the “Call Me” button, and they will call you at the time of your choosing.

Online Chat Readings

Chatting online with a free psychic is perfect for when you can’t be on the phone.  For example, if you are around coworkers or people that you don’t want to hear your conversation.  Luckily, you can still make a connection with an advisor and some people prefer communicating this way because it’s easier for them to be more open about their situation.

Like phone readings, chats are easy to initiate.  Simply select the advisor that interests you most and click on the “Chat Reading” button next to their name.

Free Psychic Video Readings

Video readings have become a popular option for people seeking a more personal connection with their advisor.  Get predictions, ask questions, and gain insight into your most pressing questions with a live face-to-face reading.  It’s like having the advisor sitting right there next to you.

As you would expect, video readings are easy to initiate via computer or mobile device.  When you find the advisor that strikes your fancy, just click on their Video Reading button. 

4 Ways to Choose Your Free Psychic Advisor

Finding an advisor that fits you can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  With so many backgrounds, specialties, and situations, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?  Luckily, Psychic Source provides 4 different way to help connect you with the right advisor.

1.  Easy-To-Use Search Engine

Probably the quickest and easiest method is to navigate to the “Our Psychics” tabs and use the filtering options to narrow down your search.  You can view all the advisors and read their reviews even before joining the network as a customer.

The search feature lets you sift through every advisor in the network based on their specific strengths and specialties.  It’s helpful to know what kind of reading you’re looking for, so you have a starting point for your search.  The basic options let you filter down based on subject, specialties, reading style and the types of tools the advisor uses.

Types of Psychics Available:

  • Love Psychics
  • Tarot Readers
  • Mediums
  • Intuitives
  • Career Psychics
  • Clairaudients
  • Clairsentients
  • Clairvoyants
  • Pet Psychics
  • Energy Healers
  • Astrologers
  • Numerologists

Common Subjects for Readings:

  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Career
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Destiny
  • Love
  • Loss and Grieving

You can also filter the advisors by their “reading style”.  This is the general tone that the advisor is known to have with their customers.  You can pick which one fits you and your personality.  The styles are: direct, compassionate, thoughtful, expressive, and wise.

When you are done with your selections, you’ll see all the advisors that fit your selections.  Clicking on any of their pictures reveals their personal bios, availability, specialties, and the all-important customer reviews.  These will give you the best insight into the advisor’s tone, temperament, accuracy, and if they are someone you feel you could connect with.

We also love that each advisor records a personal message so you can hear their voice and get a connection before picking up the phone.

2. Customer Care Specialists are There To Help

If you tried the search feature and still need additional help, the Customer Care Specialists at Psychic Source are just a phone call away.  Like the advisors, customer care is available 24/7 and are more than willing to help you navigate your way to a great reading.  

They are well-versed in helping connect customers with advisors using their expert knowledge of the network.

3. Try Out Their Fun “Find a Psychic” Tool

The company also provides an interactive quiz called “Find a Psychic”.  It’s a fun little tool that asks you a series of general questions to help match you up with the best free psychic for you.

4. The Psychic Source Mobile App

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, you can use the handy mobile app to find an advisor, manage your account, and even initiate readings with your favorite advisors.

5 Helpful Tips For The Perfect Reading

Congrats!  You’re ready for your reading.  Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get the most value out of your session.

We’ve found that most successful readings are done when the recipient is focused, relaxed, and open to hearing about any possibilities.  You can get “in the zone” by letting down your guard and be willing to take everything in without judgement.

  • Be Prepared – Come to the session with a list of questions you’re most interested in asking.  Be open to any answer and don’t anticipate what they will be.  Have faith that your advisor can guide you towards your true path.
  • Get Comfortable – If you are at home, get situated in a comfortable and quiet room so you are not distracted and can put your complete focus on the reading.
  • Be True to Yourself and Your Advisor – Let your advisor know details that would help provide a more personalized reading.  Imagine having a deep conversation with an old friend – that’s how you know you are making a connection and the recipe for a great reading.
  • Be Open and Positive – Enter your session with a feeling of happiness and curiosity for all that will be shared with you.  Have your questions ready and focus on them so your advisor can pick up on your energy.
  • Breathe Deeply – Take deep breaths, or even better, meditate right before your reading.  This will put you in a calm, positive state of mind.

Psychic Source’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There’s a reason why Psychic Source has been around for over 30 years…

The psychic service company takes great pride in providing a feeling of safety for its customers.  Their main goal is to provide top-notch service and quality psychic readings that are pleasant and satisfying – from the time someone becomes a customer to the last minute of their reading.  

Their Customer Care Specialists are there to help you become acquainted with the site, the advisors, and can even help you find the right advisor based on they type of reading you desire.  

Best of all, you’re covered by their risk-free satisfaction guarantee.  If you are unhappy with your reading for any reason, just reach out to Customer Care.  They will happily refund the money back to your account so you can choose a different advisor.

Don’t Wait To Lock In Your Free Reading

We highly suggest you act fast!  Sufis.org states that the offer does not have an end date, but that it could end at any time.  Don’t miss out – You can take advantage of the offer by creating a free account at Psychic Source.  Doing so will “lock in” the offer into your account, which you can use at any time.  The offer will not expire and can be redeemed whenever you are ready.

Click Here To Claim Your Free Psychic Reading 

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