Latest Review of Dan Hollings’ The Plan, We Joined to Show You the Crypto Code

Latest Review of Dan Hollings’ The Plan, We Joined to Show You the Crypto Code

Has Dan Hollings Finally Cracked the Crypto Code?

I recently connected with a guy who’s cracked the “crypto code”…

His name is Dan Hollings.

Dan, one of the original pioneers of the mobile web, has found a way to consistently make ridiculous profits (2X-10X) with crypto – whether the market is up OR down.

Yet… it is possible. Heck, it has worked for people with very limited experience with crypto and investing. Does that mean you’ll profit? I don’t know, but you MIGHT. 

In my opinion, this COULD BE one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever seen.

You see, most people involved in cryptocurrency try to “buy low & sell high”. That’s too risky.

Dan’s process is different. It involves buying & selling crypto minute-by-minute in an easy & automated way (that even a complete crypto newb can start almost immediately).

Click here to find out

Can Bitcoin Hit 100k By December 2021?

As the Bitcoin price is nearing $100k, we hear chicken littles crying out in panic mode every day.

“Crypto market crashes” or “Bitcoin is crashing, sell ASAP”

Yet in the middle of that catastrophe, when even the greatest investors were losing money…

One student of Dan’s made a 47% profit. Another student made a 19% profit. Another student made a 38% profit, and so on …

You see, while everyone else is spending their savings to buy coins, hoping that the price will go up so they can make some profit…

Dan and his people are taking advantage of minute-by-minute fluctuations in coin prices and making massive daily profits…

…whether the market is UP or DOWN.

And because this is mostly automated, one of the hardest things Dan’s students have come across is TRYING to do nothing.

This system works best when you don’t “fiddle” with it. It works best when you do nothing. You set it up once, and then spend a few minutes per day checking in on it. That’s it.

Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoin?

Some people say yes, and some people say no.  

I think it’s yes, if you use the specific strategies that Dan Hollings shows us.

He shares the fastest & easiest way for anyone to profit with cryptocurrency (securely, even when the market is up OR down).

Dan’s original small beta group of clients used this method, and here were their results:

>> Beta Student #1: 10,022 Net Return (15.37% Net Return) … In 3.5 Months

>> Beta Student #2: 4,197 Net Return (41.08% Net Return) … In 1.5 Months

>> Beta Student #3: 4,638 Net Return (17.62% Net Return) … In 1.5 Months

>> Beta Student #4: 8,324 Net Return (13.97% Net Return) … In 2.5 Months

>> Beta Student #5: 10,606 Net Return (14.10% Net Return) … In 1.5 Months

>> Beta Student #6: 874 Net Return (18.46% Net Return) … In 24 Days

>> Beta Student #7: 1,931 Net Return (5.79% Net Return) … In 4 Days

>> Beta Student #8: 24,379 Net Return (27.83% Net Return) … In 31 Days

>> Beta Student #9: 5,004 Net Return (17.23% Net Return) … In 1.5 Months

>> Beta Student #10: 2,688 Net Return (44.86% Net Return) … In 21 Days

>> Beta Student #11: 7,121 Net Return (10.22% Net Return) … In 6 Days

>> Beta Student #12: 2,869 Net Return (9.61% Net Return) … In 10 Days

>> Beta Student #13: 10,603 Net Return (14.10% Net Return) … in 4 Days

>> Beta Student #14: 21,684 Net Return (24.89% Net Return) … In 4 Days

Straight up – I’ve never been this excited about something. Honestly, I’m feeling a bit left out, because I wish I’d gotten involved sooner.

However long you wait is how far behind you’ll be. This is NOT a short-term thing and does NOT involve the typical “buying low and selling high” approach. 

So, it just started.  Not too late to invest in crypto at all.

The Closest Thing To A “Real-Life” Money Machine?

“This is so good, I can’t believe no one else has thought of it…”

I’ve been hearing similar sentiments all week after our special guest, Dan Hollings, shared his brand-new crypto trading strategy

Everyone in attendance, including myself, had to pick our jaws up off the floor after Dan shared…

>> Why “buying low and selling high” is WRONG and 95% of “traders” are losing their money this way

>> How he and his students are crushing it with crypto (even while the market is down)

>> How they do this *virtually* on autopilot & in a low risk way (that takes about 5-20 minutes a day of “work”)

>> How Dan & his students make thousands of profitable crypto transactions, without being in front of a computer

>> How, in over 2 years of doing this, Dan has NEVER finished a month with a loss

>> How he and his students have profits deposited into their accounts minute-by-minute (and when they roll their profits back in for compounding profits)..

… and SO much more.

This is a dynamically DIFFERENT way to approach cryptocurrency. And that’s why it works so well. It’s the closest thing I can compare to winning the “jackpot”…

Simply put, this is as close to a foolproof strategy as you can get.

Shocking Results Of Dan’s Students

Dan shared that “this works best when you don’t fiddle with it”… and for that reason, it’s been working great with about 5-10 minutes a day of “work”.

Spend more time with your family and children. Safely vacation & travel the world.

>> Watch The “Crypto Loophole” Replay To Learn How

Don’t believe me? Just check out Dan’s students who have done this for themselves – most of whom had no experience with crypto when they first started – (see attached below)…




Finally, this student made 291,090 in profit.

Now… Can you do this too? Honestly, I don’t know.

But what I can tell you is that…

> None of these people are expert traders

> Many of them didn’t know the first thing about crypto when they started

> They are letting bots make all the trades for them on “auto-pilot”

> Once set up, the bots run on their own

> This works whether the market is up OR down

So, you tell me… do you think you can do this if you had step-by-step training on it?

I’m pretty sure you OR anyone could after what I’ve seen… and the timing has NEVER been better to get involved.

But, don’t take my word for it…

Click the link here to watch the replay of Dan’s training… and follow the instructions to join “The Plan” to get up and running ASAP:


If you’re not involved in cryptocurrency yet, chances are you will be at some point.

If you’re already involved, you probably have lost some money at SOME point by attempting to buy low & sell high.

There are over 100 million people who currently own crypto, and Dan Hollings has created a low-risk way to profit with cryptocurrency.

[+] Dan uses what he calls “The Wiggle” to leverage crypto at a micro level, buying & selling minute-by-minute

[+] While the crypto market dropped by -31%, Dan ended his week with a net return of 27.14%

[+] Dan’s system works whether crypto prices are up OR down

[+] It’s very easy for anyone to get involved in, it can’t get saturated and is different from anything out there

Dan reviewed this system in detail on the training we had last week.

The good news is that the replay is still available for your review below…

>> Click Here To Watch The Replay Now 

(the BAD news is that this replay is going offline soon, so watch it as soon as possible).

This is a great system and that’s why I’m urging you to watch the replay of Dan’s training while you can…

At the end of this training, Dan opened the doors to his coaching program, “The Plan” where he takes you by the hand and shows you step by step his system.

He’s developed a bulletproof formula, and you can learn more about how to get involved by watching the replay before we take it down soon.

This is a rare chance to join this entourage and transform your finances forever.

DISCLAIMER: We are not accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, or tax advisers, and as such we cannot and do not give advice on financial, tax, or legal matters. Our trainings and services are for educational and entertainment purposes only. No matter what you may hear us discuss, which is based on our own personal experiences and/or that of our customers, in the end our best advice is… DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and consult your own accountant, financial advisor, legal advisor, and/or tax advisor before investing. As with any other investment opportunity, cryptocurrencies have risk and it is possible that you may lose anything you invest. Therefore, you should not risk money you cannot afford to lose. It is important to repeat… do your own research and make your own informed decisions about how to invest your money.

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