Is it Possible to Apply for a Loan to Use as Lockdown Funds?

Everyone needs funds to sustain their family during the coronavirus lockdown. Millions have lost their jobs and are struggling to find money to fund them during this pandemic. Aside from the daily needs, bills are piled up. But the question mostly asked today is, where to find money to buy food and pay the bills when people have no salary.

If you are locked down somewhere, and you are not worrying about your daily needs. Or if you have savings where you can use to pay your bills, you are lucky. But what about those people who do not have anything?

Applying for a loan is one of the solutions to consider.

Is it Possible to Apply for a Loan During the Lockdown?

Many loan institutions are still accepting loan applications amidst the coronavirus crisis. CreditNinja personal loans are one of your options. Check some loan institutions that offer online forms where you can safely file your application in the comfort of your home.

Banks were operating amidst the pandemic, which allows anyone to transact in their respective banks during this lockdown. It is also one way to apply for a loan, go to the nearest banks or credit institutions that are operating and inquire about the available loan you might qualify for.

Before applying, you must ask for the complete list of requirements so that you can prepare it beforehand. It is better to gather all requirements before going to file a loan application. Also, ask about the fees and wisely choose where you wish to carry out a loan.

Business owners stopped the operation of their business and asked the supplier to stop supplying and wait. This behavior will create cash crunches for the supplier. The closing of the company will also result in many unemployment.

But as the government from all around the globe decided to allow some businesses to operate in the middle of this pandemic, options for business owners to bounce back are numerous.

New Loan Schemes Made Available

Many new loan schemes have been launched in different countries during the quarantine. Most of it is customized to fit the situation of every individual to businesses. They aim to aid people and companies that are mostly affected by the pandemic.

Here are some of the newly launched loan schemes that might help you.

The Bounce Back Loan for Small Businesses

The bounce-back loan is created to help small businesses acquire a fund for them to use during the lockdown. For months with no operation and no cash flow, small business owners are suffering from losses. And this loan scheme is one way of redeeming their business during this pandemic.

This loan scheme offers no interest fee for the first year since the system is 100 percent guaranteed by the government. It is the government’s way of helping small to medium enterprises. In return, these businesses will provide working opportunities for many people.

Before submitting your application, make sure that you are eligible for this loan, you can ask from your local loan institutions if they offer this kind of scheme and if you are eligible to apply or not. This way, you will save both the lender and your time from the process.

The Anti-Lockdown Loan

This loan scheme is available for individuals and businesses. It aims to help credit-worthy individuals and businesses to borrow money for their short-term needs. It offered three months free from monthly installments or EMI.

Anti-lockdown loans have multiple repayment options where you can choose from. It even offered low-interest rates to make sure the borrower will not have difficulty in paying the loan during this time of crisis.

Aside from these newly launched loan schemes, many lenders are still offering the conventional method of lending. Personal loans are still accessible, and anyone can still apply for this amidst the lockdown.

If you already have a trusted lender where you have been borrowing money for years, it is best if you re-apply for the same company as they may give you discounts on interest fees to offer you the right arrangement for your loan.

Online Lending

Online loans and digital lending are popular nowadays, as it is being offered online. The processing of applications is also done online, which makes it a very safe—hassle-free transaction with no personal contact to avoid the spread of the virus and to keep everyone safe.

It is offered to both businesses and individuals who need financial aid during the lockdown. It is fast and has a low-interest rate. It would be best if you inquired to your trusted local loan institution about this offer. Likely, they are also offering this type of loan scheme for their customers.


Many loan options are available for you during the lockdown. It is still possible to resort to loans during the lockdown period. Governments are working with the loan institutions and several banks to help people obtain emergency funds to get by during the pandemic.

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