Ideal Temperature for Alcoholic Beverages

1. Beer

1. Beer


Optimal drinking temperature: 44.6˚F – 50˚F or 7˚C – 10˚C

A low-alcoholic beverage popular around the world, beer needs to be at a specific temperature when consumed for the taste and aroma to be released and you to enjoy it to the fullest. There are particularities that you must take into account, however, as there are many beer assortments that all require specific conditions:

  • Belgian ales thrive at temperatures of approximately 50˚F or 10˚C, their aroma being unleashed to delight your taste buds;
  • Dark beer should preferably be served at temperatures a bit lower than 41˚F or 5˚C;
  • Pale ale is best served after being refrigerated at approximately 41˚F or 5˚C;
  • Porters, on the other hand, which are ideal to make if you want to brew beer at home due to their forgiving preparation style, should be served at approximately 45˚F or 7˚C.

Tip: If you want to drink beer properly, you should refrigerate the serving glasses at the same temperature you refrigerate the brew. This way, the bear won’t heat up when you pour it into the glass for its taste to be preserved.

2. Wine


Optimal drinking temperature:

  • For rose wine assortments: 50˚F or 10˚C
  • For red wine assortments: 60.8˚F – 64.4˚F or 16˚C – 18˚C
  • For white wine assortments: 50˚F – 53.6˚F or 10˚C – 12˚C
  • For champagne and sparkling wine assortments: 46.4˚F – 50˚F or 8˚C – 10˚C

As you can see, conditions are more complex for wines as they differ according to the type of assortment you have. There are a few rules you have to abide by when it comes to other storage conditions too:

  • Make sure proper ventilation is in check where you store the bottles;
  • Preferably, place the bottles horizontally in the wine cooler for the cork to remain moist so that it doesn’t dry or shrink;
  • Sunlight must not enter the storage space of the bottle;
  • Uniform temperature and humidity are mandatory as these two elements can make the difference between preservation and spoilage.

Tip: To collect different wine types and keep them in a single storage space, acquire a wine cooler with dual zones as you can set different temperatures for different areas, this way being able to store rose and red wines together without issues.

3. Whiskey


Optimal drinking temperature: 59˚F – 65˚F or 15˚C – 18˚C

Room temperature is where whiskey thrives, but this isn’t the case for all. If you live in an area where temperatures are high, make sure you keep and serve it at the aforementioned temperatures. To get the most out of the experience, the shape of the glass matters too:

  • Wide brim glasses are perfect for those who want to sink in the smell of the beverage;
  • Tulip shaped glasses are good for swirling and direct the aroma towards your nose when you drink;
  • Glencairn glasses, through their shape and the quality of the glass itself, tend to get the best out of the beverage, connoisseurs preferring them.

Tip: Whiskey is a fine beverage, but it is among the strongest drinks out there. To mellow whiskey down, always have ice cubes readily made by an undercounter ice machine and serve it “on the rocks” like they do in bars and movies.

4. Other alcoholic beverages

  • Tequila – Best served at a temperature of 49˚F – 55˚F or 9˚C – 13˚C, usually served as shots, although connoisseurs take their time to savor the refined taste.
  • Vodka – Best served at a temperature of 44.6˚F or 7˚C and generally served with ice.
  • Rum – Best served at a temperature of 55˚F – 62˚F or 13˚C – 17˚C when used in drink mixes for the flavor and scent to be at their peak.

Ideal Temperature for Non-Alcoholic Beverages

1. Coffee


Optimal drinking temperature:

  • For hot coffee: 185˚F – 190.4˚F or 85˚C – 88˚C
  • For iced coffee: 42.8˚F or 6˚C

When you prepare coffee, the rules differ, however. Thus, if you want to enjoy the best-tasting cup of coffee, make sure you brew it at temperatures ranging from 194˚F – 204.8˚F or 91˚C – 96˚C for the fragrant profile of the brew to be unleashed.

2. Tea


Optimal drinking temperature:

  • Green tea: 165.2˚F – 185˚F or 74˚C – 85˚C
  • Black tea: 185˚F or 85˚C
  • Oolong tea: 180˚F – 190˚F or 82.2˚C – 87.7˚C

3. Juice


Optimal drinking temperature: 46.4˚F – 50˚F or 8˚C – 10˚C

Low temperatures help prolong the freshness of natural juices and give them the refreshing taste you yearn for. If you go below the recommended threshold, however, the sweet taste of the juice will fade, so make sure to refrigerate and consume it as advised.

4. Other non-alcoholic beverages

  • Water – Best served at a temperature of 53.6˚F – 59˚F or 12˚C – 15˚C. This is the span at which its physical properties (density and viscosity) thrive for water to be healthy to consume. For this reason, you can find water filters and alkaline water ionizers that allow you to select the temperature at which water is provided so that you enjoy the most refreshing taste possible.
  • Soda – Best served at a temperature of 37˚F – 43˚F or 2.7˚C – 6.1˚C, depending on the specific type, low serving temperatures helping enhance taste and aiding the bubbles to give the refreshing taste you seek.
  • Dairy – Best served at a temperature of 35˚F or 1.7˚C if you can tolerate cold drinks, or can be heated below 167˚F or 75˚C for serving if you prefer it warm.



To make the most out of any drink you indulge in, temperature is a factor that you mustn’t overlook. This is especially true when it comes to alcoholic beverages as their aroma and flavor depend on the serving temperature more than non-alcoholic beverages do. Now that you are informed in regards to proper serving etiquette, you’ll be able to enchant your taste buds with each drink you have.

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