How To Work From Home in San Francisco

With 2018 well on its way to becoming history, a lot of folks in San Francisco are beginning to think carefully about hitting the ground running in 2019. If one of your planned resolutions is to break the nine to five grind and finally start that home business you’ve been dreaming of, there’s no time like the present to get started!

Here are five things you can begin right now which will place you in a strong position to get your home business up and running in the new year.

1. Gather Real Data and Do Detective Work

Whatever business you’re planning on starting, you’re going to need data. And lots of it.

To be clear, I’m not just talking about the promotional information you’re going to find in any franchisee or multi-level marketing (MLM) promotional material.

I’m talking about the hard, impartial data you’ll need to build a profitable and thriving business.

If you’re looking to jump on board with a MLM business opportunity, check this site out. Ecosecretariat is one of the leading sites for reviews that provide a warts and all assessment of a wide range of MLM business models.

If you’re starting your own business from scratch, a great place to begin is the US Small Business Administration website. Here you’ll find templates for building your own business plan, along with reams of advice on financials and market research.
Knowledge is power. Go get powerful!

2. Network Like You Mean It

Another big thing you can do right now is to find like-minded business people in San Francisco. Having a solid professional network around you is going to do two incredibly useful things for you, right out of the gate.

First up, every other business owner or professional contact you have in your contacts list strengthens your customer base. You’d think in this dazzling media age that word of mouth would be less important than it used to be. It isn’t. It’s still vital. Word of mouth remains one of the most powerful ways to get business, so get out there and press the flesh.

There’s another big plus to networking which can’t be overstated. Brainpower. When you’re starting out, knowing someone who has built a successful business and who is willing to share some hard-won lessons with you is possibly the most valuable resource you can secure.
Which begs the question: How should you network?

Honestly, there’s no single right way. Probably the easiest though is to get on to the Meetup website. Almost every big city will have a thriving network of business people. You may even find groups dedicated to your specific industry.
Meetup is a zero-cost, high return way to get your name out there.

3. Learn Your Elevator Pitch

Here’s a little thought experiment for you to try. Out loud, describe your business idea, why it’s awesome and why you’re the perfect person to make it happen … in thirty seconds or less.

Did you struggle? If you did, don’t feel bad. It just means you might benefit from actively working on your “elevator pitch.”

So what are these exotic things? Basically, an elevator pitch is a distilled presentation which describes your unique value proposition in the least possible words. Think of it as a carefully prepared and perfectly edited advertisement which you have at the tip of your tongue, ready to deliver the moment a business opportunity arises.

If you’re looking for some solid guidance on the art of the pitch, check out this excellent article in Forbes.

If you want to take it to the next level though, Google “The Story Studio” and check to see if they have any upcoming online lessons. This niche outfit specializes in helping you build up a compelling story about your business.

They’ll make you work! But it’s one of the best resources out there to acquire a silver-tongued approach to self promotion.

4. Build a Business Routine

A worldwide survey was conducted of 24,000 people working from home with the goal of exploring the challenges people experience in making a home business work. One major finding was that six in ten telecommuters found family distractions a major, ongoing issue.

Family life is going to happen, and at times, inevitably, it’ll get in the way of your work. This isn’t the end of the world. In fact, for many, being closer to family is one of the major reasons for building a home business to begin with.

Nevertheless, you will need a strategy for setting up a strong work-from-home routine. You might want to begin planning where you’ll work and making sure it’s a quiet and professional environment.

It may also be a good idea to begin actively planning your work schedule, and setting family expectations for when you’ll be in “do not disturb” mode.

5. Build a Social Media Presence … and a Strategy To Use It
Most successful home businesses will require some kind of social media presence. It’s just a key part of getting your name out there.

It may be as simple as a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Or you may need something more elaborate, like a dedicated website, a newsletter and possibly even a writer or social media expert to help you with content.

Whatever your intended approach, none of these social media tools will happen overnight. They take time to set up and it’s time consuming work to build up a following. On top of all that, it’s going to take you some practice to learn how to use them properly.

Before you officially open your doors for business, it makes good sense to get your various social media channels claimed and set up. You can then begin using them, perhaps even working to build up a buzz surrounding your launch date.
If you’re unsure of how to even begin, jump on to an online training site like Udemy and take a course. Alternatively, your local community college may offer some inexpensive learning options.

Just because you plan to start a home business in San Francisco in 2019, doesn’t mean you can’t make some serious headway before this year is through! If you can get your approach laid out before you actually begin doing business, the whole approach will be less stressful and more profitable.

Happy planning!

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