How to Pick Your University in San Francisco- 4 Ways to Decide

Choosing a suitable university is one of the biggest and most important decisions in your life and this depends entirely...

Choosing a suitable university is one of the biggest and most important decisions in your life and this depends entirely on you. It’s important to understand how this choice may have an enormous impact on your development and future. Why does it matter where you go to college? Going to college means you’re ready to become the adult you’ve always wanted to, and that you’re prepared to face the unknown in order to become skilled and stronger.

With over 25 Colleges and Universities to choose from in San Francisco, picking the right one for you is just a matter of time and perception. This may influence your career, your view on life and even change you as a person. Choosing a suitable university, it should not be a difficult process if you already set up your goals and decided on which skills you want to improve to achieve those goals.

Go after Your Desired Discipline

Choosing a master’s or bachelor’s degree has always been difficult, especially when there are so many options to ponder on. For those planning to build a future in San Francisco, it might be important to find out that, San Francisco is known to have a leading percentage of residents with a degree, thus you’ll fit in quite right after graduation.

With over 30 financial institutions, 500 companies and great developments in biotechnology and research field, in San Francisco, you’ll be more likely to find a job within your degree. For those wishing to pursue a career in chemistry or biochemistry, San Francisco State University has to offer an outstanding educational experience for both undergraduate and graduate students. Their main goal is to inspire students to reach their professional and personal goals as they become the next generation of scientific professionals and scientists.

So, if you already have a clue about what you want to study, we suggest you to start looking for places where you’ll get the training you want. Deciding on which universities to apply and what discipline to choose is the first challenge of the university application process.

It’s essential to be at least 120% sure about your subject given that you’ll spend your next three to six years studying it, and then the next 40 years working in the field. Finding something you are skilled at and makes you feel great is crucial for both your professional and personal life.

Decide Where You’d like to Study

San Francisco has to offer huge opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. With over 26 universities with some of the best programs waiting for you, it would be a shame not to pursue a career and build a future in this place. Deciding on your desired discipline is simple, but where you’d like to study it is just another trying phase in your student life but not as complicated as it sounds.

One of the most visited cities in the world and a popular location for international students, San Francisco should not miss from your college list.

Given its multicultural and alluring environment, liberal atmosphere and openness, San Francesco is the ideal place for students. As you already know, San Francisco offers an extensive spectrum for specialization for every level of proficiency such as Bachelor, Master and PhD. Some of these institutions are famous for computer science, health care and law subjected areas. However, you can specialize in media, economics, politics, engineering and more. Here two from the top universities you might need to consider if you’re planning to study in San Francisco:

The University of California-Berkeley With over 385 programs, the University of California is one of the largest universities you’ll find in a mid-sized city. If you’re aiming at a career in Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Business or Legal Law, University of California is the right place for you.

The University of San Francisco For those looking to pursue a career in biotechnology, the University of San Francisco should not miss from their lists. The largest and best-rated private universities in San Francisco has to offer you promising programs in Human and Social Science, Healthcare, Education and Liberal Arts, Mathematics and Science and many more.

Consider the Impact on Your CV

As you probably know, what you study and where you study are decisive within HR and any recruitment circle. Studying in San Francisco will not only offer you a huge spectrum of specialization but also great career opportunities suitable for your specialization. San Francisco is known to have a world-class business community where the major sectors in the city’s economy are in tourism, biotechnology, financial services and medical research. San Francisco is also known to host the headquarters of some of the biggest companies in the world such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox and Mozilla.

Explore Campus and Student Life

If you already decided upon your college program, attending an open day and university fairs is what you should do in order to obtain valuable information regarding the staff and facilities. This might help you determine whether you’ve made the right choice and will better inform your judgements. Before leaving home, make a checklist in your head of the things you consider important and see what things you may settle.

It’s important to remember that in San Francisco, you’ll find a great ethnic and cultural diversity. Some would say that San Francisco has everything for everyone, being the city with the biggest number of international students’ enrolments in U.S. Student life in San Francisco means experiencing new cultures, languages, people, ideas, food, and celebration almost every day, therefore, you won’t have time to get bored.

Give the numerous educational opportunities, great cultural diversity and vivid atmosphere, San Francisco should not miss from your list. No matter what you choose to study is important to remember that college is an opportunity for you. This will help you discover who you are and what you want to do with your life.

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