How To Make Friends in San Francisco During A Pandemic

No matter where you live across the globe, the last few months have been unprecedented. There are an innumerable amount of changes that have been made to health, employment, and safety protocols. In addition to all of the major challenges people are facing, there are many smaller challenges that people from all walks of life are being forced to deal with. As many common meeting spaces are still closed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet new friends. Community and connection are important components of both mental and emotional health, and although it may take more creativity to find ways to connect, there are still opportunities for you to enjoy the city of San Francisco and meet people along the way.

1: Go Walking or Jogging Around Your Neighborhood

Many people are stunned by the number of neighbors they meet while going for a run or a walk. By meeting people while running, you are naturally going to find people who have a similar interest as you. It may seem daunting to approach a stranger, but it is easier than it sounds! When you pass someone on your run, ask them their favorite running route or if they know a good place to get coffee in the area. If you see someone finishing up a workout, encourage their efforts and inquire about their favorite forms of exercise. You would be surprised at the number of people you can develop relationships with by simply striking up a conversation. Make sure to respect all social distancing protocols and wear a mask when you begin a conversation.

2: Take Your Remote Work Away From Home

Many individuals are experiencing loneliness as they spend every day in their apartment alone. Instead of working from your home every day, try to switch it up on occasion by working outside or in a coworking space. There are many coworking spaces that are laid out in a way that maintains all social distancing protocols. There is now a Novel Coworking in California that is attracting many newly remote workers.

3: Find a Hobby Group

Across the city, many hobby groups have formed that connect people with others that have similar interests. These hobby groups are offered for a variety of different things from coding to writing to hiking. These groups form messages where interests and passions can be discussed. In addition, many of the groups schedule outdoor meetups or virtual meetings in order to enhance their connection with one another.

4: Volunteer

One way to meet new people is by volunteering. There are many nonprofit organizations in San Francisco that need additional volunteers. Most of the nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco area have developed strict safety protocols that are being enforced by volunteers. Whether you want to get involved in a racial justice initiative or a homeless housing project, there is a bigger need for help than ever before. Not only will you have the ability to befriend other volunteers, you will create connection points with people who work for the organization. Through philanthropic activity, you develop an avenue to meet people who share your values and interests.

Although it is difficult to make new friends during a pandemic, it is not impossible. Think creatively about how you can meet people who share common interests. If you like being outside, try connecting with people who love the outdoors as much as you do. By volunteering or joining a hobby group, you can safely connect with others across the city with the same interests. In times of uncertainty, connection and community is vitally important for mental health! Find a way to get plugged in with friends across the San Francisco area by using some of the tips presented here..

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