How To Get Your Small Business Over 1,000 Instagram Followers By Next Month

There’s a certain level of validity that comes with having an Instagram account over 1,000 followers. It’s a threshold that even for a small business, means a tremendous amount to have, increasing their chances quite a bit of more accounts giving them a follow.

And if your business has been struggling to reach the hill over 1,000, there are a few strategies you can use to get it up there by next month. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorites for your brand to consider. Check them out below:

Spruce Up How Your Brand Looks

A big reason why we follow a business is because of not only what their brand looks like, but what it represents. When we break down some of our favorite brands, it’s much more than what the logo looks like or the colors they use, but how everything compiles into an ethos, delivering on what we perceive as a shared belief in their product, service, or even way of life. A brand should have legs to it, which if your company hasn’t really put much thought into, then it might be wise to reassess how to improve how it looks a little bit.

Depending on your budget, it can sometimes be a wise call in the help of an agency or professional visual designer, focusing on hiring someone who delivers on the aesthetic you’re trying to get. Not only will they be able to translate what your big picture vision, but also explain the types of color schemes and typefaces you should use for your other materials moving forward.

While it might be costly upfront, investing in your brand now is a long-term investment for years to come, giving you a visual cue that’ll bolster your reputation on and off of Instagram. If you’re just starting out on the platform, you can even buy Instagram followers for social proof.

Become More Active As a Daily Conversationalist

For a practice called social media, most people aren’t too social. While people will go through and like photos and even once in awhile share them to their story, the biggest thing that people want to see is a dialogue. Quite simply, people like seeing a brand that cares about their craft, being able to tell a story as well as engage with their fans and peers. And if this is something you’ve been lacking or feel nervous about, then there are a few things you can do to get over this fear.

A big thing that will help with you being social is to simply remember to speak from the perspective of your brand. As there’s no specific quantity of comments you need to hit, think of this as more of an exercise in figuring out how to appreciate the craft that your brand is delivering, as well as why you deserve to be a part of the conversation. With a little bit of practice, this will eventually become slightly more enjoyable, delivering on a dialogue that’s for the betterment of your industry.

Create A Content Calendar

If you’re not familiar, a content calendar is what you think it’d be: a calendar for the content you have coming up. These are especially helpful in looking at what you’re producing from a wide-angle, enabling you to hone in on what type of tasks might improve the quality of your work, as well as what dates and times are getting more engagement than others.

By being able to take a look back and analyze the results accordingly, you can begin to understand the structure of where you can improve, as well as what type of content you might want to produce more of moving forward.

Partner With An Influencer

As influencers have been all the rage on Instagram over the past couple of years, it only makes sense to bring one on with your next campaign. Ranging in follower counts, prices, and types of audience, there is a tremendous amount of different influencers out there to pick from.

The best influencers often know exactly the type of ROI you’re going to get out of them; for example, if you want someone local that has between 10k to 20k followers but the majority of them are in your area and average returns are 3-5 percent rate of shopping back with you, then it’s not out of the realm of possibility to pay them anywhere between $250-$750 for a single post.

Although that might sound high, it’s actually a pretty reasonable value considering how much you’re getting in return; and depending on your budget, going after an influencer for your business might be well-worth the buy-in.

Enlist The Right Engagement Service To Improve Your Base

While you have to go to the right source, utilizing an engagement agency can be a smart call, giving you the chance to implore the proper tools to improve your base. This can range from looking into how to buy instant Instagram likes from a service that puts your content in front of the right people, to hiring a bot or a like farm. We’ll note that the latter can seriously damage your reputation, which often can be more trouble than it’s worth; however, that’s why going with a trusted source is clutch, providing you with likes and a following right out of the gate.

Test New Strategies Every Other Week

Finally, as you’re looking to test and iterate different strategies, the biggest thing you should be looking towards is how your improvements are coming along, as well as what you can do to keep moving forward. As silly as that sounds, Instagram is something that’s constantly changing up how both content is displayed as well as how engagement tracking works.

This is one of those primary habits that at first might seem technical, but after a while will feel like second nature. Take the time to jot down some notes on what you did right and what you did wrong on social that week, giving you the opportunity to steadily climb and improve over the weeks ahead.

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