How Lensa is Applying AI and Gamification in the Hiring Process with its Unique Workstyle Game


If you’ve ever tried to hunt for the job of your dreams, you already know how frustrating it can be after sending out countless resumes. You’ve even probably tried to ask yourself how your resume can beat the shortlisting and hiring bots companies are using in the recruitment and hiring process today. And you might be wondering whether a bot will be the one offering you your next job. 

While we are not yet there, hiring managers and companies are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to shortlist candidates and determine whether an advert for a job opening even reaches you. As AI continues to evolve, recruiters are going to increasingly depend on it for enhancing the hiring process. 

One company that is noticeably leading the way in this field is Lensa. The tech-recruitment company has developed an AI-based ‘Workstyle’ game to help match job seekers with the right jobs based on their skill sets and resume.

The Increasing Role of AI in the Recruitment and Hiring Process

There’s no doubt that the use of AI by companies trying to recruit fresh talent is a badge of honor these days. Companies are increasingly touting their use of AI, including deep learning, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning – which are subsets of AI – in the hiring process. Companies hope to use algorithms to uncover patterns in employment data as well as the results of tests and games to determine the best candidates for available job openings. 

Although AI technology is still in its early stages, its full potential when it comes to the recruiting process is yet to be exploited. Nonetheless, there’s certainty about what AI can achieve, and in some instances, already achieved for recruiters. 

Positive Impacts of AI on the recruitment process.

  • Recruiters can use AI to find better-qualified candidates for available job openings in their companies at the right time. With AI-enabled tools, recruiters can constantly keep track of large databases of candidates and identify indicators that predict a candidate’s suitability for a job opening.
  • AI helps to improve recruiters’ response times. Communications like interview confirmation emails can be automated and this leaves recruiters with ample time to concentrate on more personalized interactions necessary for building relationships with candidates.
  • AI tools can help recruiters stay in touch with market shifts like trends indicating specific changes in the talent pool.
  • AI can help to increase diversity at the workplace since AI-enabled tools are free of human bias that may cause recruiters to be unconscious about issues such as gender, race, and age diversity.

How Lensa is leading the Way with their Workstyle Game

At the moment, recruitment-tech companies like Lensa are already leading the way in applying AI and gamification in the hiring process. Lensa has certainly acknowledged the fact that the rise of AI technologies has the potential to save HR time and money while matching jobseekers with the right recruiters and job opportunities. The company is offering some of the best in class tech and their platform includes an extra feature that allows registered members to play a unique ‘Workstyle’ game to evaluate their soft skills. 

The game can assess job seekers’ on the basis of things like a person’s strategy in solving problems, a person’s approach to tackling complex problems, and how well a person can focus. In the end, the game can identify different personality archetypes so that a person can add more value to their resume and help the system in finding the perfect matching jobs for them.

Gergo Vari, CEO Lensa quotes – “the aim of developing the Workstyle game is to create a positive impact on people striving for a meaningful career and help them land their dream job.”

How the Workstyle Game Helps

The Workstyle game involves moving nodes around a screen with the aim of reaching a certain object. The game takes up to 400 metrics each second about how the person is playing. In the end, the person playing will get a brief description about their results. The description will be based on one out of the seven archetypes. On the other hand, employers get this description – a snapshot of the jobseeker – and information about the candidate’s hard and soft skills with respect to the candidate’s resume.

As Gergo Vari, CEO Lensa quotes – “companies and recruiters can use the game to find candidates who have the same or different characteristics to their current departments.”

Lensa and Your Job Search

It’s important to be of sound mind when searching for a job. If you’re indecisive when it comes to the domain you use for your job hunting, chances are you will not achieve what you are striving for. Lensa and the unique intuitive measures on its platform can help to eliminate any such indecision and match you with the job of your dreams.

About Lensa

Lensa is perhaps the only job-matching platform that truly matches jobseekers with the right jobs based on their skills and resumes. Based on the concepts of predictive analytics, Lensa aims to unearth and evaluate the strongest capabilities of a candidate while matching them to the needs of the recruiters. To learn more click here 

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