15 Best Lists of Scammer Phone Number Lookup Service


Often than not, we find a mysterious phone number calling. Sometimes it is a number you haven’t saved in your contact list and shows no name. It could also be there’s entirely no number displaying, and it just says “spam” or “unknown.”

If this is you, then a phone number lookup tool is the cure to your problem. However, you must know the exact phone number to use such solutions. So, who owns the mysterious phone call, and what are they after?

Here are the top 4 reverse phone number tools you can use for quick and accurate results to reveal the callers’ identity:

  1. PeopeFindFast
  2. Instant Checkmate
  3. FindPeopleEasy
  4. FindPeopleFirst

Part 1: Is a Mysterious Phone Number Calling You?

Let’s check out examples of who these unknown callers are, and if they are a bother, you may want to block them or escalate the issue to relevant authorities.

1. Robocalls

It can be extremely frustrating to keep getting automated messaging calls. Even worse, they seem to call at the worst moments, like when taking an afternoon nap. But, you’d better be cautious since not all telemarketers are into baiting sales, some have ill intentions like stealing your identity or money.

2. An Ex

Truth be told! Everyone has that one ex they’d rather forget. And, if they still hold a flame for you, some may call incessantly. If you block them, they may advance to using an unknown number to try and bait you to pick up. Identifying the numbers can be effortless and practical to keep blocking them. 

3. Disguised Calls

These calls appear to be from someone you know, but they are not. They are spoofed to set you up to answer the phone call. Sometimes these disguised calls can look like your number or appear very close to it.

4. Criminals

Nowadays, people who pretend to be from your bank, the police, and the IRS lure you into their traps. These criminals can be pretty convincing talking to them over the phone. They aim to sound trustworthy and ask for personal details like your bank account or credit card number.

Part 2: How to Check This Phone Number

By tracking down a cell phone number or a landline one with a phone number lookup service, you may find an astonishing amount of information about the caller. However, the methods below are not guaranteed to get the most up-to-date background data or history on the caller.

1. Google the Number

An easy way to search for a scammer’s phone number is through Google. But being easy doesn’t make it the best. Although it is free and straightforward to use, there are times when the search results are limited. Using Google only requires entering the number in question into the Google search bar and searching it. Failing to include minor details like spacing can get you different results.

2. Search on Social Media

Social media also comes in handy when looking up a phone number, but it might not give you all the necessary background information. For instance, LinkedIn or Facebook can let you know the caller’s name but can’t tell if the caller is a bot or share any details about possible scams.

3. Use a Reverse Phone Check Website

If your search via the two tools mentioned above isn’t fruitful, your best bet is to find a reverse phone number lookup website. Such platforms have exclusive access to public records and will give you a free report to instantly reveal a person’s identity. Some websites may also require you to pay a subscription fee. The reports provided by these sites have invaluable data that quickly helps to figure out a scammer’s number. 

Part 3: 14 Best Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup Service

The following are the top-rated free phone number online search services that work like magic to reveal a scammer’s identity. 

1. PeopleFindFast 

At the top position on our list is PeopleFindFast. A free phone number lookup service for users to resolve the issue of who called quickly. The process is straightforward because you only have to type in the relevant phone number into the website’s search bar. Users will surely love this platform, primarily due to the ease of navigation of its web-based interface.

Within a minute or two, the site compiles a report from various resources like public, legal, and marriage records or social media profiles. After that, it presents a detailed report containing the name, address, and other contact information associated with the number.

Once you know the name of the mysterious caller, you can dig deeper to learn about their background data without asking them. Simply enter the person’s name on the website and search it.

Many like the service because it allows them to be aware of unwanted, suspicious numbers and can avoid them while acting suitably. They can block the number or escalate the issue to alert the authorities when the phone number becomes downright bothersome.

Check This Phone Number with PeopleFindFast Right Now!

2. Instant Checkmate 

Instant Checkmate is another handy tool for figuring out who is behind the mysterious phone calls you keep getting. The powerful online solution collects information from various sources and provides users with an extensive database. You can rely on the site to get details such as a culprit’s background data, know their friends and family members, find their demographic info, look up criminal records, among other public records.

You can as well do a reverse phone number search for personal details, photos, and social media profiles. Your work becomes more accessible by presenting the collected information from multiple sources under a single platform.

3. FindPeopleEasy

The FindPeopleEasy website helps acquire background info on an individual and resolve the puzzle of “who is calling from this phone number” issue. Its extensive database contains phone numbers, social media profiles, email addresses information, and other online activities. That makes it effortless to learn about a person’s true identity.

Using the people finder search engine, you would quickly find out if the unknown number calling you belongs to someone familiar or a stranger. Moreover, you can identify if the person is a scammer or figure out their intentions.

It is an easy-to-use service that you can access via any electronic device’s web browser. The site is highly secure, so users don’t have to worry about breaching their privacy. You get to keep the entire process and the report confidential as you desire.

4. FindPeopleFirst

No matter where you are, FindPeopleFirst is your go-to solution allowing users to verify who is registered to a certain phone number. You can find the platform services through their website or Android and iOS applications. Using this tool is ideal for getting relevant results based on the search conducted. Users can also use it to check their names easily and quickly identify spam numbers, automated calls, and others. A good thing about the platform is its extensive database that contains information from multiple sources. That ensures you don’t miss out on any critical details about the culprit.

Tap Here to Check Scam Phone Number Lookup with FindPeopleFirst! 

5. CocoFinder

Another top-notch solution for revealing people’s information is CocoFinder. The platform’s reverse phone lookup feature offers more than just the person’s name registered to the mysterious number. It will inform you about other details, including their age, address, and a history report containing criminal records. Additionally, the website can reveal even the culprit’s social media profiles to give users an advantage when locating someone they are searching for and save time with quick searches. 

CocoFinder will give you all the necessary details to determine whether the mysterious caller is a scammer or not. It is easy to make well-informed decisions and measures accordingly. If it is a scammer, the best way to deal with them is to block their number, and if they persist, you can file a police complaint against them. Use this people finder search engine to stop malicious people from luring and blackmailing others.

6. Spokeo

Spokeo is another intuitive online-based platform for users to conduct phone number lookup free of charge. The tool can be used to identify the unknown caller and uncover their entire life history within a few seconds. Users will enjoy the handy reports provided by the solution as it includes crucial details such as the current address, criminal records, social media activities, and other contact phone numbers.

Even better, users’ information is kept confidential at all costs and away from irrelevant personnel so you can conduct your searches worry-free. You can easily access it using any modern web browser and straightforwardly manage it.

7. EasySearchPeople

It is now hassle-free and straightforward to find out the anonymous person behind the mysterious phone calls you keep getting. EasySearchPeople only requires users to enter the suspicious number into the search bar, and it will retrieve relevant information regarding the individual. You can find their education history, photos, social media profiles, jobs, etc.

The platform doesn’t consider whether the number in question is a landline or a cell phone; it has no limits and will reveal the person behind it. It thoroughly checks all the details before compiling a report. Users will be happy to get a piece of detailed information containing the caller’s name and any criminal records associated with them if there are any.

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8. FindPeopleFaster

FindPeopleFaster is an ideal website to conduct a phone number lookup. The platform contains the record of over a million phone numbers, so users can search any number without paying a dime.

You only need to input the mysterious phone number into the search bar provided on the official website to perform a reverse phone lookup. The easy-to-use interface lets anyone utilize the platform with no struggles. After initiating a phone number search, the service provides the name and address of the hidden caller ID. With such critical details, you can effortlessly identify the person registered under the number. 

By providing full information about the individual in question, you will be able to know them since you even get a detailed background history. Still, the website can give more details to shed light on the issue and ensure you are safe and unbothered while using your phone. If you find out the person has some bad criminal history, go ahead to block them and if you realize their ill intentions are way beyond, report the number to relevant authorities.

9. GreatPeopleSearch

Now you can unmask a scammer’s details with ease using only their phone number by relying on the GreatPeopleSearch people search engine. A user is only required to enter the suspect’s phone number into the platform’s search bar and tap start a search. This phone lookup tool is an excellent tool for revealing people’s identities.

With just a phone number, you discover to whom it belongs and take appropriate measures as desired. It will help you protect yourself from unwanted phone calls and avoid getting into scammers’ traps. Also, you may want to keep such people out of business by escalating the matter and reporting them to the police for further follow-up.

The website is absolutely free to use, and you only need an internet connection to use your favorite web browser. It supports all Android and iOS devices so that you can do a reverse phone number lookup from the comfort of your home.

10. PeopleSearchFaster

PeopleSearchFaster is a service that lets users get an in-depth analysis of the background check conducted across the person associated with the unknown phone number. You can discover unique data regarding the individual’s life, including alternate phone numbers, residential addresses, known aliases, etc.

With the rise of mysterious callers, it is only best if you can identify them before picking them up, and your one-stop solution is PeopleSearchFaster. The website provides fast and accurate results via a user-friendly interface.

To get these exclusive details about a caller, you must enter their phone number into the provided search bar on the website and search it. The platform has access to millions of public records and other sources to ensure you get an accurate outcome timely.

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11. BestPeopleFinder 

BestPeopleFinder is also an excellent tool when on a quest to figure out the identity of an unknown caller. It provides the necessary assistance to make this search effective, quick, and accessible. The tool returns information that is accurate, unique, and updated. By simply providing the target’s number, you acquire comprehensive personal data about them. This platform is also practical because it can search any phone number, whether landline or cell, and use it to retrieve data.

It is an exceptionally intriguing search engine that can help you discern spammers from authentic people and even determine an online date’s background. By availing criminal records, arrest records, and sex offender information, it helps to unearth any felony history a caller may be hiding. BestPeopleFinder can be used to search people you plan to interact with to try and determine if they pose a threat to you or others.

12. EasyPeopleSearch

Through the EasyPeopleSearch phone lookup service, it is easy to answer the question of who called without having to call back and ask. Simply entering a relevant phone number into this search engine provides details such as the former and current addresses of the number’s owner. It generates search results based on resources like public, marriage, and legal records. To ensure this information is reliable, it is thoroughly checked before being sent back in the form of an easy-to-read report.

The service also accords users with an anonymous and private search that ensures their identity is never disclosed to the search target. If the unknown caller is a person known to you, a quick search on this site will identify their other numbers which you know. This makes calling back and reconnecting with them much simpler. Use this website to look up phone numbers for free and quickly reconnect with old acquaintances calling from a new number.

13. Intelius

Intelius is a significant provider of people’s search and phone lookup services. It scours data from multiple specialized sources to return valuable information all in one place. With access to a database exceeding 20 billion public records, Intelius grants users access to some of the most reliable data available online.

The service also ensures your search is protected with a 256-bit encrypted connection to enhance privacy. It provides enough information to identify a caller and also goes a step further and reveals other background information. Since it can also indicate a target’s social media profile, the pictorial data may help determine the caller better.

14. FastPeopleFinder 

Tracking down the information of an unknown caller can be tricky, but FastPeopleFinder provides an ultimate solution for this challenge. This search engine offers an exceptional phone lookup service that allows users to use a phone number to check the owner’s information. It also lets users add different additional information to the search to help filter their results further. This site returns an impressive data set and is suitable for personal and professional use.

It provides a web-based solution to what can be a tedious and futile task without a search engine. Due to the extensiveness of FastPeopleFinder’s search, it can even return vital records such as marriage and death certificates. It can also reveal the target’s educational background and how long they spent at a particular institution. The service is highly secure, and accessing it requires an internet-connected web browser only.


Generally, any of the tools mentioned above will come in handy when figuring out a person’s true identity. These solutions have solid reviews from customers and other trusted online forums like BuzzFeed, PCMag, and Forbes. However, your selection is entirely up to you as per the services that best fit your needs.

These reverse phone look-up tools like PeopleFindFast serve an essential role to bypass any specified advances from telemarketers, stalkers, and scammers. You will have peace of mind if you can know the real identity of the persons calling you through mysterious, unknown phone numbers.

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