10 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

10 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

Online scams are increasing day by day. Such entities repeatedly call the users, prompting the users to reveal their personal information. However, if users have a free reverse phone lookup service at their disposal, they can quickly find out who is calling them and why.

However, several free phone number lookup tools offer to do a thorough job, but only a few come through with the promise. These platforms to do reverse phone lookup for free offer high quality.

This post will share the names of the top 10 free phone lookup platforms and use them.

FindPeopleFast – Fast and accurate information every time

PeopleFinders – User-friendly interface enables to complete the task quickly

White Pages – Contains detailed information on every old and new number

Part 1: What Makes The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites?

Before deciding on using a specific platform to do a phone number lookup for free, it is vital to check a few boxes. If the tool offers the listed attributes, then one can quickly access them to learn the identity of the annoying caller. Here are some characteristics that make a reverse phone lookup site the best.

It should be secure

Given that most reverse phone number lookup sites are online-based, it is paramount to keep the user data secure. The entered data and the received report should only be available for the user. Such a level of security is what makes a platform to check phone numbers the best.

It should be accurate

The problem with background check services is that they can be highly inaccurate. That’s because frequently, this information comes from public sources, which could have out-of-date data in them.

However, the best reverse cell phone lookup sites update their data regularly, canceling any doubt of inaccuracies. A user must check from what sources the site is collecting the details on the unknown phone number.

Simple UI

Looking up a phone number or checking information on an individual is made easy if the lookup site has a solid and fast UI. If the navigation process is instant, the user should consider that platform among the best in the business.

Part 2: 5 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

This section will share the names and high/low points of the best reverse phone lookup services available on the internet.

2.1 FindPeopleFast

Reverse phone number search offered by FindPeopleFast is an excellent way to find the name of the phone number’s owner. The service can scan through directories and archives to uncover all the latest information about the phone number.

With a single tap on the easy-to-use platform, the user can access all the individual’s information available on the internet and public records. Moreover, it gathers all available details from sources such as social media profiles or other online platforms into one convenient report sheet.

It helps the user to monitor the info more quickly. The report sheet usually contains the caller’s name, location, current/prior addresses, criminal record, and more.


● Accurate

● Cost-friendly

● Simple UI


● Relatively new

2.2 PeopleFinders

The PeopleFinders reverse phone number lookup gives the user all the information about an unknown caller. It’s always up-to-date and provides instant results, making it quick to get whatever info on their identity that a user needs without hassle.

A helpful site like PeopleFinder offers a smooth UI, making the search easier for the user. The client only has to enter the phone number into the search bar. The service will display in-depth information on the caller’s background, such as name and address

Other prominent features include email lookup, searching by name, and even their address.


● Trusted by millions

● Lightning fast


● It tries to upsell its services to the user

2.3 WhitePages

White Pages is perhaps the oldest platform to learn the background of a person or a phone number. It has been working its magic since 1997. Besides, the users get a wide variety of services from the platforms, including reverse phone lookup, criminal history, credit records, and more.

The service is entrusted by millions every month because it is easy to manage. The reverse phone lookup report contains detailed information. It includes the owner’s name, address, relatives, business details, landline numbers, and financial records.


● Reliable

● Huge database


● The premium plan is expensive

2.4 Instant Checkmate

Instant checkmate is a fantastic free reverse phone lookup service that provides accurate information on the entered number. Moreover, it has one of the largest databases in its category. The records are linked to public search engines and state agencies.

With Instant Checkmate, the user can find out who’s calling or what number they called from and their personal details. Furthermore, the platform offers critical features as people search by email, location, and unlimited background checks. It showcases the criminal record results right from the FBI database, making it a reliable option.


● It offers a mobile app

● Free trial is available with all features


● The customer support is not supportive

2.5 TruthFinder

TruthFinder service has a robust search engine that is accessible right on the homepage. The user only has to enter any phone number and click on the Search tab to conduct a thorough reverse number lookup.

The information it collects is from the public database. Moreover, social media comes in handy as individuals typically put out their phone numbers on such platforms without knowing.

Its prominent feature involves displaying the target user’s criminal record, contact information, social media profiles, potential relatives, and location history reports.


● An accurate and huge database

● It keeps user data private


● Inefficient pricing plan

Part 3: 5 Free Phone Number Lookup by Name

Other than reverse phone number lookup, some services can assist the users by simply entering their name and providing info on the target person. This guide will name the top 6 free phone number lookup sites by name.

3.1 NumLooker

NumLooker is an intuitive platform to conduct proper and in-depth research on a phone number. After entering the relevant details, the site provides confidential information, such as the person’s full name, age, location, potential family, and even the phone type and carrier.

Besides, the platform is accessible from any web browser. Moreover, the content is regularly updated, making the provided results extremely accurate. Overall, the tool is fast and saves time.

3.2 Spokeo

Despite being one of the most popular free reverse number lookup sites, the UI of Spokeo isn’t as interactive or user-friendly as the other options. The glitches are prominent, and the platform isn’t updated on the regular.

However, for users looking to get updates on a phone number owner’s criminal or arrest records, Spokeo stands out. Moreover, the platform displays accurate details on a person’s credit history.

3.3 FastPeopleSearch

A user only has to enter the target person’s full name, approximate age, and the state they live in to receive all their background history, thanks to FastPeopleSearch’s extensive database.

Moreover, the more information you provide, such as phone number, email address, and location, the faster the service will deliver the results. The UI is incredibly straightforward and quick.

3.4 PeopleFinderFree

PeopleFinderFree will provide the target person’s contact details, scam alerts, and more by entering the user’s name. The search engine is accessible from the homepage, and the tool keeps the information entirely private.

Additionally, the can user can find close details on the other person without paying anything. The database is vast, and the user gets a report, such as known aliases, date of birth, past/present address, and email address.

3.5 AnyWho

AnyWho is a website that offers its users the freedom to search for anything about anyone. It’s beneficial when a user gets repeated calls from an unknown number and has no idea who is calling.

The platform provides a report by accessing the public records. Moreover, the database has information gathered through yellow pages and white page listings online, so there are no limits to what a person can find with Anywho.


Reverse phone number lookup services have become an essential part of our daily routine, as it helps find the identity of the person calling us at an unusual hour. This article has mentioned the 10 best services that offer accurate and instant information on the unknown caller.

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