Free Psychic Reading and Free Tarot Reading Apps


During the past centuries, people referred to psychics, mediums, and fortune-tellers to plan various spiritual ceremonies, important events, and gain insight into what would happen in the future. Nowadays, individuals connect to spiritual advisors to receive guidance and uncover some of the major secrets about love, relationships, career, money, and many more.

While traditional in-person psychic reading sessions have been popular for decades, technological advancements made the variety of online psychic reading platforms extremely widespread. Along with being convenient to use, free psychic reading websites and apps are much more affordable and you do not even have to spend time traveling to a particular advisor.

Although services offered on remote psychic reading apps are usually reasonably priced, not everyone can afford to pay for a private reading séance with a professional psychic. And if you do not have enough financial resources to invest in paid psychic readings, there is nothing to worry about. Luckily, some excellent apps out there offer free psychic readings and Free Tarot Readings.All the apps below will offer you one free psychic question as well.

Free Psychic Reading Apps

Obviously, individuals preferring psychic consultations via smartphones do not fight psychic websites handy. Therefore, having the ability to connect to a psychic directly from an app pretty exciting. Although there are various psychic reading apps available on Google Play and the App Store, not every platform offers reliable and trustworthy readings for free. If you are looking for a psychic reading app to receive an answer to your specific concern, here are the top free apps you should check out.

The top free psychic reading apps for Android and iPhone include:

  • MyPsychic App
  • Psychics 24/7 App

More information on what to expect from these apps can be found below.

My Psychic App

The MyPsychic app is a leading psychic reading app available for Android and iOS users. By typing “MyPsychic app” in the search bar, you can easily download it on your smartphone or tablet. The app offers a free reading from a real psychic advisor and you pay a fixed price for additional psychic readings.

  • Getting Started on the MyPsychic App

First of all, you need to download the MyPsychic app to claim your Free Psychic reading. If you have an adroid device you can download the app here on Google Play or the App Store if you have an IOS device.To consult a psychic, you should create an account by providing your name and the date, time, and place of birth. Next, you select the desired psychic and ask him/her your very first question for free. You can either come up with your own question or choose the one from the list of suggested queries.

Keep in mind that you are not chatting with a live psychic. Rather, you should expect to receive a response within the first 24 hours. Considering my personal experience, psychics on the MyPsychic app provide detailed readings in just a couple of hours after receiving your question.

If you have downloaded the app to receive a single free reading, you do not need to provide any additional information. On the other hand, you might be willing to get further paid readings, for which you can pay directly from your mobile device.

  • What Are the Services Offered by the MyPsychic App?

Generally, the MyPsychic app offers psychic readings by genuine advisors having years of experience working in the field. Using a wide array of tools and following different occult practices, psychic advisors deliver top-quality readings either for free or at an affordable rate. You can receive a reading about love, self-empowerment, life difficulties, education, career, business, work, money, and many more.

The reading services offered by the MyPsychic app include:

    • Psychic Readings
    • Astrology Forecasts
    • Tarot Readings
    • Leaf Readings
    • Past Life Readings
    • Angel Readings
    • Numerology
  • How Can I Receive a Free Reading on the MyPsychic App?

To receive a free psychic reading on the MyPsychic app, you just need to create an account and select the right psychic for you. By reading advisor bios, you can learn more about them and their psychic abilities. This makes it easier to find a suitable psychic specifically for you. Next, you tap on the button “ASK ME A QUESTION” and submit your question in a private chat. If you do not know how to formulate your concern, simply click on the bulb icon and explore some of the question ideas.

Your first question is free and you do not have to follow any other steps in order to receive a free reading. For additional readings, you will need to pay somewhere between $5.99 and $9.99, depending on a specific psychic advisor.

  • Is the MyPsychic App a Reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

Considering the fact that top-notch psychics are working through the MyPsychic app, it is clear that the platform is pretty reliable. And even in the case of a free psychic reading, you receive an answer from a genuine psychic, meaning that the reading is completely trustworthy.

Besides, affordable rates offered on the MyPsychic app make the platform accessible to thousands of people. It is evident that the platform is oriented toward helping individuals worldwide by providing solid psychic readings that you can trust.That trust is what made it the most popular psychic reading app on psychic reviews.

Psychics 24/7 App

The Psychics 24/7 app is a top psychic reading app through which genuine mediums and astrologers provide spiritually guided feedback. The platform is among the most credible and trustworthy psychic reading apps for Android and iOS devices. Without spending too much time and paying absurd amounts of money, you can receive a reliable reading in a private in-app chat.

  • Getting Started on the Psychics 24/7 App

To connect to a psychic advisor for your free psychic question on the Psychics 24/7 app, you will need to download the app from Google Play or the App Store and create a free account. After launching the app, you will be asked to provide some general information, including name, surname, email address, and the date, time, and place of birth.

After filling in the gaps, you will be redirected to the list of psychics working through the app. Every single advisor has his/her own profile with some background information and psychic reading skills. These bios help you find the psychic to whom you relate the most. The final step is to enter the private chat and ask your first question for free.

Note that psychics apply within 24 hours, but you might receive the response much earlier. For my free reading on the Psychics 24/7 app, it only took 1-2 hours for the advisor to provide an accurate reading.

While you can receive a free reading without providing the billing information, you will need to select the payment method for additional paid readings.

  • What Are the Services Offered by the Psychics 24/7App?

Advisors on the Psychics 24/7 app offer a wide range of readings about topics, including but not limited to love, family, relationships, education, career, and money. Utilizing various tools, psychics do their best to provide as comprehensive readings as possible.

Some of the most popular services offered by the Psychics 24/7 app include:

    • Psychic Readings
    • Tarot Readings
    • Dream Interpretation
    • Astrology Forecasts
    • Spell Casting
    • Tea Leaf Readings
    • Past Relationship Readings
  • How Can I Receive a Psychic Reading on the Psychics 24/7App?

Receiving a free reading on the Psychics 24/7 app is a pretty simple thing to do. All you need to do is to create an account, find the right psychic for you, tap the “MESSAGE THIS ADVISOR” button, and ask a specific question. Within 24 hours, you will receive a detailed reading entirely for free.

If you liked the reading and want to receive another one, you will need to pay a fixed price for that. Additional readings cost only $5.99, $9.99, or $14.99 per question you ask.

  • Is the Psychics 24/7App a Reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

If you are looking for a brief answer to whether the Psychics 24/7 app is a reliable psychic reading platform, then YES. And what makes the app above suspicion is the number of gifted psychic advisors who do their best to support people in need. You receive an in-depth analysis of your specific question by paying literally nothing for your first reading and only $9.99 for additional consultations.

To check the credibility of the Psychics 24/7 app, I consulted a psychic and was pretty amazed by how accurate the reading was.

Free Tarot Reading Apps

There is no doubt that the free psychic reading apps discussed above are among the top options for Android and iPhone users. Still, some people prefer Tarot readings over any other type of divination method. Luckily, there are reliable Tarot reading apps available on Google Play and the App Store that offer free tarot readings and additional paid psychic readings.

The top free Tarot reading apps for Android and iPhone include:

  • Tarot Eagle App
  • Tarot Fox App

For more details, continue reading!

Tarot Eagle App

The Tarot Eagle app is among the most reputable free tarot reading apps offering various types of readings and other services involving Tarot cards. By downloading the Tarot Eagle app from Google Play if you have an adroid device or the App Store if you have an IOS device. You can access several free Tarot reading services and paid options. Tarot Eagle App Offers 21 free tarot reading spreads.

  • Getting Started on the Tarot Eagle App

The Tarot Eagle app allows you to access some of the cool features without even asking you to create an account. If you want to receive an actual reading from a real psychic, then you need to sign up, select the advisor, and ask a specific question. Since your first reading is completely free, there is no need to provide billing information. However, to receive further paid readings, you will need to select a suitable payment method by following on-screen instructions.

  • What Are the Services Offered by the Tarot Eagle App?

What makes the Tarot Eagle app so unique and convenient to use is the variety of services you can receive without spending any cash. And the more exciting thing is that you do not even need to create an account.

The free services offered by the Tarot Eagle app include:

    • Tarot readings about love, relationships, future, choices, career, spirituality, health, and basic issues. You can select the desired Tarot spread and let the cards guide you;
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes;
    • Readings based on the daily lucky number;
    • Answers to Yes or No questions.

Along with the options listed above, you can also receive one free reading from a real advisor. For this, you will need to sign up and provide general information about you. Since the reading is free, there is no need to provide payment information. After selecting the psychic you like the most, you just click on the “MESSAGE THIS ADVISOR” button and ask him/her literally whatever you want.

If you liked the free stuff offered by the Tarot Eagle app, you can continue with paid services as well. You can receive focused blessings about romance, soulmate, career, money, and luck for only $1.99. The prices of an accurate reading by a real psychic start from $5.99 and go up to $14.99 per question.

  • How Can I Receive a Free Reading on the Tarot Eagle App?

If you are willing to receive a free tarot reading or check your daily/weekly/monthly horoscope, you can do that by simply downloading the app and going to the corresponding section. But if you are interested in getting a real psychic reading in a private chat for free, you should create an account first. Next, you just select an advisor and enter the private chat to ask your free question. Within 24 hours, you will receive a reading telling everything you need to know about the specific issue you have.

  • Is the Tarot Eagle App a Reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

Overall, the Tarot Eagle app is a legit platform through which you can receive trustworthy readings by top-notch psychics. Although the readings delivered by the real psychics are incredibly detailed and precise, the free services you can obtain on the app are not always that accurate. This is because these free services are not personalized enough to reflect the specific aspects of an individual’s life.

Still, free Tarot reading spreads and horoscopes are great tools for having some fun and learning more about yourself. Just do not take the readings too literally and try to consider those derived by real advisors instead.

Tarot Fox App

The Tarot Fox app is another free tarot reading app and a superb tool for receivingpsychic services by high-class psychics worldwide in the palm of your hand. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store and you can download it completely for free. Most people love to use Tarot Fox for it’s free Tarot readings. It offers 21 tarot decks for free, where as most of the competition you have to pay to unlock those.

  • Getting Started on the Tarot Fox App

After downloading the app, you instantly gain access to a couple of psychic and tarot reading services and other cool stuff. And what I like the most is that you do not have to sign up to receive these free services. However, if you want to get a free psychic reading from an actual advisor, you need to create an account. Next, you just choose the psychic from the list and proceed to a private chat. After asking the specific question or selecting the one from the suggested ideas, you can expect to receive the response within 24 hours.

For further psychic readings, you will be asked to pay $5.99, $9.99, or $14.99, depending on a given advisor’s rate.

  • What Are the Services Offered by the Tarot Fox App?

Although the name suggests that the platform is about Tarot readings, there is a broader variety of services offered on the Tarot Fox app.

Free readings offered by the Tarot Fox app include:

    • Tarot readings and various spreads for different issues, such as love, career, and health;
    • Daily lucky numbers and corresponding readings;
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for each zodiac sign;
    • Answers to Yes or No questions based on a Tarot card reading.

If you want to consult an actual psychic advisor, the Tarot Fox app allows you to receive your first reading for free.

After receiving their first readings, people usually want to continue with paid services as well. And if you are among those, you can either ask additional questions and receive paid readings or purchase life reports for $34.99.

  • How Can I Receive a Free Reading on the Tarot Fox App?

To receive your free psychic reading from a trustworthy psychic, you should create an account and go through the list of advisors. After selecting the one you like the most, you should tap on the button saying “MESSAGE THIS ADVISOR” and ask a specific question. In just 24 hours or less, you will receive a comprehensive psychic reading completely for free.

  • Is Tarot Fox App a Reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

The Tarot Fox app offers exceptionally precise readings delivered by advisors possessing gifted skills and genuine psychic abilities. No matter what the context of your question is, you can receive a trustworthy reading in just a couple of hours. That being said, you can absolutely trust the Tarot Fox app and let the psychics guide you through the crossroads of life.

If you are interested in learning more about Tarot Readings and Tarot Cards in General.You can read the Tarot Card Beginner Guide.

Top Free Psychic Reading Websites

While people really enjoy consulting psychics through apps downloaded on their smartphones, some individuals prefer receiving readings via their computers instead. Fortunately, free psychic reading websites offer exceptional services for individuals looking for free or affordable readings.

The top free psychic reading websites include:


Below are all the details you might need to know to receive a free psychic reading on these two websites.

The Astrology Kingdom is an excellent website for those interested in astrological predictions and readings based on different celestial events. After selecting your zodiac sign from the list, the website will display a general description of your personality and a piece of advice as well.

If you are looking for more detailed reading, you can simply tap on the “Continue” button and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to provide some general information about you and enter your specific question. Finally, you will need to type your valid email address and wait for the psychic to give a comprehensive reading. Keep in mind that you will receive a free reading about a single question. In the case, if you type multiple questions, the reading will only cover the first one.

Typically, you will receive an email telling you that your question has been received. Within the first 24 hours, you will get a personalized reading based on the information you had provided earlier. Since there are tons of questions sent daily, you might receive the reading a little bit later, but you will get it for sure.


By going to Astrology Answers, you can receive a free reading by a gifted clairvoyant and Tarot reader, Adrian Ross Duncan. The astrologyanswers website also offers plenty of horoscopes and other neat astrology products you can buy.

Top Free Online Psychic

Suppose you are looking for an online psychic offering free readings. In that case, my suggestion is to refer to Cedric Grant Bouchard, an exceptionally talented psychic reader and astrologer with genuine psychic abilities. Cedric is the descendent of French farmers whose great-grandparents moved the family to the US. Every single generation in the family has been gifted with incredible psychic power and Cedric was no exception. Ever since 1995, Cedric has been offering psychic services for people in need. Currently, he provides paid in-depth psychic services and free psychic readings for any individual out there.

FAQs About Free Psychic and Tarot Readings

Although tons of online psychic platforms offer free and paid readings, some people still doubt whether these deals are legit. Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about free psychic and Tarot readings.

Why Should I Use Free Psychic and Tarot Reading Platforms?

There are several reasons why one should consider using free psychic and Tarot reading platforms. Below are some of the most important ones.

  • To kill time and have some fun;
  • To consult actual psychics for free;
  • Explore the psychic industry and learn more about how everything works before referring to paid services;
  • Since you do not pay for your first reading on the apps and websites discussed in the article, you can easily find the psychic you can trust and pay for further readings only if you liked the free service;
  • We all love free stuff, right? So, why not?

Should I Trust Free Psychic and Tarot Readings?

There is no specific answer to whether one should trust free psychic and Tarot readings. If you have received a free reading from a real psychic, you should probably consider it as a reliable piece of information. Still, you have to make sure that you have consulted a genuine psychic advisor and not a typical scammer. And even if you have connected to a gifted psychic, keep in mind that things happen and readings are not always 100% correct.

On the other hand, free Tarot readings and horoscopes that have not been written specifically for you are not always accurate. Therefore, it is not always a good idea to take such readings too literally. I would suggest using such readings for entertainment purposes rather than for making major decisions in life.If you are interested in skipping the steps above and getting a paid Psychic Reading. Please visit that link as we review Keen, Oranum, Kasamba, Asknow, Astrologykingdom and AstrologyAnswers.

Do I Have to Provide Billing Information to Receive a Free Reading?

In the case of the websites and apps discussed in this article, there is no need to provide billing information to receive your first free reading. All you need to do is to create an account, ask a specific question, and wait for the psychic to respond.

However, most psychic platforms ask you to fill in your billing information in order to give you a free reading or receive a couple of free minutes for your session. So, be attentive when registering on any psychic website to avoid undesirable situations or additional costs.

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