15 Best Free Background Check Sites You Can’t-Miss


Doing a background check on people using a unique search engine is an everyday activity in the present world. Different groups of people conduct the training for various reasons, such as; locating a new friend or an old friend, doing a background check on someone, finding out more about a celebrity, and many other reasons. Information about different people is provided, making it successful for people searching. This activity has both inconveniences and advantages. A specific way a people search works is whereby a small amount of information is entered into a search bar, which could be someone’s full name, phone number, or even if you know someone’s address. A people search can give very crucial information, and this information is accurate and can be relied on.

Below we’ve listed the four best platforms for back background checks:

  1. FindPeopleFaster The best website to find out information about someone.
  2.  BestPeopleSearch  – Most efficient platform for background checking.
  3. FindPeopleFirstA reliable search engine to give you detailed information on someone.
  4. TruthFinder – The number one platform to give you true and accurate information about a person. 

Part 1: FindPeopleFaster

FindPeopleFaster is an online search engine for finding out detailed information about someone online. The information may consist of; Identity, location, court records, age and date of birth, relatives, address, and more personal information. It mainly comprises the general and confidential information of a person.

A search engine tool like FindPeopleFaster allows you to key in a person’s name and get any type of public record about them. Additionally, if you can’t figure out who called you, the tool is designed to allow users to use the number to identify the person. Furthermore, you can look for information either with a person’s email or address.  

One of the best things about FindPeopleFaster is that it will reduce the hustles of having to google or use social media platforms to gather the most authentic and accurate information about someone.

Below are some of the pros and cons about this amazing search engine tool:

1.2: Pros of using FindPeopleFaster

  • There are societal sites accessible, thus helpful to seek or to relocate individuals for whom you are seeking. One only needs to sign up for them, and they are free of charge.
  • Ensures safety while getting close to new friends or people in general. Without knowing a stranger’s background, one finds it difficult to mingle freely, but it is easier to interact once you get to know the required personal information.
  • It helps to check how other people worldwide view your information. Most people are so insecure with specific details about them online.
  • Old relationships from the past can be rekindled. With busy lives and careers, it tends to be hard to remain in touch and know the updated contact information of friends, but with this, you can find people within minutes.
  • Simple research is free, and no subscription is needed to conduct research. This is fair for people who can not afford it.

1.3: Cons of using FindPeopleFaster

  • The information submitted may have been retrieved without permission. Some personal information found on the website is present without the owners’ consent, and at some point, this is an invasion of privacy.
  • It is designed to provide information after users pay money. This makes it difficult for some researchers because not all of them can pay for the info.
  • The pricing information is somewhat unclear, and in most cases, the prices are pretty high. This is a shortcoming for researchers who can’t afford it.
  • Free results are pretty limited. The free results are so minimal. It doesn’t help that much. Thus, one has to dig deeper for better results.

 Run a background check by using FindPeopleFaster.

Part 2: BestPeopleSearch

BestPeopleSearch shows you where somebody is, what they are up to, and who they are connected to. This online platform provides highly accurate and quick results due to its access to numerous databases. It’s very affordable, and the user interface works flawlessly on both the phone and PC.  

Advantages of BestPeopleSearch

  • It works best for those seeking relevant information Human Resources, Accounting, and Finance.
  • BestPeopleSearch will help you gain individuals’ vital technological, communication, and marketing records.
  • They have a team of experienced experts who will help employers with the right resumes and LinkedIn profiles for the job.
  • They offer job intros for employers within their network, helping companies and job applicants land the right jobs.
  •  The platform is well established and offers clients their previous engagements to build trust.

Disadvantages of BestPeopleSearch

  • They are restricted to searching for people in specific areas, including only HR, Accounting & Finance, Technology, and Communications ad marketing records.

Part 3: FindPeopleFirst

FindPeopleFirst is an amazing online platform that allows you to find real people online through a unique search engine. It helps you uncover any information you want on any particular person, including details, search address, personal records, etc.

Merits of FindPeopleFirst

  • This online platform has an easy-to-use user interface that anyone can use without any IT background.
  • FindPeopleFirst is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any location as long as one is connected to the internet.
  • The price is fair, and one can quickly pay for its services.

Demerits of FindPeopleFirst

  • You can’t use it to investigate people privately. This is because the results are limited.

Visit FindPeopleFirst to Find Someone’s Background Information Now!


Part 4: TruthFinder

With TruthFinder, one can uncover personal details such as phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, work details, public records of illegal activities, assets, names of relatives, and acquaintances about a person. Research gives more personal information about a person, and the information tends to be true.

Benefits of TruthFinder

  • TruthFinder has one of the largest databases to get criminal and court records or orders.
  • The platform is highly accurate to obtain US-based search results.
  • It offers the best services for background checks for individuals from any state.
  • With TruthFinder, users have a wide range of tools, including reverse phones.

TruthFinder Cons

  • If you are a free user, you will gain access to essential information.
  • The user interface takes a while to show results, making it frustrating for the client.

Part 5: CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides very in-depth information about a person. This includes criminal records, relatives, property holdings, and even photos belonging to them. This information is profound and vital. When the user enters a phone number or name, the application starts providing possible ‘answers’ available. In relation to your search, common answers include;

  1. Phone numbers
  2. Address
  3. City or state
  4. Family members

It is designated so that when you enter a phone number, the rest of the information about the person under search will automatically come about.

CocoFinder benefits

  • Accuracy. CocoFinder is one of the best services in that it gives very accurate information. It digs up so deep to bring more relevant and up-to-date results of a person under search. It excavates searches from numerous databases, including public and those considered confidential or private.
  • Pocket-friendly.Unlike some services, CocoFinder allows user-free lookups. A user can look up phone numbers for free. The service supports US-based numbers, both landline and mobile.

Disadvantages of CocoFinder

  • Redirections to get advanced information. Since the phone lookups are reversed, the amount of information returned is limited. To get more information, one has to be ready to spend more to purchase a report separately.

Part 6: GreatPeopleSearch

The name says it all. GreatPeopleSearch is an online platform that offers staff and consulting with one focus: great people. It gives detailed information about a person. It is very reliable and accurate. The data retrieved can help you identify your caller and respond to them accordingly. Using the site’s reverse phone number lookup can help you find out a caller’s identity and know what field they are into, may it be business or so. If they become a problem, the service is designated so that you can block them. The most amazing fact about this service is that it is very effective.

Pros of using GreatPeopleSearch

  1. GreatPeopleSearch scans many databases to retrieve essential information such as criminal history, education background, address, and employment status.
  2. Safety. GreatPeopleSearch is a secure platform that allows one to search for information without any data breach and does not share information with a third party.

Cons of using GreatPeopleSearch

  • No support or maintenance. The site is not obliged to provide any support or connection with the site.
  • It is costly to some people since the information is not always obtained for free.

Part 7: FindPeopleEasy

FindPeopleFast is a time-saving website that enables you to find people easily and quickly. You can search people by name, phone number, or address. You can use this service to get information about the people calling you from a particular number. FindPeopleEasy’s report will give you information about the individual or group you are searching for. It is done through a reverse phone lookup that gives you any detail ever mentioned online and collects in the database about that individual.

Advantages of FindPeopleEasy

  • Robust database. A complete database is a people search platform that has collected massive data over some time and reduced it to one platform to make it easy for people to search for someone.
  • Gives users multiple options.FindPeopleEasy is a unique platform that enables you to search for a person using various particulars.

Check Someone’s Background Search with FindPeopleEasy

Part 8: FastPeopleFinder

FastPeopleFinder is an address lookup service with features to provide easy access to someone’s personal information, making it easier to find out more or complete information about a person. It returns with an impressive set of details to its users with the people finder tool from personal to professional use. The data available in the system is very comprehensive, and it ensures that the user’s question does not go unanswered. It offers free and unique information about the person under search. Users can quickly learn about the name, address, vital records, different social media profiles, and the target’s business structure.

FastPeopleFinder Pros

  • Reliable. FastPeopleFinder is a completely free reverse phone lookup with the name and therefore has the most straightforward and easy-to-use interface that does not cause drawbacks in searching for someone.
  • Unlimited searches. It allows one to make many inquiries in a day because the investigations are complete.

FastPeopleFinder Cons

  • Invasion of privacy. To acquire one’s information is very easy. This enables users to gather information and contact someone who might not desire to communicate with them.

CTA: Visit FastPeopleFinder to conduct a background check.

Part 9: RealPeopleFinder

RealPeopleFinder allows you to find out information about someone by simply searching their name. The name should start with the first name followed by the second then surname to constrict the results. This is because so many people have similar names. The results could disclose a criminal background, social media profile, or even past addresses. It can help you verify the identity of someone you met online, whether on social media platforms or dating sites. It can also help one to know the legitimacy of online business.

Benefits of RealPeopleFinder

  •  Advanced sources. It has one of the largest databases on people’s search online. You can easily find people on the internet with just their names.
  • Excellent site. Its interface is amicable and easy to use, thus providing excellent customer service and user support.

The Cons of RealPeopleFinder.

  • Limited accessibility. The site has no integrated mobile app either for Android or iOS.

Part 10: PeopleSearchFaster

PeopleSearchFaster is a trustworthy platform for extracting information about a targeted person. It has strong roots in several fields and is in great demand. It is a unique service that helps users find data about specific people. The reverse phone lookup report lets you see your name, email address, and other contact details. The service provides users with background checks of themselves, neighbours, and loved ones. It allows one to review records collected from the public to private domains. Personal information is obtained.

Benefits of PeopleSearchFaster

  • Respect for customers’ privacy. Too much personal information is not tracked by the platform, thus ensuring complete anonymity.
  • Unlimited searches. It offers unlimited searches due to its extensive databases containing too much information.

Cons of PeopleSearchFaster

  • False sharing of data.PeopleSearchFaster may contain links to third-party websites or services that the company does not own or control.

Part 11: Background Checks

Background Checks is a way to gain insight into people, their background, and their histories using data from various sources like public records. The background checks are generated automatically with public databases maintained by state and federal governments and private companies.

Reasons to use Background Checks

  • Avoids bad hires. Background checks help in verifying the claims made by a candidate. This helps mainly in making the right choice.
  • Workplace Safety. Employment experts generally agree that criminal background checks minimise the instances of violence in workplaces.


  • Time and expense. Background checks can be pretty expensive for some groups of people, tiny business owners, and entrepreneurs. It also takes a lot of time for a background check to be complete since the employer has to do background checks on different candidates. Many applicants or job seekers make false claims about who they are to get the job. Well, background checks help a lot in saving on frauds.

Part 12: PeopleFastFind

PeopleFastFind provides one access to numerous public records, background checks, and contact information. It collects its data for official and verified public records databases to ensure the results are accurate and genuine. It can be used to find out information about oneself, others, and businesses. Additionally, its background search is quite comprehensive and can provide very personal details.

PeopleFastFind best traits

  • Privacy. It never notifies the individuals under search that they are being searched, thus promoting privacy.
  • Accuracy. All data that has been taken up from the sources is believed to be accurate and authentic. Information is never compromised.


  • No socials. It has no offer for social media search and has no phone application.

Get background information by using PeopleFastFind

Part 13: EasyPeopleSearch

Easy People Search service allows you to collect any searchable personal information from various internet sources. It contains publicly available personal data. It is a free online reverse phone lookup. The service gives confidential reports with more personal information. There are many public documents available that include financial data on who owns a specific property. Any financial record or property that your target has registered in their name will appear.

EasyPeopleSearch benefits

  • Accuracy. The information on this platform is regularly updated, and therefore it can be relied on as accurate.
  • Swiftness. Its search engine produces results swiftly, which uses its massive linked information network with access to major databases.

Part 14: ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is free, and it allows one to search someone’s  information by performing background check, reverse address lookup, phone number lookup and so on. ZabaSearch does not require one to create an account or make a payment before displaying information.

ZabaSearch advantages

  • Easily available. ZabaSearch is readily available anytime, and it has made it more accessible as one does not need to have an account to use it.
  • Not costly. ZabaSearch is free of any charge. One does not need to make a payment before the information under search is displayed.

Disadvantages of ZabaSearch

  • Limited research. Because the service is free, the results are too narrow. Therefore one might be forced to pay to use another service that gives more results.

Part 15: BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a service that covers all expected bases and allows for searching using various data. It gives information such as criminal records and contact details. It is more affordable than many competing solutions, but it is not for employee background research. BeenVerified results are generally considered information-heavy and have some degree of accuracy.

BeenVerified Pros

  • Accuracy and legitimacy. BeenVerified results are very accurate and reliable. It is also a legitimate service that keeps your chat history confidential.

BeenVerified Cons

  • It is costly.BeenVerified sign-up is free, but one cannot access the contents of the results until after subscription. This comes as a challenge to users who wish to use the service but are hindered by the costs.


Finding people with PeopleSeach is as straightforward as searching on an engine but more reliable and available in one place. It is possible to find information about yourself or any other person of your interest. There are varieties of websites that one can easily research; one has to find the most suitable and that which they are comfortable with. And like any other good thing, inconveniences must be present, and they exist on this platform. It is a good platform with some rules and regulations in other websites whereby they are designed to pay before the information is displayed.

All in all, this platform makes life much easier and more efficient for people. Many people worldwide are using the platform, and I can conclude that it is not a bad thing. It does more good than harm.

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