Hair is crucial in accentuating your face. Different individuals have diverse hairstyles, textures, colors, lengths, and types. However, regardless of various hair characteristics, most have at least one hair issue. Just like other parts of your body, your hair needs care and attention at all times. Environment, diet, and your general health can all determine the health of your hair.

Follicle Revival Hair Supplement is a new hair fortifying supplement that addresses environmental, hormonal, and hereditary issues that affect the health of your hair. Today’s fast-living makes it almost impossible for most anyone to take care of the health of their hair. A wake-up call of poor hair symptoms is when you see signs of thinning, balding, itchy scalp, and hair breakage.

The market is filled with hair products that claim to rejuvenate and revive your health. So, how does one choose the right product that will work? The Revival hair product will not give you results overnight, but with continued use of the powerful formula for a month, users notice significant changes.

What are some of the common hair problems?

1. Dandruff

Dandruff affects almost everyone. Dandruff is a non-inflammatory skin problem that causes your scalp to produce some harmless white flakes. If left unattended, it can cause significant hair loss. Dandruff is mainly caused by irregular washing of hair, stress, sensitive skin, seborrheic dermatitis, and oil imbalance on your skin.

2. Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition that can affect anyone at any age. Hair loss symptoms include a receding hairline, hair thinning, baldness, and the appearance of bald patches. Loss of hair is caused by hormonal imbalance, stress, aging, excessive use of harmful hair products, scalp infection, heat, medical conditions, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle choices such as excessive smoking and consumption of strong liquors.

3. Split Ends

Split ends primarily affect more women than men. Split ends result from excessive heat styling, hair dyes, excessive dry hair, and over-brushing your hair.

4. Premature Gray Hair

Most people believe that genes influence the premature graying of hair. However, stress, a decrease in melanin production, hormonal imbalance, and smoking can cause gray hairs to appear before 30 years.

5. Dry Hair

A healthy scalp should naturally produce enough oil to keep your hair moisturized. Conversely, washing your hair excessively, poor blood circulation on your scalp, unhealthy diet, use of hard water, and excessive exposure to heat can cause your hair to become dry.

6. Hair Thinning

Hair thinning affects both men and women. This condition is caused by unhealthy eating habits, stress, tight hairstyles, medical conditions, and harsh hair products.

Benefits of Follicle Revival Nutritional Capsules

Follicle Revival creators claim that regular use of this dietary supplement will benefit users in the following ways:

  • Accelerate the growth of voluminous and lengthy hair. The vitamins in Follicle Revival capsules nourish the hair cells, leading to longer and fuller hair growth.
  • It prevents premature hair loss and balding. Follicle Revival contains the necessary ingredients to prevent loss of hair due to age or stress.
  • Hasten production of enough sebum on your scalp, which keeps your hair moisturized and shiny. Dry scalp can cause dandruff and itching.
  • It is claimed that Follicle Revival can help regrowth hair by enabling the cells to create new hair follicles. Hormonal imbalance during menopause or pregnancy can cause the loss of hair in some women.
  • Continuous use of Follicle Revival strengthens your hair preventing hair loss when you blow-dry or brush.
  • Follicle Revival also helps your hair to become shinier and more beautiful.

Follicle Revival Advanced Hair Care Complex Ingredients:

The maker of Follicle Revival nutritional supplements, claims to have spent over three decades researching natural methods that can boost healthy hair growth. Follicle Revival formula is prepared in GMP and FDA-approved certified facilities in the US, using non-GMO ingredients and 100% chemical-free. Some of these ingredients include:

Rhodiola Rosea

Reduces Cortisol Levels, Helps Body Adapt To Stressors, Reduces Hair Shedding

 Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that helps fight stress and enhance hair growth. Stress has a catabolic effect on the body, causing the body to use nutrients only for the most necessary functions to survive. (1) Since hair growth is not the highest priority, nutrients will be diverted to more necessary functions resulting in weak hair. Use a daily supplement or in powder form. *It may be stimulating for some, so it’s best taken earlier in the day..

Chinese Skullcap

Increases Blood Flow To Scalp, Thickens Hair, Improves Scalp Health

Chinese Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) stimulates the roots and improves scalp microcirculation. (2). This improved stimulation and circulation also helps to improve overall scalp and hair health, for visibly thicker, gorgeous strands.

Magnolia Bark Extract

Fosters Hair Growth, Prevents Breakage, Illuminates Skin and Hair

A chemical investigation(3) of the cortex of Magnolia Officinalis (Magnolia bark extract) reveals several major lignans such as honokiol and magnolol, which have notable anti-inflammatory properties and benefits focused on TGF-B cell cycle arrest to decrease hair loss. (4).

Velvet Bean

Boosts Follicle Growth, Increases Sperm Count, Improves Testosterone

Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens) contains L-DOPA in high concentrations. Treatment with M. pruriens significantly improves testosterone, luteinizing hormone, dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline levels and reduced levels of follicle-stimulating hormone and prolactin. Sperm count and motility were significantly recovered in infertile men after treatment. (5)

Hawthorn Berry

Promotes Hair Growth, Increases Follicle Size, Revives Dormant Follicles

Polyphenol content within the hawthorn berry has been found to stimulate the growth of hair.  In many clinical studies(6), Hawthorn berry revived hair growth and intensified the amount of hair follicles which promoted healthier hair.

Brahmi Leaf

Promotes Thicker Hair, Reduces Hair Loss, Strengthens Hair

Brahmi Leaf (Bacopa monnieri) contains triterpenoids an alkaloid which binds to protein for thicker stronger hair. This promotes a healthy scalp needed to start new growth. It helps nourish the roots, and accelerates hair growth by thickening the roots(7). Brahmi also helps to keep the scalp cool and strengthens the hair follicles.


Strengthens Your Hair, Improves Hair Health, Blocks DHT

Ashwagandha stimulates the production of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), a natural hormone in your body that is an ultimate antioxidant. Thus, ashwagandha helps you combat free radicals from your scalp and hair follicles, thereby promoting healthy hair growth(8) also helps smooth the scalp and against issues like breakage, frizz, and shedding, common in damaged hair. It’s essential for the restoration of the hair’s natural defensive coating.



Who Can Use Follicle Revival Nutritional Supplement?

Follicle Revival is a product processed by both men and women who want to improve their hair’s health. Nevertheless, Follicle Revival capsules are not for people under the age of 18. Users under other medications should consult with their physician before consuming Revival capsules. The creator of Revival  Supplements has assured users that there is no likelihood of getting any allergic reactions from using Revival . However, Revival  is just like any medication, and if you notice any side effects after using Revival , discontinue the usage and visit a health facility for further advice.

David’s Success Story with Follicle Revival:

How to Purchase Follicle Revival Advanced Hair Complex Supplements

According to their official website, this the only place where you can buy the Revival formula is from their online store.

Customers will find discounted offers and package deals to buy in bulk to save money;

After placing an order, you will be directed to fill in your information and make secured payment via a debit or credit card or another option through PayPal. After a successful purchase, your Revival package will be shipped for free at your doorstep in 3-7 days.

The Revival Company assures its customers that they will not incur any hidden charges or other subscription charges after making the payment. Likewise, Revival Company gives you 60 days to try their nutritional supplement, and if you feel shortchanged, you can get back a full refund even after using all the capsules.



Healthy hair improves overall appearance. Beautiful and well-attended hair makes a person more appealing. Globally, millions of men and women feel inadequate and self-conscious with their hair. Imagine balding or growing gray hair when you are still young! Follicle Revival supplements are just like other products which work on some individuals and cause no difference in others. It is advisable to use Revival supplements along with changing your eating habits and lifestyle changes. With the many beneficial vitamins from plant ingredients included in the Revival  formula to improve your hair, learn more about this amazing formula by visiting the official website.