Five Ideas for Implementing Low-Cost Employee Awards Programs

Five Ideas for Implementing Low-Cost Employee Awards Programs

Today, many companies find that they are unable to continue the generous cash bonuses and expensive employee awards that their workers had been accustomed to in the past. As the economy recovers, companies are deciding that adhering to a lower-cost employee recognition program going forward is the best course of action.

This article will offer options in setting up lower-cost employee recognition awards.

Create a Culture of Recognition

Employee recognition does not have to involve cash transfers or expensive awards. Any award, certificate, or card that an employee feels is sincere is greatly appreciated.

The key to creating a successful employee recognition program is to change your company culture. Creating a culture of recognition can become woven into the company’s daily operations, making appreciation one of the company’s values.

A culture of recognition means that appreciation for an employee’s hard work is a natural part of the conversation. When employee achievements are recognized on a frequent basis, workers come to believe that their employers care about how they do their jobs on a daily basis.

Setting Up a Low-Cost Recognition Program

The central principle when setting up a low-cost recognition program is keeping the program from seeming like a thrown-together afterthought. Careful attention to how awards are awarded, worded, and recognized is necessary. 

Six Ideas for Low-Cost Awards

Here are six helpful ideas that can help you create a low-cost awards program for your workers. Keep in mind that awards should always be tailored to the details of the job in each department.

1. Celebrating Birthdays

Unless you have a very large office, the cost of purchasing a cake for each staff member on their birthday should not be prohibitive. Some public sector employers have adopted programs like the “Sunshine Club”, a payroll deduction etc.

2. Certificates

Personalized certificates that detail why the employee is receiving the award are very helpful. It is especially thoughtful to frame the certificate and make sure it is signed by a senior member of the staff.

3. Trophies and Plaques

One of the misconceptions about workplace trophies and plaques is that they are prohibitively expensive. Depending on the materials used and the complexity of the award, they may be accessible to companies with low awards budgets. It can also be a good idea to order just one award and make it transferable between employees. However, awards prices tend to be low enough that a company can afford to buy them for their employees when they are earned.

4. Cards

Cards are another simple and cost-effective method of conveying your appreciation. Having custom cards printed is a relatively small expense, and can help with company branding.

5. Public Recognition

The least expensive award of all is perhaps the most effective. Employees thrive when their efforts are recognized publicly within the company. Many high-quality employees work quietly, without drawing much attention to themselves. These employees may be overlooked when their flashier colleagues are receiving awards, but wise leaders recognize those who do a large share of the work with few expectations of recognition.

Understand Each Employee’s Contribution

Working together, human resources staff and supervisors should come to a full understanding of each employee’s job. In many cases, employees have more responsibilities than their supervisors are aware of. Understanding how the individual employees come together to meet the company’s goals is one of the most important aspects of building a low-cost awards system for your workers.

Encouraging Participation

Encourage all of your department heads and executives to participate in recognition programs. Having the ability to see what is going well among your staff is one of the best qualities of a leader. Celebrate the wins, even if they are small, and encourage employees toward greater heights.

Using Employee Awards Well

Awards like those produced by EDCO can help you recognize your best employees. There are tasteful and affordable options available at many price points. No matter what options you choose for low-cost employee recognition programs, make sure that your appreciation is sincere. Employees who feel appreciated will work harder, accept more challenges, and have greater loyalty to the company. 

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