Dial Vision Glasses Reviews – Worth it?

What is Dial Vision?

What is Dial Vision?

Often it happens that by mirroring or by hardly readable writing on a laptop or tablet, the text you are about to read is suddenly no longer comprehensible to the naked eye. Then you see flashes of light or blurred letters and you might miss important information. The immense difference between ordinary vision, for example reading a book or a newspaper, and the more difficult vision, reading ebooks or online newspapers on electronic devices, overwhelms your eyes and objects appear on the screen that prevent you from seeing.

Your eyes can no longer grasp the information properly, making it difficult for you to see and read. With Dial Vision reading glasses, however, you can easily adjust your diopters on both lenses in 3D and read your texts on the screen without any obstacles. Your eyes are no longer overwhelmed, your vision is strengthened and you no longer miss important information.

Why do I need these reading glasses?

In principle, these special Dial Vision reading glasses are designed for everyone who has difficulty in reading the text on the screen. Most of the time it is not your eyes’ fault at all, but a reflection on the screen or the font used can overwhelm the eyes and thus flashes of light or blurred letters or even small black dots can form in front of the lens without being noticed. Then the eyes are overstrained and can no longer grasp the text correctly. You may miss important information. In any case, reading becomes so very difficult and tiring and in the long run very annoying. The eyes are permanently strained and reading, which is generally regarded as something beautiful, becomes a torture for you.

For your health – especially for your precious eyesight – this is no solution in the long run. For this reason, the reading glasses Dial Vision should be a remedy for you. With the right dioptres on both lenses, which you can adjust yourself correctly, you will be able to read and understand the text in front of you correctly again. Your eyes are relieved and reading can be fun again. Click here and discover the current discount!

Dial Vision Rating and Recommendation

When people generally talk about “reading glasses”, they immediately think of old people with bad eyes and cataracts. But usually problems with vision are not a pure problem in old age, but can affect everyone at any age. It does not necessarily have to have something to do with the own health, so that the own eyesight gets lost or an eye illness is present. Even a bad screen that is too dusty or even slightly cracked, as well as reflections or glare, if not the wrong font and font size or color, can cause problems when capturing text on a laptop or tablet.

A special pair of reading glasses brought to the market by Dial Vision can help here, which you can adjust yourself. On both sides of the glasses there are small wheels on which you can turn and adjust the optimal diopter for each eye. Your overstrained and overworked eyes will be helped in this way, and it will be much easier to read the texts you read on your electronic device. The manufacturer’s promise in this regard sounds very telling, but whether it actually works this way and helps your eyesight, everyone must test for themselves.

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Dial Vision technical facts

The following technical details should be considered in relation to Dial Vision reading glasses and before any purchase:


– Turn dials on both sides to adjust the distance or read immediately.

– The Dial Vision reading glasses are ideal as replacement glasses.

– They have impact-resistant lenses and a flexible frame.

– Adjustable glasses from Dial Vision with two moving parts per lens are available.

Technical data:

– Suitability: Unisex

– Adjustable focus: -6.00 to +3.00

– Material: plastic and iron.

– Color: Black

– measurements: Lens

– height: 35 mm

– Lens width: 51 mm

– Bridge: 16 mm

– Height of temples: 126 mm

– quantity: 1 piece

Included in the package:

– One pair of adjustable reading glasses from Dial Vision

Additional note on use: To avoid scratches, each pair of glasses has a foil. Please tear off the foil before use.

What are the Dial Vision quality features?

According to the manufacturer’s promise, these reading glasses from Dial Vision have been produced according to the latest findings in sliding lens technology, using very flexible side arches that adapt optimally to your face. The glasses can be used as near and far vision glasses as well as for outdoor activities such as skiing or picnics and also for indoor activities such as reading.

Dial Vision reviews

Considering the many good features and functions that these glasses from Dial Vision seem to bring to support your vision, they are the ideal help in everyday life and not only when reading on the screen. With their help even during outdoor activities and their perfect adaptation to the shape of your face as well as to your own eyesight, which is needed, one should expect great enthusiasm from the customers. But many customers are disappointed by these glasses from Dial Vision and the apparently rather careless production of what appears to be a “China product”.

For this the following customer reviews, under which unfortunately no single positive comment was to be found:

– A user of these eyeglasses of dial vision writes that this Sehhilfe is good neither in the far range nor in the close range and it is to nothing to be used. He had thrown his money out the window and should actually not be allowed to be sold in the first place. He warned other customers not to buy these glasses, as they were probably “sloppy Chinese junk”.

– Another user describes similar experiences that the so-called “magnifying glass” is not a magnifying glass at all and that the entire pair of glasses is completely useless. It is completely useless and now it is lying around at his home and does not serve any purpose.

– A third user says that the entire pair of glasses would have fallen apart at his place and nothing would have been adjustable. He can’t understand how something like this could be sold and with such high promises and expectations that the glasses can’t fulfill at all.

– Another user reported that the Dial Vision glasses broke quickly, that they looked more like carnival glasses and that they did not help him see at all. He was very disappointed with these reading glasses, because the manufacturer promises things that the glasses simply did not fulfill. This was very unfair to the customers and in his opinion very unprofessional. His money is now forever ruined.

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Where can I order Dial Vision?

Although this special reading aid from Dial Vision can also be ordered via other platforms such as Amazon, the manufacturer offers special discounts of up to 50 percent on its official website. Compared to Amazon and the manufacturer’s price, however, it should be noted that Amazon offers these glasses much cheaper than the manufacturer does, even despite discounts. With regard to the only negatively charged customer opinions, even according to the users, the price at Amazon is already much too high, since the glasses apparently do not offer any benefits and thus do not fulfill the manufacturer’s promise. Click here and discover the current discount!

Who is the provider of the product?

The following information can be found on the official website of the manufacturer about the provider. Please follow the link to the homepage.

Homepage: https://dialvisionshop.com/

General information about reading glasses

In most cases, people over 40 years of age need reading glasses, as presbyopia gradually becomes a problem for them. Often nearsighted people can still see well at close range, but then need appropriate reading glasses for distance or intermediate vision. However, there are also situations where age is not the problem or one’s own vision, but the nature of what the sighted person is looking at, such as a screen. If the screen is reflected or dazzled, or something else occurs that makes it difficult to see, a suitable reading aid is also needed to take the strain off the eyes.

Known FAQ about this product

Q: How can I set the correct diopters?

A: On both sides of the glasses there are small wheels which you have to turn either in one or the other direction to set the right diopter for you. It is advisable to cover one eye in order to be able to set the optimal strength for the other eye, as this way the strength or weakness of one eye can be better recognized.

Q: Are there differences for men and women in the glasses?

A: No, the glasses are unisex, which means they are suitable for both men and women. There are not two different models, one is for everyone.

Q: Can I use the Dial Vision glasses only for reading?

A: No, the glasses can be used for all kinds of activities in nature or for different activities at home like cooking or cleaning or watching TV. The Dial Vision Glasses are not only reading glasses, but also a relief for your eyes in every life situation.

Q: Do the Dial Vision glasses break quickly?

A: Normally they should be able to withstand quite a lot, they are robustly manufactured and have an iron coating that is difficult to break when shaken. The Dial Vision glasses are therefore particularly resistant to outdoor activities.

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