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What is DangoBuds?


Who does not know it, when the desire to listen to music grabs you and you want to listen to your favorite music, but first the earbuds and the cable have to be untangled? This can take a long time with heavy knotting and is quite annoying! Often this can also cause the cable to break, resulting in quick loose contact or a general defect. So you buy earbuds all the time and still have the problem with the cable tangle.

Even if it has to go fast and you want to take a call on your cell phone, a cable tangle can lead to stress and make your conversation partner wait.

With DangoBuds earbuds you can listen to music or take calls wirelessly through the built-in HD microphone. Plus, the ear buds fit perfectly in your ears without slipping, making it more comfortable to listen to music or make calls, including noise cancellation for your environment.



What are the DangoBuds quality features?


These very special innovative ear buds have a lot of quality features that are very different from the ear buds you’re used to. The DangoBuds are water-repellent, ergonomic, equipped with Bluetooth microphone and connectable to your smartphone. The ear buds fit snugly into the earcup due to their ergonomic design, so they won’t slip during sports and you can continue to enjoy music during your workout or jogging without constantly fiddling around with the devices and your ear.



DangoBuds review and recommendation


Considering the many positive features of these DangoBuds earbuds, as well as all the positive feedback from customers who are already using them, DangoBuds actually seem to be a very good innovation in the field of portable Bluetooth earbuds. Because they are ergonomically designed and their earpiece (“ear olive”) is adjustable in different sizes, these earbuds offer more possibilities for use, including sports, where a stuck earpiece is fundamental so that the workout does not become boring. In addition, these earbuds are not just for listening to music, but also offer the best way to accept or reject incoming calls thanks to the integrated HD Bluetooth microphone. Furthermore, these earbuds are wireless, which finally puts an end to the annoying cable tangle – especially during sports!


General information about earbuds


Earbuds (also called headphones), are small devices or “sound transducers”, which are either worn on the auricles or are inserted into the auricle to catapult “sound” or music or speech directly into the ears without being decomposed by sounds outside the auricles (by environmental noise) and are more difficult to understand. The size and type of these receivers has changed a lot over the years and decades, mostly they became smaller and smaller and were still worn rather clumsy on the auricles a few decades ago, which according to the latest findings is much better for the ears. More modern designs are now often ergonomic, sit in the auricle and are mostly equipped with Bluetooth and thus without cables. The inventor of these earbuds or headphones has not yet been clearly identified.


General DangoBuds reviews


Who likes it more wirelessly and with Bluetooth found something with the DangoBuds, which brought the so far annoying cable salad quite remedy. Also the fact that the form is very ergonomic and adapts itself perfectly to your auricle, might particularly meet the sportsmen under you very much. Ordinary earbuds are therefore not, not even because they can do even more than their classic siblings on the market, because they are also a headset at the same time! The integrated HD Bluetooth microphone makes it quick and easy to take any call on your smartphone without taking off the earbuds. Switch from listening to music to making phone calls and you can do both with the same earbuds! All these and other positive features seem to guarantee a very positive listening experience, as many positive and surprised customer reviews on the Internet show:

A reviewer made some experiments with these earbuds and his review was very long and detailed, which can be reproduced here only in a shortened form. He writes that he had tested several Bluetooth handsets and in doing so he tested them according to a wide variety of technical specifications. According to the manufacturer’s promise, the battery should be enough for 5 hours of playing time, he writes. In the end, the DangoBuds only reached about four and a half hours at a distance of 5 meters! The battery, however, could be charged with an additional 152mAh more than stated by the manufacturer. In the sound test he was able to hear even basses and trebles that are audible down to the deepest layers of the human ear. The installation with Bluetooth and the smartphone worked very well for him and took only a few seconds. He was fascinated by the way the handsets were charged. Contrary to other manufacturers who come with a cable and other things, the box in which the handsets are placed is a charging port and the handsets just have to be put back into their box and the DangoBuds are charged! The box itself does not have to be charged.


Another reviewer and customer reports that he had been “flirting” with such earbuds for quite some time and that he finally bought them. As soon as he received the delivery, he would have fully charged it first and then connected it to his smartphone. This was quick and did not cause any problems. This DangoBuds headphone would have been very good and it would have fulfilled everything except for a deep bass (which he didn’t expect with this small size of the device).

The DangoBuds headphones looked very good and were practical to use because of the charging station, but he couldn’t move too far (4-5 meters visibility) from the sound source, because then there would have been dropouts (which is a little due to the Bluetooth, the customer said), because the 20 meters given were completely unrealistic. The battery life is perfect at least with a charge over 5 hours with this small size.

Another reviewer says that these DangoBuds are really good headphones, which are very suitable for cycling, so that you can listen to music with them without any problems. He himself listens to a lot of electro music and he has to admit that the bass is perfect for this kind of music. The DangoBuds earbuds sit well and firmly in the ear due to their ergonomic design and do not slip when biking in hilly areas, which usually involve violent jumps. The battery life has always been very good and long with him and has never caused him any problems. The battery lasted for one or two hours a day for a little more than a week. Of course he had to put the DangoBuds headphones in the box to charge them, but the box itself did not need to be charged. Additional customer reviews can be found by clicking this link!


Why do I need these earbuds?


The DangoBuds earbuds are equipped with many great features that you won’t find in any other earbuds or Bluetooth earbuds. Not only do they play music like headphones do, but they are also a headset that allows you to receive calls effortlessly and without wires by connecting to your smartphone. They are also waterproof, so you can use them outdoors even on rainy days. If you’ve had to deal with cable tangle, or if you’ve had to change handsets when listening to music and you want to make calls with a headset, the DangoBuds are an alternative to the traditional headset and make your life more comfortable! Click here and discover the current discount!


Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: Do the DangoBuds listeners sit well in the ear or do they fall out easily?
  • A: They sit well in the ear due to their ergonomic shape, which allows you to choose the one that suits you best due to three different hearing attachments. In this way they adapt to your ear and withstand even sporting activities.
  • Q: Are they just normal headphones or can they do more?
  • A: They also work as a headset, so you can listen to music and make phone calls wirelessly due to the integrated microphone.
  • Q: How do I charge the DangoBuds handsets? By cable?
  • A: No, the box in which they are packed and can be put back after each use is designed to recharge and does not require any extra wiring on the handsets.


Where can I buy DangoBuds?


DangoBuds can be purchased through various online platforms such as Amazon under a different name but with the same design, layout and features, as well as through the manufacturer himself through his website. Here you can get various quantity discounts of up to 55 percent or an individual discount of 35 percent. You can pay via PayPal or credit card.


DangoBuds technical facts

  • Connection: wireless with Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and HD rendering technology (with 360-degree clear 3D surround sound); two integrated microphones.
  • Color: white or black.
  • Design: Ergonomic.
  • Weight: 4 grams.
  • Usage modes: water-repellent due to IPX7 water protection class; protection against rain, sweat, water.
  • Charging: Recharge over 50 hours of play time up to 8 times through the 800 mAh portable charger (one charge provides 8 hours of play time).
  • Application: As earbuds for listening to music and as a headset for telephoning.


Who is the supplier of the product?


Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

Homepage: https://www.buydangobuds.com/

Email: support(at)buydangobuds(dot)com

Phone: USA and Canada (toll free): 866 206 0629

United Kingdom: 033 0818 0883

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689

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