Crypto trading enthusiasts everywhere celebrate as they learned that Dan Hollings, creator of The Plan has decided to gift all his students with free training.


The Plan is a cryptocurrency trading course for beginners and until now each Phase has been for sale independently.

At the time of this writing The Plan has over 15,000 members in 129 countries and the sheer volume of new students rushing in makes it impossible to keep registration open constantly. This is why students are forced to sit back and wait for the few times that membership is open throughout the year.

As of now 4 of the 6 Phases are now available for immediate consumption at whatever pace an eager student wishes to go.

IMPORTANT: The Plan is not an investment pool, it is a training program. Each student is required to manage their own investment capital and execute what they learn from the training in their own exchange account. At no time is the money invested turned over to anyone to manage on ones behalf.

Phase 1 – Grid Bot Gold

This is the most comprehensive of all the phases and is a complete training on crypto bot trading that teaches how grid bots work, and of course Dan’s sweet spot settings that are protected under NDA.

This single course is all that is required to learn crypto trading and make smart passive income for as long as long as you stay invested. No further trainings are required in order to learn and profit from trading cryptocurrencies.

Completing this first Phase is a mandatory requirement in order to enroll in any future Phases.

Phase 2 – DEFI Treasures

Take a deep dive into decentralized finance and learn how to invest in DEFI using high interest savings wallets and vaults to earn deep staking rewards that are not readily known.

This is an alternate crypto investing strategy that is a powerful compliment to a well constructed grid bot portfolio and can produce mega returns.

Phase 3 – Rebalancing

Welcome to the wonderful world of advanced HODLing that can span numerous coins over entire cryptocurrency sectors.

This strategy teaches you how get exposure to your favorite categories with a basket of cryptocurrencies that have the possibility for exponential growth. 

Phase 4 – Grid Bot Mastery

The advanced strategies everyone in Phase 1 has been waiting for to crank up grid bots with the skillful use of leveraged tokens. In addition, this Phase also covers an often overlooked way to protect profits, and and how to flip a bear market into a bull market.

There are few more surprises inside and it’s all very exciting news for The Plan crypto bot trader who is ready for more.

Phase 5 & 6 – The Journey Continues

More high yield, low risk “Do Nothing” strategies, coming soon.


In the surprise announcement made recently by Dan Hollings, he revealed that Phase 4 Grid Bot Mastery is “My gift to all of the members of The Plan.”

This is a minimum of a $2,500 gift to each and every existing student. And for those who have not yet joined and do so now, they are getting double the value that any of the existing 15,000+ members received when they signed up previously.

“This is an incredibly generous gift that Dan Hollings is awarding to all members of The Plan, both existing students and future freshmen!” Says Heather Farrell, Beta-1 Plan member, crypto investor/enthusiast and advocate.

This just became an irresistible offer that is essentially a 2-for-1 special on (possibly the most lucrative) and popular crypto investing strategy in The Plan.

Interested parties can CLICK HERE to read the TLDR Review Of The Plan by Dan Hollings (the course review for busy people).

Are You New To Crypto?


Check out this 5-part mini-series

called Crypto Investing For Beginners.


It’s not a big shock that this surprise announcement and generous gift coincides with a new registration period that is set to open with in days. The re-opening of The Plan begins with a free webinar training conducted by Dan Hollings himself where he thoroughly explains his cryptocurrency trading strategy followed by a live Q&A with none other than Jason Fladlien.

Those wanting to get a spot in the upcoming webinar can CLICK HERE to register. (There are limited spaces and they always fill up so don’t risk missing out, grab your seat now while you can – replay available.)

Is there a way this could get any better?

As a matter of fact there is and it is purely by chance….. and it’s the actual market itself. 2021 was a great year in the world of cryptocurrencies and in early December a switch was flipped and a rocky crash ensued, and continues.

A great many knowledgable and credible people agree that Bitcoin has likely found its bottom and this has been confirmed with consistent indicators such as higher highs, and higher lows that have been occurring for many weeks. (This is a very bullish sign.)


The feeling is that the next Bitcoin bull run has already begun and where it goes, the rest of the crypto market follows. Of course this is no guarantee and “they” could be wrong, however, getting in at the bottom of any market usually proves to be quite fruitful making this a great time to jump in, or double down.

To calm any concerns about the overall strength of Bitcoin, if it were a blue chip stock today it would have been tied with Berkshire Hathaway for 7th place (for the biggest market cap at around $730ish billion).


That’s is impressive.

Especially considering Bitcoin has only been in existence since 2009 (it’s 13 years old) and it has taken Berkshire Hathaway 183years to grow to this level!

Not surprisingly, this is how things tend to look for the #1 preforming asset (for the last 10 years straight) by 1000%.

Welcome to the big leagues of a ground floor opportunity where the pot was just sweetened with:

  • a double-the-value offer,
  • for the best crypto trading course available today,
  • at an historically opportune time in the market. 

 “Timing” does not get much better than this.

Those interested in enrolling in The Plan can do so by clicking here or visiting


For a limited time this Crypto Security Check List is available here.

DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice or financial advice. Investing In crypto is considered risky and you can lose money, so only invest what you can afford to lose. Investors should “do your own research” (DYOR) and consult a licensed professional in your jurisdiction. I do not work for The Plan or its associates, I am an independent affiliate and the opinions expressed here are my own. I may receive referral payments if you click on links in this article.