Crypto Curious Beginners Get 2nd Chance at Rare Beta Offering of The Plan by Dan Hollings

Crypto Curious Beginners Get 2nd Chance at Rare Beta Offering of The Plan by Dan Hollings

Good fortune has smiled on newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies as the top-rated training program called The Plan, by Dan Hollings remains available in beta for a short time longer.

Those interested in learning how to invest in the crypto market can now do so at a large discount through the weekend, before the doors close to the final beta offering forever.

It will be several months before The Plan will see its official launch which will bring with it an official (higher) price, giving today’s students a sizable advantage.

Those seizing this opportunity now will not only benefit from a large cost savings, but will also be positioned in the market with the right strategy, ready to capitalize on both the volatility and the anticipated gains in the near term.

Interested parties can learn more in a private webinar training presented by Dan Hollings himself and can click here to register.


What It Is:

  • A training program to learn a specific investment strategy.
  • A way to make money in any market direction.
  • The blueprint for an investment strategy that students control.
  • A way for regular folks to have the same chance to profit as the wealthy. (wow)

What it’s not:

  • An investment pool, fund, or Ponzi scheme.
  • Something that chains people to their computer.
  • Actual investment advice.
  • An online business opportunity.
  • Day trading.


In short, Plan members learn how to set up “bots” which is a pair of crypto coins that trade off each other. It’s not complicated.

Each bot is set up with predetermined orders (to buy and sell) that are automatically executed every time certain price thresholds are reached in either direction.

This is the set & forget aspect, so the pre-programmed bot is working hard while you are out living your life.

Crypto Curious Beginners Get 2nd Chance at Rare Beta Offering of The Plan by Dan Hollings

Multiple buys and sells will be made in a day, sometimes hundreds! This means that profit can be made when the price goes up, and also when the price goes down making this an extremely unique strategy.


  • Anytime your bot sells a little slice (it will be for a profit because it would not sell otherwise).
  • When you buy a piece of a coin and the price goes up.
  • When a little-known method of collecting interest on the coins you are holding (HODL) is utilized.


  • It’s beginner-friendly.
  • It’s easy to learn (12-15 hrs) and takes very little time to manage.
  • Modestly funded investors and those who are well-heeled can both capitalize using this strategy.
  • It’s a sophisticated investment strategy that is normally off-limits to the average investor.

When combining the enormous potential of the cryptocurrency market with the low-risk strategy that The Plan teaches, this quickly becomes one of the biggest opportunities most people alive today will see in their lifetime.


Investors are required to open their own exchange account and maintain control of their investment capital at all times. Students are taught a simplified step-by-step system they will use to create steady passive income that they control.

Note: This is not for people wishing to hand their money over to a 3rd party to manage on their behalf.

(You Can Read The Complete “Official Review” Here)


  • Anyone who wants to get a better return on their investment capital.
  • People who are curious about crypto but don’t know how to invest.
  • Investors who are trying to trade crypto and are losing money (which is almost all).
  • Cryptocurrency “HODL-ers” who want to make money while they sit and wait.

If you fall into any of these categories, this unique investment strategy is worth looking into, but the window is very short. Learn more from Dan in this limited webinar training.

I do not work for The Plan or its associates, I am an independent affiliate and the opinions expressed here are my own. I receive referral payments from this article. Cryptocurrencies are considered risky and you could lose money if you chose to invest.

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