Crypto Bot Trading Alert

There has been an increased level of scams and phishing schemes resulting from the immense popularity of Dan Hollings The Plan; a simple training program taking the world by storm.

Anything to do with cryptocurrencies is a hot topic these days and when a program like this goes viral, the scavengers and con-artists appear from nowhere and attempt to divert the public interest from a genuine recommendation to whichever flavor of snake oil they may currently be flogging.  

For those people who are interested in cryptocurrencies, it is strongly advised that you do your own research (DYOR) before taking any position.

Do you think you can spot a scam? Keep reading to learn how…

  • Being required to relinquish investment capital to a person, company, or exchange with the promise of impressive returns that are often claimed to only be possible when funds are pooled to make a larger investment amount. 
  • Very frequently the terms of withdrawing one’s capital are fuzzy or buried and will come with hefty fees and penalties if you wish to remove your capital early.

This is because in many of these cases the invested capital is long gone and the intent is to pay your future profits from new money coming in down the road, making early cash-outs a problem because those funds are likely already lining someone else’s pocket.

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  • Turning capital over to a 3rd party to manage on your behalf.
  • Investment capital not being in your name.
  • A fee or penalty to withdraw your capital.
  • Promised or guaranteed returns.

Cryptocurrencies are considered high risk and returns can not be guaranteed. Anyone who invests in this market could lose money and the reason it is teeming with rip-offs and slick con artists is that it’s unregulated.

This is also referred to as decentralized and it means that no one owns, operates, or regulates the crypto market; meaning there is no agency or bureau to visit to lodge a complaint or attempt to reclaim lost funds that many have been swindled.  

This is the perfect storm for those unsavory sorts who have very few if any regulations to comply with, combined with an extremely trendy market that is top of mind with the masses. It is for these reasons that this alert is being made to the public in an attempt to help shine a light on this growing threat to the financial well-being of unsuspecting, would-be investors.

In stark contrast is The Plan by Dan Hollings which has fast become a solid pillar in the world of cryptocurrency investing. This training program has just come out of beta and with its official launch [HAPPENING NOW] has also come a tidal wave of attention and endorsements.


  • It is not an investment opportunity, it’s simply a training program.
  • Investors are required to manage and control their own capital at all times.
  • It exploits the volatility of the crypto market and uses it to generate passive income.
  • It requires very little investment capital ($3,000/bot) to make a sizable impact on one’s portfolio.

Interested parties can click here to find out more about The Plan.

This impressive investing strategy was uncovered by Mr. Hollings after he invested approx. $5m over the course of 3 years during what is known as crypto-winter until he identified the optimum parameters that tend to win more often than not.

Having gone through multiple beta tests and thousands of students, the training program has been well and truly battle-tested and was rolled out earlier this month, bringing with it an onslaught of attention into the world of crypto-bot grid trading.

The Plan is a training program delivered on live video that costs $3,497 and equips fledgling beginners as well as the more experience with the skills and tools required to have a serious edge in this potentially lucrative market that is open to anyone who wishes to invest and control a modest amount of their own investment capital. 


Using automation (aka as bots) which is a fancy word for code, two cryptocurrency coins are paired together and are pre-programmed to buy and sell at specific prices, on a tiny micro level multiple times per day. (We’re talking fractions of pennies.)

The buying and selling occur in tiny increments that can result in hundreds of transactions a day and spin-off instant profits directly into one’s exchange account as the bot continues executing unlimited, pre-programmed orders. 

Click here for a closer look at how it works.

What is most appealing about this strategy…

  • Profits can be generated in any direction so it works in any market.
  • Starting capital required is only $3,000/bot making this wealth generation system available to the masses.
  • It is the safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies that exists today.
  • Passive income can be earned simply from owning crypto.

The Official Review of The Plan can be viewed here.

For what may be the first time ever, average people of any persuasion, age, race, gender, or level of education, country, background, skillset, or size of financial holdings are all on an equal playing field and have the same chance to succeed and prosper. 

Unlike the traditional centralized world of finance, where the system is rigged in favor of the financial institutions and those extremely well-heeled ‘credited investors’, the fully transparent world (thanks to the blockchain) of cryptocurrencies is literally open to all. 

Now, thanks to The Plan every crypto curious person has the ability to learn a proven system, and generate wealth with it. For those wishing to learn more about this style of investing, a live presentation is available for a limited time on demand by clicking here (expires Dec 14 midnight Pacific).

DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice or financial advice. Investing In crypto is considered risky and you can lose money, so only invest what you can afford to lose. Investors should “do your own research” (DYOR) and consult a licensed professional in your jurisdiction. I do not work for The Plan or its associates, I am an independent affiliate and the opinions expressed here are my own. I may receive referral payments if you click on links in this article.

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