15 Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Name


In the current world, owning a smartphone is quite the norm. Hence, a reverse phone lookup is an essential tool in today’s era as it is common to receive calls from unknown numbers. Calls from unknown numbers and telemarketers are annoying, especially when you are on a busy schedule. Besides, you may not want to pick up a call from an unknown number, fearing that it could be spam. This is where a phone number lookup service comes in handy.

A reverse cell phone lookup helps to find out the critical, fundamental, and in-depth details about any person calling you by just requiring a phone number. A reverse phone lookup search lets you figure out who’s calling in seconds. You start with just a phone number and use a service to reverse search for and discover who the number belongs to, including their name, age, address, email address, and social media accounts.

Thanks to technology, you do not need to spend a hefty sum on a phone number lookup to find out who called me from this phone number. There are many free reverse phone lookup services, but not all of them are reliable. All you need to do is find a powerful tool that offers consistent services. So, we’ve gathered the leading options and well-established free phone lookup with names that you can trust and the information they offer you.

We’ve listed our top 4 phone lookup search tools below:

  1. FindPeopleEasyThe Most Detailed Platform for Reverse Phone Lookup
  2. EasyPeopleSearchEasiest To Use Phone Lookup Platform
  3. SpokeoEasily Accessible Platform
  4. FindPeopleFirstMost Private Lookup Platform


FindPeopleEasy’s report will lead you to the contact information of the individual or the group of individuals that you are conducting a search on. This completely free reverse phone lookup gives you every detail ever mentioned online and collected in the database about that individual and is displayed on the screen as soon as you click Search. From this cell phone number finder, information obtained can include the person’s name, phone number, last known address, and even background report. Along with this, FindPeopleEasy also facilitates you to discover the neighbors and relatives of the individual based on their address and social media profiles.

The Merits of FindPeopleEasy

  • Provides a user with options – FindPeopleEasy is a unique platform that you can search for a person using various particulars, whichever is feasible for you by either using their name, their phone number or even their address.
  • Robust Database – This is a People Search platform that has collected massive data over a period of years and accumulated it on one single platform to make it easy for people to search for a person’s identity.

The Demerit of FindPeopleEasy

  • Momentarily Slow – At times, the search time can be longer than anticipated. 

Perform Reverse Phone Lookup with FindPeopleEasy Now>>


The target person’s name is the first and basic information anyone wants from a phone lookup. EasyPeopleSearch will yield information of who called me from this phone number within no time, along with the target’s age and gender identity. Its report may locate other available contacts related to the known phone number, such as email address or alternate phone number. By conducting EasyPeopleSearch phone number lookup, any financial record or property that your target has registered in their name will also be visible to you. This completely free reverse phone number lookup service will help you uncover information on people from their past or missing relatives using just the target’s phone number.

The Pros of EasyPeopleSearch.

  • Ease of use – The platform is very easy to use. Anyone with basic tech literacy can easily understand how to look up a phone number. To do a people search, all you need is the person’s name and, if possible, their location to start the process.
  • Fast Result – EasyPeopleSearch produces results at a lightning speed. You can make use of their incredibly fast search engine to locate individuals in a timely and hassle-free manner.

The Cons of EasyPeopleSearch

  • Non-Instant Accurate Results – It does not offer instant results but EasyPeopleSearch is constantly expanding and improving the database of users’ information

Feel free to use easy reverse phone lookup with EasyPeopleSearch>>


Spokeo organizes 12 billion records into reports that contain a person’s contact info, location history, photos, social media accounts, criminal records, and even family members. The reverse white pages lookup can find a wealth of information using just a landline or cell phone number. This includes:

  • Owner’s name
  • Location and address
  • Family members
  • Address history
  • Phone type and carrier

A full report can provide additional info, including:

  • Financial data
  • Criminal records
  • Education
  • Past addresses
  • Social media profiles

The Advantages of Spokeo.

  • Respects Privacy – One reassuring feature is the option to request your own information be removed from the site. Spokeo also promises not to use your sign-up information in its databases.
  • Mobile Application – The company also has an Android mobile app for easier browsing on your devices to find whose number is this calling me.

The Disadvantages of Spokeo.

  • Uncertainty – You are not guaranteed results, however, and the data is not always up to date.
  • High Pricing – Unless there is a free trial on offer, Spokeo is expensive.


FindPeopleFirst can help identify someone by conducting a phone number reverse search to reveal their details. The reverse search scans through phone directories and other archives to disclose as much information about an individual. It has unique features to help identify unknown people since FindPeopleFirst gives a detailed report containing their name, contact, and social profiles to that address. By checking a phone number with FindPeopleFirst, you learn all the information associated with that phone number. This free phone number lookup helps to quickly discover the caller’s identity by revealing data about a missed call and avoiding phone scams.

The Benefits of Using FindPeopleFirst.

  • Robust Database – It has an extremely large collection of data and works through integrations with almost all public records sources. Hence, one can never miss out on a piece of informative data about a person as the database has billions of entries already.
  • No Data Tracking – By conducting a people search through FindPeopleFirst, your privacy is highly regarded. None of your searches gets tracked, and your private information is never stored on the website.

The Drawbacks of FindPeopleFirst.

  • Error-Prone – It’s fast and easy to use but it lacks a trial period in case you make an error.

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CocoFinder report provides details about a person by just entering his phone number or name. When the user enters the phone number or name, the application starts providing possible people. Depending on your search method, common information includes:

  • Name and age
  • City and state
  • Phone numbers
  • Family members and criminal records.

If you provide the app with any phone number, it will start showing the owner’s details like his name, age, relatives, phone numbers, and social media handles. The white pages of the application are an advanced phonebook that starts showing a person’s identity, email address, and alternative phone numbers.

The Perks of CocoFinder

  • Accurate Information – CocoFinder is one of those rare services that actually manage to dig up relevant, up-to-date data. They pull their searches from billions of databases, including public records and privately-owned ones.
  • Unlimited Free Lookups – A user can look up phone numbers completely free. The service supports US-based numbers, both landline, and mobile.

The Constraints of CocoFinder

  • No Mobile Application – At the moment, the service doesn’t offer a mobile app for Android or iOS. However, due to site optimization, you can access the site and all its features from any small-screen phone or tablet.
  • Redirections to get advanced info – The reverse phone lookup returns a limited amount of information. If you would like more details, then you need to purchase a report separately.


GreatPeopleSearch phone number lookup report is a valuable source for identifying any phone number, owner, and details associated with them, such as their physical address and email address. This report can help you identify your caller and respond to emergencies as they happen. Using this site’s reverse phone number lookup will help you unravel the caller’s identity and know if they are a marketer by comparing their details, such as the employer’s name. As they can become a nuisance, you can then block these telemarketers. The effectiveness of this reverse phone number lookup tool is to help you know who is behind insistent calls to your home or mobile number and filter them out from your allowed caller’s list.

The Benefits of GreatPeopleSearch.

  • Safe – GreatPeopleSearch is a secure platform that allows you to search your data and that of someone else without any data breach and doesn’t share your information with third-party vendors.
  • Fast and Efficient – GreatPeopleSearch will scan millions of databases to retrieve the physical address, educational background, criminal history, and employment status of your target search within two minutes.

The Limitations of GreatPeopleSearch

  • No Support or Maintenance – The company has no obligation to provide you with any support in connection with the Site.


While offering the target user’s name, PeopleFindFast searches all relevant profiles with the essential details about them. This service can help you get to know more about the personal records of the target individual. The reverse phone lookup gives users the option to search the phone number owner associated with it. This phone lookup report eventually leads you to the potential details of the target, including their name, address, and much more. Additionally, its background search is quite comprehensive and can provide details including criminal records, sexual offenses, and other house-relevant details.

The Upside of PeopleFindFast.

  • Privacy Protection – PeopleFindFast never notifies the individual that is being searched. The process is kept highly private and confidential.
  • Accurate and Authentic – All data that has been taken up from the sources are accurate and authentic. PeopleFindFast never compromises on the information.

The Downside of PeopleFindFast.

  • No Socials – It has no offer for social media search and has no mobile application.


RealPeopleFinder enables users to run through the background checks and get access to the details of a person. Reports could disclose a criminal background, unknown aliases, past addresses, and social media accounts. Its report can help you verify the identity of someone you met on a dating app or website. Through the phone lookup report, you can check the legitimacy of online buyers and sellers. Searching for an old friend will give you their details or even social media profiles so you can reconnect with them. This lookup tool is a service that reveals the caller’s true identity in real-time, so you know whose number is this calling me.

The Advantages of RealPeopleFinder.

  • Advanced Sources – RealPeopleFinder has one of the largest databases on people’s search online. You can easily find most people within the United States with just their name and state.
  • Excellent Site – It has an easy-to-use interface and provides excellent customer service and user support.

The Shortcomings of RealPeopleFinder

  • Limited Accessibility – The site has no integrated mobile app either on Android or iOS.

Feel free to do free cell phone number lookup with name on RealPeopleFinder>>


The PeopleSearchFaster reverse phone lookup report provides you with an unknown number’s owner’s name, email, address, and other contact details. This service enables and provides a user with background checks on yourself, loved ones, and neighbors. The phone lookup report allows one to review records collected from the public and private domains. The information collected includes the owner’s identity, browsing history, address information, social media profiles, and contact details.

The Pros of PeopleSearchFaster

  • Respects Customer Privacy – User information, including search history and reports, isn’t tracked by the platform, ensuring complete anonymity.
  • Extensive Searches – PeoplSearchFaster offers you unlimited searches from its extensive databases containing more information than you’d get on search engines like Google.

The Cons of PeopleSearchFaster

  • False Sharing of Data – The service may contain links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by the Company.

In doubt? Visit PeopleSearchFaster to find who called me from this phone number>>


Using the service, it is possible to discover more about a phone number’s owner. EasySearchPeople will give you a confidential report with information about the person who owns the number, including their name, address, possible family members, and more if it’s available. There are public documents available that include financial information and data on who owns what property. Thus, by conducting EasyPeopleSearch phone number lookup, any financial record or property that your target has registered in their name will also be visible in the report. Access to courthouse business, suspect information, and punishments are available to the public, and hence the database provides a report of information about previous convictions and arrest warrants.

The Positives of EasySearchPeople.

  • Swift – EasyPeopleSearch produces results swiftly through its search engine which uses its enormous linked information network, with access to millions of public and private databases.
  • Accurate Information – The information made available by this platform is accurate, reliable, and regularly updated.

The Negatives of EasySearchPeople.

  • No Restrictions – Anyone can conduct a public search which can result in someone stealing someone else’s information to steal their identity.

Be at ease and visit EasySearchPeople to search phone number owner>>


FastPeopleFinder returns with an impressive set of details to its users with the people finder tool from personal to professional use. The availability of data across the system is quite comprehending for a scammer phone number lookup as it ensures that the user’s query does not go unanswered. The free phone number lookup by name tool offered at FastPeopleFinder offers unique and detailed data about the target. Users can quickly find people’s information, such as their name,date of birth, age, vital records, and different social media profiles, so you can know whose number is this. Additionally, they get to know about the business structure of the target, if any.

The Benefits of FastPeopleFinder.

  • Dependable – This completely free reverse phone lookup with the name has the simplest and easy-to-use interface that does not cause drawbacks in searching for someone.
  • Unlimited Searches – FastPeopleSearch does not limit the phone number search for free. You can make a good quantity of searches in a day.

The Drawbacks of FastPeopleFinder.

  • No Mobile Optimization – The site has no mobile application limiting its usage to desktop only.


A simple search on BestPeopleFinder can offer you the identity of who called me from this phone number for free. The information included in the free reverse phone number lookup report consists of the caller’s address, name, age, and gender. The service also provides alternative contact information on the unknown caller, such as their other phone number and email address. It’s an extensive report that also reveals the financial status of the caller, allowing you to understand whether they are a scammer or not. With a free phone number lookup by name, the records include information about their relatives and family members and can report the caller’s scamming activities.

The Pros of BestPeopleFinder.

  • Quick Feedback – Comprehensive resources and data of the find phone number owner will be available to you in seconds.
  • Easy to Use – BestPeopleFinder offers an intuitive UI, enabling users to open the relevant information with just a few clicks. In addition, it is easy to use, and you can access it on all modern web browsers.

The Cons of BestPeopleFinder.

  • No Mobile Application – The website has no mobile application which limits its web optimization and accessibility.


Based on the search method you choose, the range of available data in the report includes:

  • Name and phone number
  • Address history
  • Relatives and associates
  • Email addresses

TruePersonFinder will assist you in locating all of the phone numbers and addresses of your online sellers. If you have once been a victim of phishers or scammers, you can avoid falling into their traps again by making use of its report to identify whose unknown or unregistered number calls you.

The Merits of TruePersonFinder

  • Completely Free – It’s free to look up any US-based number for no charge on this website.
  • Ease of Use – TruePersonFinder does not bother a user to log in to an account and then use the following service. You are free to use the application for background checks with no formalities.

The Demerit of TruePersonFinder

  • Shallow Reports – They don’t offer in-depth services or reports like some other websites. A full background check with a criminal history option, for example, isn’t present on their site.

Visit TruePersonFinder to find the owner of cell phone number free>>


You can use Intelius to get information on any US-based numbers. Their reverse phone lookup searches are generally reliable. If you need information about the phone owner, you have to opt for an advanced background check report. A search can help you gain the person’s cyber footprints like photos and social media accounts via reverse phone lookup. This phone number lookup app provides extensive results across its Android application. Along with that, you can get traffic records, lawsuits, and criminal histories of your targets.

The Plus of Using Intelius

  • Alerts – It’s possible to set up alerts for specific people or family members. For example, if you’re estranged from your son you can be alerted whenever their criminal record is updated.
  • Relationships – One noteworthy feature is an interactive grid that visually charts how a person is connected to others. This includes relatives, roommates, business partners, and other relationships.

The Minus of Intelius

  • Inaccurate Data and Inconsistent Pricing – The company won’t always turn up accurate information and can always be a little sneaky about the pricing.


The best phone number lookup service will depend on your budget and what you hope to discover. Combined above are free sites, but other premium sites offer preliminary results. Most notably, it would be best to steer off sites that make many generalized claims and unmatched promises. The tools provided in this guide will help you get a hold of any unknown caller situations. In addition, they will help you stop those telemarketing and spam calls you might be receiving on a regular basis.

Otherwise, receiving calls from unknown sources can be daunting and highly irritating. The advancement in technology and the availability of information has made finding people only nowadays to be relatively easy. You no longer have to deal with unknown callers or wonder where that long-lost friend or relative might be living. The power of the internet has unified lots of public information from various databases so that you can assume the role of a private investigator with just a few clicks.

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