Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer

Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer

The Buzz B Gone Insect Zapper is capturing consumer’s imagination this summer and fall season in 2020 by the thought of drastically reducing the number of mosquito bites and irritatingly-annoying flying bugs through the use of UV light-based bug killing traps. The BuzzBGone Mosquito Killer is one of the most popular ultraviolet insect zappers on the market today and offers a 360-degree light field that uses a powerful suction fan to lure, trap and kill them by the dozens.

Found exclusively online at, the Buzz B Gone mosquito trap utilizes the UV light to attract flying insects and sucks those thirsty blood suckers into the one-way reservoir where they die by zapping and dehydration.

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying. In some parts of the world, they can be downright deadly. Some mosquitos carry dangerous diseases, and others can leave nasty welts and bites all over the body. Even when they aren’t putting our health at risk, most consumers would love to avoid the pain and discomfort caused by repeated mosquito bites on a summer evening.

Traditional solutions to mosquitos have included a combination of chemicals and open-faced electrical traps. While these methods of controlling pests are often effective, they come with notable downsides. To start with, the chemicals in some bug sprays can be bad for consumers long-term, and they can also be dangerous for both children and pets. Open electrical zappers are also dangerous, as kids can easily zap themselves on accident.

Buzz B Gone is a new product that claims to help users rid their lives of disgusting mosquitoes without the risks associated with earlier methods of flying pest control. Buzz B Gone uses UV light to lure mosquitos into a fan trap which easily kills them. Consumers can use this product to prevent mosquitoes from attacking them.

In terms of how the product works, Buzz B Gone includes a highly efficient UV lamp that attracts flying insects, along with a 360-degree suction fan to suck in any unwanted creatures. Also, due to its UV-based operational structure, it is worth mentioning that BuzzBGone does not make use of any harmful chemicals (such as repellents, insecticides, etc). As a consequence, it’s safe to use around children and animals.

Does BuzzBGone really work as advertised? How much does it cost? And is it worth the money? Our comprehensive review will answer all your questions about the new bug zapper.

About Buzz B Gone

Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer

BuzzBGone can be used by anyone who may be suffering due to pesky insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and other flying bugs. People living in humid or tropical environments might be particularly interested in finding a way to avoid the troubling bugs. Buzz B Gone is not alone in its intentions to rid the world of mosquitos. A number of products function similarly.

Thanks to its innovative design, BuzzBGone is one of the most coolest modern-looking zapping devices available in the market today. The device has more features than we can list. But to start, Buzz B Gone advertises the following key features and benefits:

  • USB Cable and Port. Each unit of BuzzBGone comes with a USB port and cable so that the device can be easily charged after each lengthy use. Not only that, but the unique battery charging system means that the product can be charged via a multitude of sources, including electrical outlets, car chargers, computers, and more.
  • 360-Degree Fan. As mentioned in an earlier section, BuzzBGone features a sturdy 360-degree fan that has been designed to easily suck a variety of flying bugs into the internal mechanism. The fan is extremely effective, according to existing product reviews for this device.
  • Efficient Working Mechanism. A whole host of studies have shown that high-grade UV light sources can attract bloodsuckers (such as mosquitoes) towards itself in a highly efficient manner.
  • Easy to Use. Unlike a whole host of zappers that require users to run around a room trying to kill insects, BuzzBGone is extremely easy to use and can be used by adults and children alike. In order to deploy, all users have to do is plug in the machine into any electrical outlet (or USB port) and activate it. Charging is also extremely easy and can be done in a totally hassle-free manner.
  • Portability. Thanks to its compact size and design, the device is extremely portable.

How Does Buzz B Gone Zapper Work?

Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer

As pointed out in an earlier section, BuzzBGone makes use of a UV lamp to help lure in mosquitoes to its core suction tank. The fan helps to draw mosquitos in when they’re attracted by the light. For the average user, the most interesting part of this device’s design is that the fan makes very little noise. This makes it much easier for consumers to sit the device in high-traffic areas of the home, like the patio, kitchen, or office.

Also, it is worth pointing out that there currently exists a whole host of scientific data that suggests UV lights can be extremely beneficial when it comes to attracting pesky airborne creatures such as flies, mosquitoes, bugs, etc.

A quick look at BuzzBGone’s instructional manual shows that the device is extremely straightforward and easy to use. In fact, according to the manufacturer, the machine can be used straight out of the box. To deploy, users simply plug in the central unit into a power outlet and charge. Once this is done, the device should be placed on a stable platform and turned on.

Also, since there are no chemicals involved with the use of the product, it can be employed around infants and pets without any worry. However, it bears mentioning that the core collection unit inside BuzzBGone needs to be cleaned from time to time since a lot of insects might have accumulated inside the storage compartment.

Outstanding Detailed Features of the BuzzBGone USB Insect Repellent

One thing you can agree on is safety is critical with many of these devices. While others are harmful from the chemical infused repellent, BuzzBGone cares for the health and well being of the environment by not emitting any nefarious chemicals or toxic smelling materials. The Buzz B-Gone zapper requires no chemicals to kill the bugs, which means no harmful emissions or unpleasant smells while the insects get trapped. Your family can enjoy a movie without making it clap to kill mosquitoes, especially.

Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer


Its cylindrical shape makes its sleek and easy to move around. With no need for support or attachment to walls, you can sit the night away on the patio by placing it on a table. Besides, the modern look makes it an additional house piece.


BuzzBGone innovation wins brownie points. While other bug killers require refills and cables or lullaby to function, you can sit comfortably with this device. The UV light attracts the bugs, so you are certain they will come. They get trapped in the 360 fun then dehydrate to death. All this happens quietly in the background. No interruptions. Talk of efficiency in silence.

There are plenty of customer reviews that tell it all on how better the outdoor environments can be with one or more BuzzBGone units running to help attract, control and kill in this unique UV LED light mosquito trap.

User- Friendly

BuzzBGone is a plug and play type of device. No complicated installations or tedious manuals. PIck your sitting location, plug it in, and let the sucking begin.

Easy Peasy Cleaning

The sucking and trapping save you a lot of bugs in the BuzzBGone unit, unlike where you have a mass grave of bugs from other devices. With the centralized holding feature, you only need to open it slightly and see your kill. It comes with a cleaning brush making the job an “ABC” affair for you. How thoughtful.

BuzzBGone Specifications

  • Portable—Use It Everywhere: Home, Office, and Outdoor
  • Plugs into Any USB-Device, Including Chargers and Mobile Cell Phones
  • One Minute Clean
  • 100% Non-Toxic Mosquito and Insect Unit
  • It is only 17 cm X 13 cm long. Sleek, right?
  • It uses minimal power. Voltage: 5V
  • Distance is a non-issue. Are seated 40 Meters away? It will get there.
  • EasySetup. Plug and Play
  • 360-Degree UV Light Advanced Technology

Frequently Asked Questions About BuzzBGone

Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer

Mosquito killing devices are extremely common in the gadget market. It’s never been more important for consumers to research before purchasing a mosquito zapper device. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about BuzzBGone, which is also at the bottom of the official Buzz B Gone website.

Q: How is BuzzBGone used?

A: This device is extremely easy to use. Consumers can use it to kill mosquitos right out of the box. Simply charge and set the device up in an area with a high volume of airborne bugs. The gadget will then go to work killing mosquitos by trapping them inside of the reservoir. Regular cleaning is recommended.

Q: How should BuzzBGone be cleaned?

A: To clean this bug zapper, remove the reservoir and dump the bugs out in the trash or outdoors. The inside of the device can be cleaned using water and soap, although it does not need to be changed out all that regularly. Like all devices, the amount of cleaning it needs comes down to the personal preferences of each user.

Q: Who makes BuzzBGone?

A: This product seems to be marketed by a company by the same name BuzzBGone. The organization has contact information available on the official product website, so users with additional questions after our review should consult the customer service team of BuzzBGone for more information.

Q: How does BuzzBGone attract bugs?

A: BuzzBGone uses a UV light and a suction fan to attract and trap bugs. Flying insects like mosquitos are naturally attracted to UV light, while the powerful fan pulls them into the device to their death. The combination of these two technological components helps to create an effective means of destroying buzzing insects.

Q: What are the Main Pros vs Cons of the Buzz B Gone Insect Zapper?

A: Research indicates insects are attracted to UV light, and it was only logical for the BuzzBGone makers to enhance this and package it. The light attracts them to the device. With an inbuilt suction fan rotating, it creates a light suction field around the device. The light draws the annoying creatures closer, and they get sucked into the unit in a split second. And you are bug-free for the rest of the night.

Every UV light mosquito zapper has two sides, so does the BuzzBGone bug killing trap unit. Here is a parting summary before getting into how to receive an introductory pricing offer on the Buzz B Gone at 50% off today.

Pros Of Buzz B Gone

  • User -Friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Health friendly and conscious
  • Portable, sleek and light
  • Noise-free

Cons Of Buzz B Gone

  • Available on the online space only
  • Comes in limited stock
  • Shipment delays depending on location

Purchasing BuzzBGone

Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer

At the time of writing this review, a single unit of BuzzBGone is available for a base price of around $39.99. Users can save money by buying multiple devices at once. Current purchasing packages include:

  • 2 BuzzBGone devices: $79.98
  • 3 BuzzBGone devices: $89.99
  • 4 units: $109.99

However, as per the official product website, these discount offers are available for a limited time only and will most likely be rescinded soon. Some of the countries where BuzzBGone has been gaining a lot of traction over the past couple of months include the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

All orders can be placed via the official company website — i.e. — and payments can be made via a host of safe and secure avenues such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc. All purchases come with a full moneyback guarantee in case users are not satisfied with the quality of their device.

Why Settle For BuzzBGone UV Light Insect Killer

If your house is a bug retreat center, a device such as this will give you peace of mind. Your environment is a major bug contributor. Campers and hikers can enjoy the outdoors with no bugs to mess the fun.

Allergies are annoying to deal with. But with a Buzz B-Gone mosquito killing device, no more triggers for the untimely sneezes coughs or itchy bare skin. It is a dime saver as well. It’s a home-based unit that might not work in a more significant setting, especially with high people traffic. When visiting a mosquito-infested area please carry your unit to make for a comfortable stay.

Customer Reviews on the Buzz B Gone

The user feedback found on the official website shared a few comments about how well the Buzz B Gone Mosquito Zapper worked for them:

“Apparently, I’m like catnip to mosquitoes. Every time I go outdoors, the mosquitoes ignore everyone else and make a direct beeline to me. I had to stop attending summer parties because every time I did, the mosquitoes would use me as a pincushion. But not anymore! BuzzB- gone zapping the mosquitoes before they can start feasting on my blood and I can finally start enjoying outdoor parties again”

and the other was:

“I hate mosquito bites as much as the next guy, but what really bugged me is how they are raising my kids! I tried all kinds of solutions, but nothing worked. Finally, someone invented a device that actually works! Now my kids can enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.”

By now, it is easy to see why the Buzz B Gone scam complaints have been null to-date despite its extremely popular demand and practical use case of freeing you of those up-to-no-good mosquitoes.

Final Verdict

Buzz B Gone Bug Zapper Review: UV Light Mosquito Trap Killer

The bottom line is BuzzBGone is at the top of the charts when it comes to popular UV mosquito zappers by helping stop those blood suckers dead in their flying tracks with the help of the luring UV light and 360-degree suction fan for a powerful way to attract, trap and kill mosquitoes and insects-like. Before now, don’t you wish your hand had a magic insect zapper especially for mosquitoes? Everyone would agree summers are loved, cherished, and you long for them with plans exceeding the actual days. Yes, everybody does. However, you are not alone. Insects led by mosquitoes love summers too. These vitamin-D filled days come with these annoying bugs. And no amount of home remedies seems to work or at least last.

The Buzz B-Gone Insect Zapper helps control, trap and kill mosquitoes by the dozens and will keep them off your skin and out of your blood for good. For example, drinking alcohol, eating garlic or taking vitamin-B doesn’t keep the bugs away. The more healthy you are, the better target you become. Mosquito bites are not pretty to the eye, but worse, the sucker might transmit a disease to you. Fortunately, your family can enjoy a chat on the patio or around the campfire thanks to ultraviolet (UV) light-based Buzz B Gone insect repellent. Yes, it works on all the other little pesky creatures as well.

Buzz B Gone zapper is a high-end technology device innovated to trap and kill bugs. It works effortlessly both indoors and outdoors. Buzz B Gone uses Ultraviolet light as opposed to some smelly spray to attract insects, and a rotating fan completes the job by trapping where the insects are dehydrated to death.

A unique feature about Buzz B Gone is, it uses no chemicals or toxic smells making it healthy and Eco-friendly for you and the environment. Your pets are safe from harmful fumes or unpleasant smells as well. Its cylindrical design makes it a modern almost an accent item. Place at the center on your dining table, and you get yourself a centerpiece with purpose. The family can enjoy dinner quietly as a mosquito buzz is not an award-winning tune.

Click here now to save the summer and fall season with this powerful mosquito zapper that attracts, traps, and kills flying insects by Buzz B Gone today.

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