Blaux Wearable AC Reviews: Personal Fan Plus Air Cooler Unit

The Blaux Wearable AC deserves a comprehensive review as personal neck air cooling fans are a relatively new concept in consumerism. Given the intensity and amplification of the summer’s heat, the innovation in personal air conditioning units is hard to go unnoticed.

Reviewing the Blaux Personal Fan requires a bit of a breakdown as wearing an air conditioner is rare to think it is a possibility but they are just emerging as a mainstream option to adopt as a way to beat the summer heat by wearing a personal air conditioning and purifying fan.

The portability of the Blaux AC neck fan was almost imaginable years ago yet fast forward to the summer of 2020 and the portable Blaux air conditioners are two of the seasons must-have items. Coupling the Blaux Wearable AC personal neck fan device with the highly-innovative Blaux Portable AC and consumers have quite the luxurious way of taking care of the hot and humid temperature spikes on the horizon by taking the sizzle out of the summer one head and neck at a time.

With extreme seasonal temperatures spikes currently in full swing, everybody seems to be on the lookout for novel air cooling solutions that are not only affordable and easy on the pocket energy-consumption wise. In this regard, wearable Blaux AC is a sleek, modern personal air cooling and purifying device that provides users with cooling comfort within a matter of minutes. It is rechargeable and designed to work as an actual neck-AC that can keep one fresh irrespective of how hot it may be outside.

The best part is the brand backing the world’s most popular wearable air conditioner, which is Blaux. The trademarked, house-hold brand name in personal portable AC units is truly trailblazing its own path in the world of high-tech, modern, affordable customizable air conditioning abilities. With the hot in-demand success of the trendy Blaux Portable AC, the Blaux Wearable AC has caught the attention of tens of thousands of individuals from around the world already due to the unique, beneficial ability to customize and personalize chilled air-flow for hours on end whenever, wherever needed most.

The reviews of Blaux Wearable AC have been impressive online, as many videos and consumer feedback entries have been submitted to various social media platforms. The Wearable Blaux Personal AC Fan is not available on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes or any other major retail storefront or digital marketplace as it is only offered directly on the website where customers can save half off while wearable air conditioning neck fan supplies last at introductory prices.

Let’s dive into the inner mechanics of how the Personal Blaux Wearable Air Cooling Fan works and see why this portable air blowing unit is building quite a buzz for those in the market for customized air conditioning benefits.

A Closer Look at Wearable Blaux AC

The Blaux Wearable portable cooling solution is ideal for using indoors as well as outdoors (where one may be going about their day to day activities). Thanks to the in-built battery that comes preloaded in the device, it can deliver seamless operability for up to 30 hours without any apparent drop in performance.

From a more technical standpoint, it is worth mentioning that Blaux Wearable can dish out a massive amount of air, especially when considering its small size. For example, the unit can move air with a total rating of 1.9 CFM+ (Cubic Feet Per Minute). If that wasn’t enough, thanks to its flexible design, the Blaux Wearable AC allows users to position the flow of air expelled from the device in a completely hassle-free manner.

Lastly, the unit features a three-way speed adjuster that allows users to manage its fan speed with the touch of a button. Finally, there is a USB-C charging slot that enables the Blaux Wearable to be replenished quickly.

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How Does the Blaux Wearable AC Plus Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Blaux Wearable can quietly produce a stream of cold, comfortable air that allows users to remain fresh at all times. In terms of its internal operations, the device makes use of a combination of thermal electric cooling and powerful, enclosed cooling fans that have been made to dish out air using a 120° adjustable air blade.

To use, all one has to do is follow the steps outlined below:

  • Wrap the device around one’s neck in a manner that is comfortable and non-intrusive.
  • Adjust the fan speed using the LED controls on the side of the unit. There are three settings to choose from (low, medium, or high).
  • Use the machine for as long as required and then turn off after its job is done.

Why Choose Blaux Personal AC Fan?

The newness and almost fondness of the Blaux Wearable AC has prompted many questions and even concerns from consumers who are just now seeing the concept of personal air conditioning neck fans. Here are the top reasons why the Blaux Wearable AC is the best personal AC fan money can buy online today:

Comfortable and Non-Intrusive

Simply put, the Blaux Wearable AC is designed to replicate the action of a high-quality cooling fan. Its bendable design makes it easy to wear around one’s neck for long periods without any apparent discomfort. The Blaux portable unit is also perfect for use when one is lying around at home, working within an office space, or even working out at a gym.


Thanks to its compact design, one can carry around the Blaux Wearable air cooler in their luggage with ease and can also be taken when one is holidaying or on a business trip.


One of the critical issues with several other brands of portable coolers is that they are not easy to use. However, that is not the case with a Blaux Wearable since it pretty much ready for use straight out of the box. To deploy, all one has to do is charge the unit and then turn on the device.

Easy to clean

A highly underrated facet of Blaux Wearables is that it can be cleaned using a dry cloth. Thanks to its high-quality outer body, dust cannot settle on the unit quickly (much less stain it permanently).

Quiet Operation

Blaux wearables make little to no noise even when it is running on its full speed capacity, and can be used for extended periods without any disturbance.

Highly Efficient

The Blaux Wearable portable AC can be used for up to 30 hours on a single charge cycle. Not only that, even after long periods of continuous activity, the machine also does not begin to show signs of poor performance issues

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Other Core Facets Worth Highlighting for Personal Blaux AC

Beneficial for all: The Blaux Wearable AC can be used by anyone looking for a bit of respite from the maddening heat without having to pay exorbitant sums of money. A number of people online claim that through the use of this cooling solution, consumers also enjoy substantially lower monthly power bills.

Long-Lasting: As mentioned in an earlier section, a single charge (which takes around 4 hours) allows people to use the device for a period of up to 30 hours.

Fast Acting: The Blaux Wearable AC can deliver a tangible cooling effect within a couple of minutes after being switched on. Not only that, thanks to its simple design, it can also be used straight out of the box.

A Look at Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable AC is an air-cooling system that does not feature any lengthy chords and can be carried around with ease. It is not only chargeable but also extremely easy to control. Furthermore, thanks to its powerful fan system, it can cool small-to-midsize rooms quite effortlessly (as per one’s needs and requirements).

Blaux Portable AC features that stand out:

No installation required: Unlike several other window-based air conditioners that need a lot of time for installation, the Blaux portable AC can be used straight out of the box. All one needs to do is simply charge the device and start using it.

High-Quality Filtration system: Each unit comes with an advanced filter system that has been designed to make sure that any unwanted particles (such as germs, dust, etc.) are filtered out from the outgoing airstream in a seamless manner.

Low Noise: A highly underrated facet of this product is that it makes little to no noise. As a result of this, it is ideal for use throughout the night, especially when the weather outside is hot and humid.

Portability: Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Blaux Portable AC can be carried around with relative ease. Not only that, thanks to its aesthetic outlay, but the machine can also blend in quite easily with one’s surroundings.

Multiple Fan Speeds: There are a total of three cooling speed settings that users can choose between as per their personal needs.

In terms of how this cooling solution works, the Blaux Portable AC works straight out of the box. To deploy, all one has to do is simply charge the system and switch on the device. As per the official product website, the AC can blow out 2.7m/s of refreshing cold air in real-time. As a result of this, it can chill any room it is placed in within a matter of minutes. Lastly, it is effortless to clean the unit — all one has to do is take a dry cloth and wipe the areas where dust may have accumulated.

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Where to Buy the Portable and Wearable Blaux AC Units?

The most accessible and most hassle-free manner of facilitating a purchase is by visiting the official company website. At the time of writing this article, the Blaux Wearable AC is currently available for a 50% discount. There are four buying options that users can choose from:

  • One Blaux personal fan is currently priced at $69.99
  • Two units are available for $139.98
  • Three units are available for $157.48
  • Four units are available for $192.47 (as low as $48 per wearable AC unit)

The mini desktop portable air conditioner from Blaux is priced slightly higher but is also a more powerful standalone unit versus a wearable neck wrap. Here are the prices for the Blaux Portable AC:

  • One Blaux Portable AC is currently priced at $124.99
  • Two units are available for $249.98
  • Three units are available for $281.48
  • Four units are available for $343.47 (as low as $85 per personal AC unit)

Every order offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case users are not satisfied with the quality of the device. To initiate a refund, all one has to do is simply send the item(s) back to the original shipping address. Customers can use their PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

Contacting Blaux Customer Service Support

The biggest beef with the Blaux air conditioners has been the slow, delayed shipments of the personal portable AC units. However, luckily if reading and seeing this today, the Blaux Wearable AC is expected to be all caught up and continually being shipped for all new orders made today. The responsive customer service team at Blaux will be able to give exact dates and shipping timeframes when going to the official website and tracking the order by number.

Here are the company details worth noting if buying a Blaux Wearable AC and/or Blaux Mini Air Conditioner:

  • Email:
  • Phone (USA): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316
  • Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Final Words on Using Personal Blaux Wearable AC Fan

What is not to love about a personal portable air conditioner and air purifying cleaner that wraps around the neck to cool and chill the upper shoulder and head area. With maximum on the go portability and customizable low-noise quiet airflow convenience, the rechargeable (USB Type-C Port) Blaux Personal Fan and Air Cooler is an optimal solution to provide chilled and cleaned air via built-in negative ionizer with replaceable nano-silver filters and a 5-hour running time thermo-electric cooling plate.

The Blaux Wearable AC Plus is not only comfortable and stylish, but it is on sale for half off while supplies last as introductory prices on this summertime smash in the world of portable air conditioners.

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