Blaux Portable AC Reviews 2020 – Does Blaux Air Conditioner Really Work?

Blaux Portable AC Reviews 2020 - Does Blaux Air Conditioner Really Work?

Blaux Portable AC is a new and improved version of portable air conditioning units available in the market and is here to kiss all your summer troubles goodbye. No more breaking a sweat in a cramped up room, and no more running low on energy because of the intense heat outside.

This unit is a remarkable invention that allows you to rest easy, enjoy the cool breeze, and not worry about breaking your back trying to make up the electricity bill by using a traditional AC unit, that too only for a few hours a day. This unit comes at an extremely reasonable price, works great with or without battery, and is as easy to carry as it can get.

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Blaux Portable AC is the perfect companion for summer trips, camping by the lake, or road trips with your friends. And it works equally great indoors. You can use this as a personal cooling fan at the office or use it at home to get a little extra breeze, which your traditional air conditioner can’t give you. It is also easy to install and setup.

Blaux Portable AC Review

Blaux portable air conditioner unit is unlike anything available in the market. To start off, it has an extremely compact design which makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere. It can fit into your handbag or can be carried in your hand for short distances.

And because it is designed by keeping portability in mind, it is perfect to give you that extra cool air in a room full of people. It makes you feel instantly relieved from the heat and focuses its direction directly on you, so you don’t have to wait in front of the traditional air conditioner for the fan to turn toward you.

And lastly, setting up Blaux air conditioner is so easy, it only takes a minute. All you need to get this going is a bottle of cold water to fill in the tank and a nice flat surface to set it up. That’s literally all there is to it. You can just turn it on and enjoy the cold gentle air pass through your hair and relax, even if it is 40 degrees outside.

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How Does Blaux Portable AC Work?

The Blaux Portable AC is so easy to operate that you’ll never think about another portable unit after using it. The convenience this unit offers to its users is unmatched. Here’s how this AC works:

  1. With or Without Battery

The best thing about this portable AC is that it works with or without a battery. This is the only portable AC available in the market which comes with a rechargeable battery and can operate without being connected to an electrical outlet.

Furthermore, when operating on battery, there is no difference in the performance of this AC. And the battery life is just amazing. It can blow ice-cool air for up to 8 hours on a single charge. This makes this portable AC the best in the market and an ideal choice for all people looking to get a cheaper alternative to traditional ACs.

2. Refillable Water Tank

To get Blaux portable air conditioner running, you need to fill it with water. This water tank is refillable and can hold up to 300ml of water at one time. A quick tip is to fill the tank with cold water. The colder the water in the tank is, the cooler the air coming out of it will be.

This water tank can be removed from the unit for quick cleaning as well. This makes maintenance of this unit simple, and also allows it to be detached to make carrying it easier.

3. Adjustable Fan Speed

After turning the Blaux AC on, you can also adjust the fan speeds according to your desire. It comes with three fan speeds that help you get the right setting according to the weather conditions.

The fan also has a set of filters attached to it, which help filter out the contaminants from the air and blow out clean and contaminant-free air, providing you a more fresh and healthier breeze.

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4. Cool or Hot air Setting The Blaux Portable AC works according to the Peltier principle. It changes the temperature of air by passing it between two electrodes. This gathers cool air at one end and hot air at the other.

This makes this portable unit a multipurpose one and allows it to blow out both, cold and hot air as per your desire. This means you can use it in the winters to get a cozy feeling and in the summers to get a beach breeze.

5. Low Exhaust and Electricity Consumption The portable unit is designed to operate on minimal electricity and produce low exhaust. This makes it affordable by everyone and environmentally friendly at the same time.

When compared to traditional air cooler, the electricity consumption of this portable AC is not even half of what you’d pay for running the traditional AC for only a few hours. And because it operates on low energy, it also produces lesser exhaust compared to the traditional ACs.

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Where to Buy Blaux Portable AC and Pricing?

Blaux Portable AC is truly a pocket-friendly unit in all senses. On one hand, it fits the meaning by being compact enough that you can carry it in your bag pocket, and the other hand, it is extremely affordable and easily fits in your budget. This unit is available at a starting price of $89.99 and also has multiple deals going on which makes it even cheaper. Here are a few of the deals available for this unit:

  • 1 unit for $89.99
  • 2 units for $179.98
  • 3 units for $202.48
  • 4 units for $247.47

As of now, Blaux portable air conditioner is only available for purchase on the official site at It is not available on Amazon or at local stores. This is to ensure that no third party vendors are selling a fake unit under the Blaux name and scamming the customers of their hard-earned money.

Blaux Portable AC Reviews: Final Thoughts!

This portable air conditioner is one of the best options for budget buyers and people who care about the environment. Whether you want to use it at the office, buy it as an affordable alternative to a traditional AC, or plan to use it for outdoor adventures, this is the best purchase you will make.

It allows you to enjoy the cool air, during the hot summer days without feeling guilty about spending too much or affecting mother nature. It also makes sure you never dread another family outing or fear using a car with a broken down AC. It is a true companion for the summer in every sense.

Blaux Portable AC is highly recommended for its convenience, easy maintenance, and user-friendly design. For anyone looking to make the most out of your summer days, this portable AC unit is an ideal companion and a must-buy product. Take advantage of 50% off deal and order yours today!

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