Blaux Portable AC (2020): Blaux Air Conditioner Review Guide

Blaux Portable AC (2020): Blaux Air Conditioner Review Guide

Blaux is the biggest brand on the portable air conditioning block this summer due to their innovative, high-tech, personal AC units for custom air cooling, purifying and humidifying benefits. The patented name brand Blaux AC product lineup consists of two different portable ACs, the Blaux Portable AC and the Blaux Wearable AC.

Together, the duo of cordless, compact, rechargeable Blaux AC units have opened the floodgates as the next consumer craze in the summer of 2020. The Blaux Portable AC, a mini desktop air conditioning standalone unit, and its on the go partner, the Blaux Wearable AC, which is a personal air cooling fan that wraps around the neck and lies on the shoulders for total head and upper body comfort, have literally stole the summer’s heat and gave consumers all around the world a viable outlet to escape the dreaded climates of the season.

The summer is when most consumers get to enjoy the outdoors, go to beaches, attend concerts, ride bikes, go for parties and raves, and have massive fun. Basically, it’s the best time in the year to have an awesome time. Unfortunately, this ability to have a great time is badly hampered by one thing: the heat. It doesn’t matter where one lives, the summer can get incredibly hot and humid. Up until now, portable air conditioners for personal space cooling were all but a fancy fantasy that was not here nor now. However, the tides have turned and the Blaux Portable AC is now the world’s most powerful and best-selling personal air conditioner to use this summer.

But should consumers take the risk and buy a portable air conditioner from Blaux? While it is quite impressive to become the most popular portable air conditioning unit in 2020, are they the right A/Cs to do the job of beating the summer heat no matter how hot and humid the extreme temperature spikes get this season? With the increasing occurrences of scorching and sweltering heat waves around the globe, keeping cool and sweat-free is a top priority to address no matter where the summer’s journey takes you.

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Here is a comprehensive review of the Blaux Portable AC with a bit of knowledge about how these personal portable air conditioners work and why the Blaux AC has become the most recognized mini desktop AC to buy today.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC is a high-tech, rechargeable, lightweight portable air cooling device that users can turn on anywhere at any time. With this air chilling and purifying device, it’s time to say goodbye to hot days and nights without having a fighting chance at evening the temperature scoreboard is mostly lost due to the summer’s daily intensity.

As a cord-free mini personal desktop air conditioner, the portable Blaux AC can literally go anywhere and provide cool, chilled air with just a little water.

Blaux Portable AC (2020): Blaux Air Conditioner Review Guide

As a desktop AC, all you need is to place wherever you want close to you, turn it on and allow it to do its “magic” using the Peltier Effect via thermoelectric cooling plates made out of titanium. This is basically an air cooler and humidifier that’s meant to help you stay comfortable during those long hot summer days and nights.

People often struggle with sleep during the summer because the weather is usually hot. With Blaux Portable AC, there is no need to worry as now the mini standalone personal air conditioner can add an extra layer of defense against those stuffy nights where a breezy, refreshing air flow may be a luxury. Its multi-directional air vents means that you can turn it to wherever you want, and it’ll blow cool air in that direction via and adjustable louver for positionable air flow.

The powerful rechargeable 200mAh battery, which is charged up by USB-C cable that is included with each order, allows for ultra portability when it comes to customized air cooling effects.

Blaux Portable AC Features and Specs

All high quality portable air conditioners are fitted with good specifications and features that give ultimate customization and personalization of air flow.

Blaux Portable AC isn’t lacking in optimal temperature-controlling features either. The portable air cooler from Blaux has the following features:

  • Rechargeable portable AC – every full charge gives you a runtime of 8 hours
  • Air filtration technology – this makes it easier for you to breathe in clean air. The air filtration technology gets rid of allergens and pollutants in the vicinity. This is great, particularly now that the world is dealing with a pandemic that’s here to stay
  • Non-intrusive LED lights – the lights serve as indicators of your battery level. But they’re quite dim so they won’t interfere with your sleep
  • Very quiet portable AC – many portable air conditioners are noisy. Blaux Portable AC’s noise levels are under 40 dB–it’s very quiet
  • 3-speed fans – Users have three speed options to choose from: low, medium and high
  • Refillable water tank and Replaceable water curtains – 300ml water tank, initial curtains last roughly 6-8 months.
  • USB-C charger – makes it easy for you to use even your phone charger
  • 30-day money back guarantee refund return policy on all orders

A friendly reminder this power-packed portable air conditioner by Blaux is no bigger than the size of a car battery and weighs less than two pounds with no water in it, yet still offers all of these advanced features and beneficial options to enjoy.

Pros and Cons of Blaux Portable AC

Many portable air conditioners aren’t actually portable. Neither are they quiet too. But with Blaux Portable AC, the super-quiet high-powered fans do not make loud sounds while offering grade-A energy efficiency that helps consumers cut down on electricity bills too.

While the portable Blaux AC unit may be small in stature, its advanced cooling technology and build make up for it in power versus size, making the portability feature a must-have summer addition to beat the excessive heat on the horizon this season. The Blaux Portable Air Conditioner is very easy to use and requires no installation or setup. All one has to do is literally unbox it, connect the charger for initial use, fill it with water and out comes chilled air right on the spot for refreshingly-cool air.

Every full charge lasts for 8 hours. Because it’s quiet, you can use it at work and in the bedroom at night. In fact, it’s great for light sleepers and people who do deep work. The Blaux Portable AC is said to provide rapid cooling in as little as 30 seconds and can chill a medium sized room in roughly six minutes of running.

Blaux Portable AC is literally the perfect desktop buddy to have at your side to stay comfortable during the hot, humid weather while working, sleeping or going about your regular daily activities. With 3 different fan mode speeds, which are not just low, medium and high, there is the cool, chill and freezing options to customize how chilly the indoor room wants to be.

Another great perk is that it has an adjustable grille which helps focus the cool air wherever needed most. That, plus the ionizer and filter helps enhance breathable air quality and purify it of harmful airborne pollutants, allergens and germs.

The best benefit of this portable air conditioner is its ability to help you cut down on those really high summer energy bills. Most people spend a small fortune every summer because they have to keep the AC running. It’s the only way to stay cool during the hot summers.

Blaux Portable AC (2020): Blaux Air Conditioner Review Guide

But with Blaux Portable AC, users spend a lot less on energy consumption during the summer. Once it’s fully charged, it’ll carry nearly all through the day. This means consumers won’t be turning on the air conditioning for extended periods to cool only a single room being occupied versus the whole house which will obviously cut down on electricity costs and energy bills.

The downsides of the Blaux Portable AC are few and far between. Despite the fact that customers can only buy a Blaux AC from the official website, the portable air conditioner only has limited supplies available at introductory prices. The Blaux Portable AC is not available on or any other major retail platform or storefront and will not be for the foreseeable future.

Researching all the available Blaux Portable AC consumer complaints and scam risks online, there is not much to be worried about given the fact that BLAUX is a leader in consumer health and wellness goods and has a speciality for healthy air products with its Blaux Portable AC, Blaux Wearable AC and Blaux In Home Air Purifier lineup. But consumers should know that many consumer health reports have researched the best portable air conditioners and have ranked personal AC units based on their findings and gave Blaux AC the nod at number one as well.

Upfront, there’s no way to test its efficacy before making the purchase. But, for just $89.99, it’s worth the risk. Think about it: if you end up spending $500 on utility bills during the summer, and this $89.99 purchase can help halve that cost, that’s decent savings right there.

Also, it’s not as powerful as regular air conditioners. This doesn’t mean that it won’t do a great job of keeping the environment cool. If you’ve been on an airplane before, then you know that every seat has a mini-AC that keeps you cool during your flight. Blaux Portable AC works in a similar manner too.

Now, let’s briefly take the spotlight off of the Blaux Portable AC and quickly review the Blaux Wearable AC Personal Fan as a secondary option to consider.

Blaux Wearable AC Specifications and Features

Blaux Portable AC (2020): Blaux Air Conditioner Review Guide

The Blaux Personal Fan is able to provide consumers never-seen-before benefits courtesy of its exceptional personal air cooling features. Even “tech heads” have expressed real sentiments about the uniqueness and clever abilities of the Blaux Wearable air conditioner. Here are some noteworthy bullet points to know about the Wearable Blaux AC Personal Fan:

  • Built-in ionizer fan intake which helps eliminate allergens and pollutants–this is what helps produce clean, breathable air that has reduced airborne particulate matter
  • Built-in antibacterial nano-silver filters in the fan intake–which get rid of bacteria and helps produce even cleaner air
  • Positionable airflow–120 degree adjustable louver for vents and targeted airflow direction
  • USB-C charging–while it does come with its own charger, any USB-C charger is compatible
  • Universal size and lightweight–one that works for everyone regardless of size. This is possible thanks to its adjustable strap. As for the weight, you can wear it all day without even feeling that it’s there
  • 3 speed modes–great for adjusting to the high or low temperatures over the course of the day. The low speed works great for summer morning, medium speed for mid-morning to early afternoon, and high speed for the afternoon to the evening
  • 30-hour runtime from one charge for the fans and 5 hours for the thermoelectric cooling plates
  • Thermal electric cooling–this keeps the device cool and prevents it from heating up while its running
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance process
  • 30-day money back guarantee refund policy

These are the features that make this wearable AC device function well, and deliver clean, cooling air.

Closing Thoughts About Blaux Personal AC

The Blaux Portable AC is the anti-heat air conditioner consumers never know they wanted or needed until now. The advancements, innovations and overall beneficial nature of taking hot and humid room air and turning it into refreshingly windy and breezy airflow could be well worth the portable air conditioning units sticker price in value. By helping avoid overheating, heat-related fatigue or exhaustion and even more severe health conditions, the Blaux Portable AC is the perfect desktop buddy to add along side the summer’s outlook.

The affordability of the Blaux Portable AC is very competitive given how new and exciting these standalone mini personal air conditioners are. Then factoring in the electric bill savings and customary ability to have chilled airflow at your fingertips is all but priceless for a renewable, reusable AC unit. Dealing with the summer’s relentless heat and humidity is not smart to do when for a dozen cups of coffee could have a personal AC unit to depend on whenever life takes you.

Blaux Portable AC (2020): Blaux Air Conditioner Review Guide

Then, while the Portable AC is the star of the Blaux AC show, the Wearable AC device is also worthy of looking into too. The Blaux Personal Fan is essentially a wearable neck cooling air blower that not only provides a chilled breeze, but also purifies the air around you too. While the Blaux Portable AC scam complaints are very hard to find online, the one reoccurring theme is the slow shipping times and order processing. Due to the demand, the Blaux AC company does reference both the delays in COVID-19 logistics and supply chain as well as the consumer interest in their portable air conditioner. This has prompted many consumers to consider Blaux Portable AC a scam, but most seem to lower their guard once getting in touch with the support team over at Blaux.

The customer service team at Blaux is very responsive and may be reached in a number of ways as the trademarked brand name is not hard to find. Customers can contact Strong Current Enterprises using these company details:


Phone (USA): 609-414-7087

Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854

Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084

Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316

Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

There it all is friends. From top to bottom, left to right, this Blaux Portable AC review guide outlines every major feature, function and aspect of this personal air conditioning unit. For being compact in size and weight, yet powerful fan-speed airflow despite low noise output, or being cord-free and easy to clean with minimal upkeep or user experience, the Blaux Portable AC offers it all when it comes to what’s available in the emerging market of personalized air cooling.

No single portable air conditioner offers what the Blaux Portable AC does; being a three in one designed personal AC unit it cools, cleans and moisturizes the very immediate air being breathed. There is not much to hesitate or ponder about now that it has all been laid out in this consumer review guide. To get special summer savings on the Blaux AC, click here to visit the official Blaux Portable AC website to get a 50% off introductory price discount to be automatically applied.

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