BioEnergy Code Program Reviews: Does Angela Carter’s Meditation Audio Worth it?

The BioEnergy Code Program Reviews [Updated] - Is the system worth trying? Everything you need to know about the meditation...

The BioEnergy Code Program Reviews [Updated] – Is the system worth trying? Everything you need to know about the meditation audio tracks, pros, cons and customer reviews.


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What is The BioEnergy Code?

BioEnergy Code is a program where you try to surround yourself with positivity by focusing your chakras and attracting positive energy to your life. 

The BioEnergy Code takes in energy, stores it in your body and releases it again. There are 7 main chakras in the body which are very important and each of them play vital roles in our lives and body. 

However, there are certain traumas or problems in our lives that cause blocks in these chakras so you are unable to fully unlock it. 

So this program, BioEnergy Code helps to interconnect and open these chakras in your body again.

The BioEnergy Code program, it is crucial to keep a positive and open mind for the program to work. 

There are people who do not believe in chakras and these teachings and it’s important not to force them too. 

The BioEnergy Code is way more difficult for a person who was forced to follow this program compared to a person who is already open to this topic and beliefs. 

For normal people like us who have busy schedules in our school or career, we don’t have the time to master all the techniques needed like the gurus. 

Instead, there are basic ways that effectively work that can switch a transformation in your lives.

The BioEnergy Code helps you achieve calmness, content and joy in your life as the program states. 

The BioEnergy Code changes how you look at life, your perspective of it can help attract the positive energy and how you deal with problems are also changed too. 

The BioEnergy Code helps you transform your life to a more positive and better version of yourself.

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How does The BioEnergy Code work?

The BioEnergy Code removes the blocks of your chakras to help you open them and interconnect all of the 7 chakras. 

The BioEnergy Code uses a bioenergy switch that allows the 7 chakras to fully connect and create a strong and powerful flow in your body that will transform your manifestations into something positive that can help you reach your desires and dreams faster.

Developed by the cutting-edge neuroscience, bioenergy activating switch and the ancient chakra teachings that have been carried out for years, Bioenergy Code program has made the methods and techniques into a simple and understandable information for common folks to understand easily. 

BioEnergy Code is explained in a simple way yet it still maintains the deep teachings and amazing techniques you will learn from gurus.

With this amazing program, you can remove the blocks whether they are physical, mental or spiritual and allow a powerful energy in your body to flow. 

You are able to attract positivity in your life and as a results, you are also becoming more positive to the people around you. 

The BioEnergy Code helps you reach your dreams, goals and desires faster and your perception of life is more positive.

The BioEnergy Code program requires you to listen to an audio track while meditating before you start the morning. 

When you wake up, allow yourself to meditate first before doing your morning routine. 

While doing it, play the audio track given by the program to help open and connect your chakras. 

The audio will guide you and allow yourself to go with the changes in your mind, body and spirit. 

The Bioenergy Code will slowly help in transforming you to a better version of yourself.

Latest Bioenergy Code Consumer Report: This May Change Your Mind!

Phases of The BioEnergy Code

BioEnergy Code has 9 different phases that focus on different kinds of energy and extensions in your body that help in fully interconnecting your chakras. 

Each phase plays a vital function and should not be taken for granted or skipped. 

Bioenergy Code is also done in order and you are not allowed to jump from one phase to the next.

Phase 1 – Welcome the Energy

Phase 2 – The Bioenergy is the Foundational Energy (Root Chakra)

Phase 3 – Focuses on Relational Energy (Sacral Chakra)

Phase 4 – Optimizing your Personal Power Energy (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Phase 5 – Targets your Heat Energy (Heart Chakra)

Phase 6 – Focus on Expression Energy (Throat Chakra)

Phase 7 – Focus on your Intuition Energy (Eye Chakra)

Phase 8 – Focus on Oneness Energy (Crown Chakra)

Phase 9 – Power Extension

These are the complete 9 phases of The BioEnergy Code. You will have to undergo each phase in order to fully experience the wonders of the program. 

With the help of different audio frequencies of varying the hertz of the audio tracks, you are able to open your chakras and focus your energy on each. 

Some phases help in finding balance in yourself and relationships with others, satisfy your inner expectations, managing your emotions, overcome problems, clearing mental blockages and more.

BioEnergy Code is important to approach and follow this program only when you are open minded to its teachings because when you doubt the chakras’ power within you, you are just adding more blockage to yourself which will ultimately render the whole program ineffective. 

So, when you are fully ready to openly do the exercises and meditation that The BioEnergy Code requires of you, then you can fully interconnect your chakras and change your life forever.

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What would you get from the Bioenergy Code?

Upon paying for the program, you will receive a guide and audio tracks that will help you in your day to day journey. 

These audio tracks are to be listened to every morning when you wake up and before you do your usual morning routine. 

The Bioenergy Code will only take at least 30 minutes every morning so committing to it should not be that hard.

Here are the materials you can get from The Bioenergy Code:

  • Bioenergy Code Manual
  • 5-Minute Bioenergy Healing
  • Bioenergy Code Decoded
  • The Heart Energy Activator

All of these materials will definitely help you change your life and radiate more positivity to yourself and to the people around you. 

In doing so, you are also able to attain your goals, dreams and desires easily.

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When following the program thoroughly and regularly, you are able to experience these benefits in your life:

  • Clear and open the free-flowing direction of your life
  • Interconnect your chakras for a powerful energy flow
  • Removes the blockages in your life to help you attain your dreams and goals easily
  • Surround yourself with more positive energy
  • Help you build connection to yourself and to people around you
  • Teachings are easily understood and easy to do

People who have tried Bioenergy Code Program themselves have reported wonderful changes in their lives and have given too much positive feedback. 

Although, it is important that you are open minded to the teachings and beliefs that the program introduces.

In addition to the benefits of the program, there are also four free books that you can get for free that come along when you avail the program. 

These four books are also helpful to help you transform you to become a better version of yourself. 

All the free bonuses the program provides work in the same goal which makes The Bioenergy Code program easier and effective.


Because of how amazing the program is, there are fake websites who are trying to take advantage of this and scam people. 

So it is important to avail the program on their official website to avoid scams.

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How much does The Bioenergy Code cost?

When purchased individually, the materials of the program are from $47 to $197 each. 

But The Bioenergy Code would like to offer a more affordable price to their customers and to help people change their lives to a more positive view. 

It is now offered at an affordable price with its amazing discount.

You can avail The Bioenergy Code, The Bioenergy Code Manual, 5 Minute Bioenergy Healing, Heart Energy Activator and Bioenergy Code Decoded for just $37. Upon paying via Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, you can enjoy the easy and instant access of BioEnergy Code

It’s that easy and convenient.

To create a program that’s risk free for people, it offers a full 365 days (1 year) money back guarantee for users who found themselves unsatisfied after learning the teachings of the program. 

If there really isn’t a change in your life, you can get your full refund within a year after purchase without a hassle. 

The BioEnergy Code shows its confidence of the effectiveness of their program by offering this amazing money back guarantee.

To Conclude – Is The BioEnergy Code worth your money?

BioEnergy Code is a program that guides your meditation to a more powerful way of connecting your chakras and allowing a powerful flow of energy within you. 

By doing so, you are able to create such positive changes on your perception of life, how you treat yourself, relationship with the people around you and can even help you reach your dreams and goals easily. 

The Bioenergy Code simplifies the ancient teachings and neuroscience to a more basic technique that can be done by any man or woman regardless of their age and status in life.

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