Best Snoring Aids- What Snorers Should Buy in 2021

best snoring aids

Compiling a list of the best snoring aids is not without its challenges. Although there are some very good devices available, the snoring aid that works best for one person may not be suitable for other people who snore.

Nevertheless, we have risen to the occasion and put together a list of our top anti-snoring aids that we feel are the crème de la crème.

In all cases, there are similar alternatives available but we truly believe the snoring aids that made our list offer the best value for money and the greatest chance of success.

 AirSnore (MAD Combined with Drops)

AirSnore is a two-part system that consists of a mandibular advancement device (MAD) and special aromatic drops that help you to breathe more easily and provide natural sleep support.

MADs are easily one of the most popular and efficient types of anti-snoring device available. Doctors often recommend them to their patients but the quality can vary dramatically from one device to the next.

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The AirSnore MAD is very high quality – it is arguably the best snoring aid of its genre. As with most other MADs, you set it up by using a system called boil and bite.

This basically involves immersing the device in hot water to soften the special thermo-plastic that lines the top and bottom trays that have the job of holding the teeth.

You only need to do this the first time you use the MAD. After the plastic cools, the device holds the impressions and retains a perfect fit for the teeth.

Due to the positioning of the bottom tray, MADs force the lower jaw forward. This brings the tongue forward, opening up the airway at the back of the throat, thereby preventing the obstructions that cause the flesh around to airways to vibrate and produce a “snore.”

The drops that accompany the AirSnore MAD are a nice addition. They are not essential but will prove to be particularly useful at times when nose breathing is made difficult by nasal congestion.

Although AirSnore is an excellent option, it won’t be the right option for people who wear dentures or have gum disease or frontal crowns.

If you don’t have strong teeth, it’s best you consider one of the alternative snoring aids instead. 

Good Morning Snore Solution (Tongue Stabilization Technique)

Good Morning Snore Solution made this list because it’s easily the best tongue stabilizing device (TSD) on the market. It is also known simply as GMSS.

 A great alternative to MADs, tongue stabilizing devices pull the tongue forward to prevent snoring and do so without the need to be anchored to the teeth.

Good Morning Snore Solution is better than other TSDs in several ways.

It was developed by a medical professional who specializes in sleep disorders, is lightweight, and gentler on the tongue than standard TSDs.

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The TSD is made from a special plastic resin that’s ISO-certified for use in medical devices. It’s a superior option to the cheap plastics some manufacturers use and does not contain BPA, BHA, or other questionable chemicals.

Good Morning Snore Solution is made in the USA and cleared by the FDA for use as a snoring reduction aid. It’s doctor-recommended and very simple to use. If you want a good TSD to control your snoring, this is definitely the one to choose.

Smart Nora (Revolutionary Contact-Free Snoring Solution)

 If you don’t like the idea of sleeping with an anti-snoring device in your mouth, Smart Nora should be right up your street.

Smart Nora is a cutting-edge snoring solution that uses modern technology and microelectronics instead of altering the position of your tongue.

The kit consists of a silent pump, an inflatable pad, and an electronic sensing device known as the “pebble.”

You place the pebble next to your bed. The inflatable pad goes under your pillow. As soon as the pebble detects any sign of snoring, it activates the pump, causing the pad to inflate and deflate in a manner that gently rocks the head.

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The movement stimulates the muscles in the throat in a manner that restores normal breathing and prevents snoring.

The computer in the pebble decides how best to move your head and when.

There is no noise from the pump. It runs silently and will not disturb your sleep.

Smart Nora is an innovative anti-snoring device that has an army of fans and rave customer reviews. Apart from doing what it’s supposed to do, the system is very easy to set-up and use.

Mute Snoring (Nasal Dilator Technique)

 Rhinomed Mute is easily one of the best anti-snoring aids for anyone who is prone to nose snoring. Instead of placing it in your mouth or under your pillow, you place the device in your nose.

If the idea of sleeping with something in your nose fills you with apprehension don’t worry. It’s not as unpleasant as it sounds. Mute is very unobtrusive and easy to use.

Mute is an internal nasal dilator. There are plenty of alternative options but none of them are as good. 

Most nasal dilators consist of a couple of cup-like nasal inserts that stretch the nostrils open from the inside and are often prone to fall out during the night.

Mute differs from other nasal dilators in a couple of ways. First of all, there is no one size fits all mentality. Mute has three size options so you can choose the size that works best for your nose.

Secondly, instead of a cup-combo, the device has two looped “paddles” that can be independently adjusted. This makes it easy to achieve maximum nostril dilation and airflow without having to worry about discomfort.

Seventy-five percent of the people who took part in a clinical trial said they snored less while using Rhinomed Mute. It’s a simple snoring solution that works.

Other Snoring Aids to Consider

The following products didn’t quite make the best snoring aids list but deserve a mention due to their uniqueness within the market.

We will start with something that is not actually a product that is designed to help alleviate the condition as such.

A Room Humidifier

It’s a cheeky addition but often appears in lists such as this – detailing top aids to combat snoring.

Some sufferers have found that simply using a room humidifier can lessen the voracity of their snoring.

The extra moisture a good humidifier expels into the air can also help relieve a stuffy nose and make breathing through the nose easier.

A Chin Strap

Quite possibly the most invasive of the commercial snore stoppers – a chin strap.

 It is pretty self explanatory and the brands within this type of product are too numerous to mention so we are not listing any specific manufacturer.

If you feel the need to experiment then a simple Google search will return dozens if not hundreds of similar products. 

Pick any one they are all essentially the same, bar a few cosmetic differences.

Chin straps are suitable for both mouth and nose snorers. They work by simply keeping your mouth closed.

Essential Oils

Sunflower, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint are the four essential oils that have a long association with aiding breathing and helping unblock a stuffy nose.

It is quite surprising that very few manufacturers within the anti-snoring industry have taken advantage of this – AirSnore being the exception to the rule.

Adding essential oil into your nightly bedtime regime – be it by diffusion or simply dabbing a few drops on your pillow or chest – can improve the quality of your sleep.

SnoreLAB (Supportive Application Technique)

 SnoreLAB is not an anti-snoring device but it’s still an invaluable aid to anyone who is trying to get their snoring under control.

So, what is SnoreLab and how did it make our list of best snoring aids? SnoreLab is an app you can put on your phone. There are two versions. One is paid, the other is free. 

The free version is very useful, but upgrading to premium gets you a few extra whistles and bells and allows you to use the system without in-app advertising.

The SnoreLab app monitors and records the sound of your snoring while you are asleep. This is useful in itself but the app also calculates a snore score that makes it easy to see how bad your snoring is on any given night.

Apart from revealing the volume of your snoring, the SnoreLab app also shows you the frequency.

Should you wish to do so, you can provide the app with additional information such as the time you ate, your present weight, and whether you drank any alcohol before going to bed.

Adding these variables will make it easier to ascertain which factors reduce your snoring and which ones make it worse.

You can also let the app know what type of anti-snoring device or technique you are using. This makes it easy to log how well they work.

SnoreLab is an extremely useful tool that lets you know what’s happening when you are asleep.

How We Ranked the Snoring Aids

MADs and TSDs are two of the most common anti-snoring devices. Both options are available from many different suppliers.

We chose AirSnore above other MADs because it’s a high-quality device that’s sold at a reasonable price. All things considered, we believe it offers the best value for money.

We chose Good Morning Snore Solution in preference to other TSDs because of its superior design, proven capabilities, and excellent customer reviews.

Nasal dilators are almost as popular as MADs and TSDs and, again, there are a lot of choices available. Most of them follow the same basic design and it hasn’t changed in decades.

We chose Rhinomed Mute because it breaks with tradition and utilizes a superior design that makes it possible to maximize airflow through the nose without causing discomfort.

Smart Nora made the list because it’s a one of a kind device that works incredibly well and doesn’t require you to place anything into your mouth or nose.

SnoreLab was an easy choice too. Snoring is a hard thing to tackle because it happens when you are asleep. The app acts like a night watchman that provides you with a report of what’s been happening overnight.

Snoring FAQs

Do snoring aids really work?

Yes. However, you need to choose carefully and select the best option for you. For instance, if you don’t have good teeth, you will not be able to use a MAD.  If you have an unusually short tongue, a TSD (also known as a tongue stabilizing device) won’t be the best snoring aid to choose. Snoring specialists DawnStudy has an extensive article on how MADs work.

What is nose snoring?

Most people who snore do so via their mouths. When you sleep with your mouth open, you are more likely to begin snoring. The noise you hear is made by the flesh of the upper palate and at the back of the throat.

In the case of nose snoring, nasal obstructions cause air turbulence behind the nose and higher up in the throat. If your a nose snorer, a MAD or TSD won’t stop you from snoring but nasal dilators probably will. 

However, if you snore through your mouth because nasal blockages are forcing you to open your mouth, nasal dilators may be able to stop you from snoring by helping you to breathe through your nose.

Can snoring aids help with sleep apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can cause snoring but it’s generally unwise to try and treat the symptom. You need to tackle the root cause and will need a doctor’s help to do this. This article explains that in randomized tests of both mechanics of actions (MADs and TSDs) showed a slight improvement but not enough to warrant a recommendation.

Snoring happens when airway obstructions cause turbulence that acts on soft flesh near the obstruction, causing it to vibrate and produce noise.

In the case of OSA, the obstruction becomes so bad it blocks the airway completely, causing an apnea. The word “apnea” refers to a period of time when breathing stops.

Doctors usually recommend a CPAP machine for treating OSA. If the condition is not too bad, in some cases, they may suggest a MAD, but this is rare.  CPAP is generally the best way to go.

Is snoring dangerous?

Even when OSA is not a contributing factor, chronic snoring can present certain dangers.

Snoring disrupts sleep, which can lead to daytime sleepiness. When your mind and body feel tired it’s hard to concentrate so you may become prone to clumsiness and be more likely to have accidents.

Snoring also increases the risk of atherosclerosis (thickening of the arteries) and cardiovascular disease.

If you snore, there are lots of reasons why you should try to get the problem under control.

 Best Snoring Aids – Final Verdict

Although there are several different anti-snoring technologies available, we feel a MAD offers the best possible outcome and suits the needs of the widest audience.

So for most people, AirSnore is our recommended solution.

However, people who do not have the necessary dental strength will need to choose an alternative option instead.

If you can’t use a MAD, a TSD is the next best thing so Good Morning Snore Solution will be an excellent choice.

Smart Nora is a good option too but taking advantage of this type of technology will cost a little more.

Regardless of which option you choose, the SnoreLab app will be a useful tool. It will make it possible for you to see how well your snoring aid works while you are asleep.

Finding the right snoring aid often involves a lot of disappointment and frustration. We hope the efforts we made in compiling this list helps you avoid both.

Our list provides five of the best snoring aids available along with their limitations. However, in the end, only you can decide which option will be the best one for you.

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