Best Delta-8 THC Online : Free Gummy Coupon [BlissHerbal Review]

Best Delta-8 THC Online : Free Gummy Coupon [BlissHerbal Review]

It’s not often that a new brand impresses us like this, with the premium variety of products and intense effects, but two weeks after testing out the latest product collection at Our staff reviews agreed we are fans for life. Unlike other online retailers, BlissHerbal’s catalog is made up exclusively of Delta-8 THC products, and their specialty truly shines through in their products’ broad range of effects. From their vast collection of edibles to their fresh buds and wide assortment of vapes, every item at is pure Delta-8 THC.

Best Delta-8 THC Gummies of 2021: Bliss Herbal

Gummy lovers, rejoice! BlissHerbal has an incredible selection of Delta-8 THC candies and gummies, and we couldn’t get enough of their unique menu of offerings. Best of all, their prices are practically unbeatable. We found these gummies to be among the strongest Delta-8 edibles we’ve tried online. The effects were powerful and long-lasting, and even those of us with a tolerance were blown away by the potency of these tasty little treats.

Magic Strawberries:

We couldn’t resist trying this infused favorite, and it quickly became an office favorite thanks to its unmistakable happy-go-lucky vibes. We all took a piece home on Thursday night to experiment, and by Friday the rave reviews were pouring in. This gummy had serious mood-boosting properties, and we all reported a buzzy giddy effect that seemed to carry us well into the night. We felt light and well-rested, and quickly dispersed the rest of the bag amongst ourselves to save for later.

Stoney Sharks:

This was another deeply relaxing and comforting experience, and we all reported serious body effects shortly after dosing one gummy. The Indica properties really shined with this edible, and the head-to-toe calm that washed over us about an hour after consuming made this a favorite pick for those of us seeking a heftier dose of chill and comfort.

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Best Delta-8 THC Double Capacity Vape Cartridges

When it comes to Delta-8 1000mg vapes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better delicious selection than BlissHerbal’s curated collection. They offer a great assortment of screw-on cartridges – with a good description of effects for each – guaranteeing something for everyone looking for their vape-able “legal” THC fix.

Below were our favorites 1000mg vapes, even though we unanimously agreed that all four that we tried were stellar products that we would happily purchase again.

Moon Walker (Indica)

This was one of our favorite 1000mg Delta-8 THC vapes we tried because the effect was incredible. We all felt tingles of happy relaxation coursing through our bodies within 20 minutes. While there is a slight flavor, this powerful cart is about as pure and clean as they come. The taste was fresh and unmistakably Delta-8, with subtle pops of terpenes that lingered on the exhale but didn’t overpower the pallet.

Rock Candy (Sativa)

This vape blew us away, the reason is not only in effect but in flavor and effect as well. Rock Candy stood out thanks to the giggly mood-boosting properties that had us walking on a cloud for hours to come. Best of all, we managed to stay on task at work and had one of our most productive days in a while. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better daytime vaping experience.

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Best Delta-8 THC Tincture

Day Fantasy 1000MG Tincture:

When it comes to a precise dosing method, it doesn’t get much more accurate than a perfectly portioned Delta-8 tincture. Each 1mL dropper contains a large dose of 33mg pure Delta-8 THC, making it easy to dose up or dose down depending on your individual needs.

This Sativa tincture from BlissHerbal impressed our testers, and we all felt a calm sense of well-being that carried us throughout the entire day. Because edibles and vapes can be trickier to dose, it’s not uncommon for a Sativa to become a bit too relaxing. This daytime tincture worked exactly as described, and delivered more of an uplifting effect than many of the other oils we’ve sampled.

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Final Words Regarding BlissHerbal:

We’ve tested a lot of products on this emerging industry of Delta-8, BlissHerbal’s laser-sharp focus on Delta-8 products has quickly allowed BlissHerbal to rise the ranks as an industry leader in their field. Their commitment to pure and clean manufacturing, extraction, and production practices makes them a safe and dependable choice for new and experienced Delta-8 THC users looking for a unique collection of high-quality, dependable Delta-8 THC.

BlissHerbal is one of our favorite Delta-8 brands of 2021, and with some great freebie deals on edibles and buds, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal out there for all of your Delta-8 needs.BlissHerbal is running an offer for free gummies with any purchase site-wide. Activate the limited offer coupon below.

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