Ascend Agency Has Been Using Proven Methods to Drive Impressive Growth for Hundreds of Brands

Ascend Agency

Growing brands in 2021 is all about getting in front of more eyeballs online. With the pandemic shifting people to mostly live online, there has been a tremendous upswing in the amount of attention brands have been getting. However, there is also significantly more competition in virtually every niche due to businesses shifting their efforts to be mostly online based. That has led to a crowded field and saturated market. Gaining an edge and standing out among competitors is not as easy as it once was. That is why an increasing number of brands have been taking advantage of the services PR agencies like Ascend Agency provide.

Ascend Agency is a boutique PR agency that was founded in 2019. The experience and knowledge the team making up this agency has helped hundreds of brands stand apart from others. Ascend Agency has also helped them receive massive amounts of traffic to their websites and social media pages. They have also helped brands increase their authority and establish a strong and positive reputation, leading to more leads and sales.

As an agency that is passionate about seeing its clients succeed, Ascend Agency has helped a number of brands become rising stars in their respective niches. The way it is able to do this involves publishing newsworthy articles in major online publications. These articles cover success stories, inspiring messages, and other helpful and interesting content that audiences engage with. The articles are distributed across a wide array of demographics.

Ascend Agency lives and breathes PR. It understands what works in the social media landscape to attract more followers and keep audiences engaged when reading about a brand. It leverages the power of social media, as well as its network of connections with online publications. This helped brands who are not as well-versed in what it takes to grow on social media to see their growth explode.

Dozens of online publications are employed to distribute the inspiring success stories that brands have to share with the world. Some of these include Vogue, Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and Yahoo!, among others. The articles also will appear at the top of search results whenever someone searches for a particular brand that has worked with Ascend Agency. That includes SEO, authority, and reputation, all in one shot.

Ascend Agency’s number one objective is to help their clients grow and improve their authority as leaders in their respective fields. Passionate about helping others grow and share their success stories, this agency has already helped hundreds of brands across a number of industries and niches.

If you are someone who is looking to expand your brand’s presence and authority, then Ascend Agency can help you. The team that is behind this PR agency has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help skyrocket your brand to new heights.

To contact Ascend Agency you can either go to their website or over to their Instagram page @Ascend.

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