Are Zodiac Gemstones a Scam or Does it Have Merit

Are Zodiac Gemstones a Scam or Does it Have Merit

One of the factors that have led to the popularity of astrology and zodiac gemstones over the decades is the striking correlation between what is happening with the stars and what goes on in our daily lives.

While many scientists consider astrology as a pseudoscience that is not based on fact or logic, there is no denying that zodiac gemstones and astrology has a huge following.

If you have recently had an interest in astrology and wondering if the zodiac gemstones have any merit the findings could surprise you.

Zodiac gemstones and professions

It is not surprising that people born in certain times of the year with the planets aligned in a certain way tend to follow certain career paths.

For instance, a study done by French scientist Leon Lasson showed that those that were born in the time of year when Mars and Jupiter aligned tended to venture more into athletics and to become soldiers while those whose dates of birth aligned more with Mars and Saturn tended to become scientists.

Gemstones and heredity

Another interesting finding showed that parents whose horoscopes involved certain planets aligned in a certain way also influenced their children.

This is because the kids also tended to show similar patterns in their horoscopes. This should at least show that zodiac gemstones will affect the life of the wearer.

Michel Gauquelin did the study and while scientists still don’t recognize the findings, anyone looking at them would be shocked at the results.

The human energy field

We, humans, have strong electromagnetic fields better known as auras. What is even more interesting is that other frequencies around seem to influence our auras.

Gemstones also have wavelengths that can influence our electromagnetic field. Wearing your zodiac birthstone, will immediately influence the energy within and around us. And that is not all; our conscience is also affected as a result.

That said, to benefit the most from the gemstones, it is crucial that they are worn properly. This means that they should be close to our bodies and not blocked out by heavy metals in jewelry. Secondly, they also need to be close to flawless. That means inclusions and other imperfections in the stone could affect their energy.

Also, to be able to absorb the right energy, it is important that you choose gemstones that are the same frequency as the planets in your birth chart. In this way, gemstones can help block out any negative karma while also promoting positive energy and conscious tendencies.

You can test out a gemstone and find out how it feels before making a long term decision. Simply wear it for 2 or 3 days and you should get a feel of how the stone is like.

Final Word

There is always the question of whether the use of zodiac gemstones has merit. While science describes astrology as pseudoscience, it is simply denying the fact that our bodies have electromagnetic fields. Gemstones also have electromagnetic fields that can influence our auras.

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