Apply These 5 Kitchen Trends And Cabinet Styles to Sell Your Property More Quickly

Real estate is one of the markets that has continuously grown throughout the years. It is one of the fastest-growing businesses as space is one of the greatest needs of humankind. Today, we see a lot of properties either for rent or sale, and every investor is making sure to develop a unique feature that can add value to the property.

While it’s true that every real estate developer is doing their best to sell their properties fast, the challenge is always to convince every potential buyer to make a purchase. It is why the need for coping with both the exterior and interior set-up of the property must come on-trend, functional, impressive, and, most importantly, made from quality materials.

According to, kitchen designs, including pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, are an essential factor of selling a property. Additionally, according to HGTV (Home & Garden Television), the return of investment you will get when selling a home with an impressive kitchen cabinet and design is around 70%.

That said, below are the latest kitchen trends every real estate developer must incorporate in their properties to sell their units faster.

Infuse On Subway Backsplash

During the first years, kitchen cabinets always have classic and simple designs. Today, that culture has emerged as technology rises. Most real estate properties are now considering a subway made of intricate backsplash design. Also, the kitchen cabinet designs are blended with it using a material that makes the whole appearance more stunning.

According to Zillow, one of the most popular property finders, a property that comes with a subway tile with the right component of a kitchen cabinet design is more likely to sell around 13%. Also, they can sell 60 days faster compared to those units that do not have the same kitchen design, as mentioned above.

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Include Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Less is more. It is a common cliche that every real estate developer must apply when coming up with a property. In most cases, we see kitchen designs and cabinets in many striking colors, which may sound noisy. It means that a buyer might get distracted with many colors and might end up looking for a more straightforward design.

If you want your property to sell fast, try to invest in two-toned kitchen cabinets. Some of the most popular two-toned pairings are navy and blue or gray and white. Other neutral colors are also like wood finishes. Lastly, you can also make use of painting dark colors for lower cabinets and a lighter tone for the upper ones.

Countertops Make Greater Deal

Kitchen cabinets with a well-blended countertop kitchen can always boost in value. Zillow once again rated 6% percent additional sales when investing property with a kitchen furnished by a beautifully crafted countertop. It makes the kitchen cabinets look more exquisite and sophisticated.

Some of the most popular kitchen countertops you can use for a more salable property are quartz and granite. These kinds of countertops make the kitchen more elegant like the ones used to make wholesale bathroom cabinets. Besides, they blend perfectly with the handle-free and wooden type of kitchen cabinets you install.

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Opt For More Storage And Functional Spaces

In a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders in 2019, which included 4,300 property buyers, 80% of them responded that a more functional space and kitchen cabinets that can store more is something they would like to buy more. Aside from that, their wish list includes getting a property with a cooking island in it.

If you are a property developer, make sure you devote yourself to making units with a kitchen that can store a lot and has a cooking island. Generally, this allows every homebuyer to maximize every kitchen storage and making it more efficient to use, especially when holding house parties.

Settle for Open Access

Every space in your house comes with a boundary or door before you can go in or make use of it. According to Houzz, a lot of properties can sell right away when a kitchen has open access to the living room or dining room. It means that they look for a seamless transition to make their work inside the house easier.

Make sure that the boundaries you create for your kitchen and other spaces are wide open. In this case, you allow every homeowner to move freely at the same time, giving them more reason to consider buying your property.


Every real estate developer can build properties and designs they would like to sell. However, as the competition in this kind of market gets tighter, you need to ensure that you cope up with the needs of every buyer to sell them faster. Hence, if you want to achieve a higher return if investment, the kitchen trends and cabinet styles outlined above can help market your properties three times more quickly than your competitors.

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