7 New Year Gifts to Suit Every Woman’s Taste

7 New Year Gifts to Suit Every Woman’s Taste

New Year is on the way, and if you don’t have a clue about how to choose a perfect gift for your mother, sister or your girlfriend take a look at our list below. It doesn’t always have to be the most expensive gift in the store in order for it to be meaningful. Sometimes you just need to pay more attention to the things they’re saying, what hints they drop from time to time and what they’re passionate about to find a gift that will really strike a chord with them and make them feel special.

Beauty Treatment

If you know that they love to be pampered and enjoy comfort and attention, then a beauty treatment might be a perfect solution. Every head-to-toe pamper is a way for them to try out new products, find out more about their skin and what products they should use in the future and knock a few years off, if they continue with the treatments for a longer period of time!

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry can be a perfect addition to every outfit and style, and enrich the look with its design. Women love to accessorize and switch up their looks in various ways, so opting for a bracelet should be on this year’s gift list. Distinctive bracelets for women have to be crafted from high-quality materials such as gold, can contain personalized pendants or be encrusted with beautiful diamonds that come in different shapes or sizes.

Scented Candles 

This is a personalized gift, and obviously you have to know what types of smell suit them the most, do they prefer soy votives or luxury packs? If you know that your mom, girlfriend or sister is famous for being a workaholic, help them decompress after a long day at work by lighting a scented candle with a soothing aroma and achieve balance in harmony in their home, which is especially important if they tend to feel tired and worn out. 

A Cookbook

If they often organize dinner parties and like having people over, a cookbook is a helpful tool when they want to get some new ideas and impress the guests! It’s a gift that can actually last forever, and be passed down to children, so even they can enjoy this memoir of delicious recipes which can be shared with friends or family.

Plant Pots 

A new apartment or redecorating an old one calls for a new plant pot. The colours can be incorporated into the design of the room or transform the room from plain into a modern with the aid of eclectic pot design, the size of the flowers or choosing a perfect place in the room that can create a dramatic focal point.

Framed Posters & Art Prints

Choose something that can fit perfectly into the room design, but pay attention that it conveys a message, represents their style and pick out a dimension that suits the room size. Gift a sentimental picture or a funny quote, depending on their personal preferences and character traits.


This gift is in the expensive price range, but it’s definitely worth the money. Working out or travelling to work can be a lot more fun with the aid of high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones. Wireless bluetooth headphones can help women relax in peace, listen to their favorite music and escape reality for a certain period of time.

Gifts should be personalized and tailored to their needs. Every gift has a story and a sentimental value for the person you’re giving it to. What is the gift you cherish the most and who did you get it from? Tell us all about your experience in the comment section below! 

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