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6 Things Burglars May Target in Your Home

Whether owning or renting, you probably think you know what an intruder would steal if they ever broke into your home. The first things that come to mind are electronics, but you might find it surprising to learn what else burglars target. By understanding just how vulnerable your residence is, you might be encouraged to consider installing one of the best home security systems.

Remember that just because something ranks as one of the “best” home security systems available doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot of money. Thanks to advances in technology, home security has become increasingly more affordable to buy. Not only that, but many of them are super quick and easy to install.

Things Intruders Often Target

Below are six things that burglars commonly target. So, if you have any of these, buying a home security system makes sense. Having extra protection will give you greater peace of mind.

1.) Electronics

Burglars love all kinds of electronics, including flat-screen TVs, stereo systems, DVD players, computers, tablets, smartphones, and so on. How do they know a home has these items? Well, burglars often stake out places. They watch what people place in the trash and pay attention to what they can see from the street.

If you just purchased a 55-inch smart television and put the box out by the curb for trash day, you just announced that you have an expensive item inside your home. When purchasing electronics, don’t make it easy for criminals to know.

2.) Kids’ Toys

Sadly, burglars also target homes with children’s toys strewn about outside. In a criminal’s mind, if someone can afford to buy their kids a lot of toys, they can probably afford many other things worth stealing. Therefore, store bicycles, basketballs, toy trucks, dollhouses, and other similar items in the garage or at least out of sight.

3.) Prescription Medication

A criminal can get good money on the streets for prescriptions. If you bring medication home from the pharmacy, keep it carefully hidden inside a bag until you get inside. If you have medication delivered, take the package inside as quickly as you can. However, if you work, ask a neighbor if they can grab your package for you. 

With a good home security system, you can see if someone approaches your front door whether you’re there or not. Even if that doesn’t stop a crook from stealing your medication, the camera will capture their image and, possibly, their vehicle. That gives law enforcement something to go on when trying to catch them.

4.) Automobiles

Even if you live in a low-crime or gated community, always lock your vehicle doors. A skilled crook can steal an automobile in roughly 15 seconds if the doors aren’t locked. If you have a sports car, keep it in the garage. Most importantly, never leave your vehicle in the driveway with the motor running and the doors unlocked. That’s the number one way that thieves steal cars.

5.) Jewelry

This is another big item that burglars target. If you have a lot of expensive or heirloom pieces, you should do two things. First, purchase a safe where you can store them. If you can’t purchase a safe, find a crafty place to hide your jewelry. Second, purchase a home security system.

6.) Shoes

While this might sound odd, burglars often look for in-demand tennis shoes. Anything hard to find or endorsed by a professional athlete is high on the list of things to take. With a home alarm system, you can catch someone inside your home in real-time, even if you’re in a completely different city or state.

After getting an alert, you can quickly notify your local police department. If the crooks aren’t captured, law enforcement can use the video for their investigation.

It’s Worth Buying the Best Home Security System

For you and your family, it’s worth buying a home security system that you can afford. With so many fantastic options and affordable prices, there’s an ideal system to meet your specific needs and budget.

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