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5 Ways to Make Your Home Healthier and Safer

Having a healthier and safer home doesn’t have to an expensive or overwhelming. Your home should be your private heaven and the place where most of the most pleasant memories are taking place. To make sure you’ll keep your home both safe and healthy, you should undergo a series of changes. A healthy house requires maintenance and lots of attention, here’s where you can change your routine and the way you used to clean around or consume energy.

It might take some time until you’ll get used with the new way of keeping your home healthier although you can start with small things, for instance by replacing your cleaning products with non-toxic ones or try to dust more often to make sure you won’t aggravate those allergies. Eliminate those worries by changing the way to take care of your home. A healthy home means a healthy owner and no matter where you live, if you want to enjoy your personal heaven, take care of it.

1. Avoid Allergens and Irritants

As you probably heard it before, the manner and products you’re using to clean your home may have an impact in your wellbeing. Changing your old cleaning products with bio-based cleaning products will be a wise decision while you can protect both your health and the environment. The best thing about the bio-based products is that they can clean just as well as conventional ones. Certainly, their cleaning properties depend on every product whether is bio or fossil-based. Also, keeping the dust under control should be one of your priorities if you’re planning to improve your home’s safety and health.

Dust is known to aggravate allergies and contains dangerous chemical such as pesticides, fire retardants and lead. A good solution would be to replace the wall-to-wall carpeting with more reliable materials such as tile, wood or non-vinyl linoleum if these changes are not planned on your budget, the best thing would to vacuum accurately every corner of your home and furniture, and get rid of those dangerous dust bunnies.

2. Monitor Carbon Dioxide

The importance of having a monitor carbon dioxide detector is pretty often underestimated and forgotten by people even though they have plenty of carbon monoxide sources such as gas heaters, furnaces or generators that can put their entire family at risk. Carbon dioxide is known to be a tasteless, colourless, odourless and toxic gas which produces almost 200 deaths annually.

These deaths and injuries are usually caused by improver equipment. Since this might one of the most dangerous aspects in your home, investing in a carbon dioxide detector might come in handy if you want to minimalize and overcome potential exposure to CO gas. Usually, dioxide carbon detectors are affordable therefore this small improvement won’t cause you a hole in the budget and can be a life saviour.

3. Improve Ventilation

The air quality from your home may impact your psychological well being. The airflow in your home usually helps to normalize temperature, prevents mould and makes the air fresh enough for everyone in the house. Good ventilation your homes will help you get rid of smoke, cooking odours, moisture and other indoor pollutants.

It will also be necessary to have a correct airflow that is not interrupted, while everything that blocks the airflow in your home can cause damage to both your health and home. Usually, a home can be an agglomerated place of bacteria, pollutants and moisture. To make sure you get rid of those cooking smells, the steam of showers and improve the air in your home, we recommend you take some time and plan to invest in proper ventilation.

4. Consider a Home Insurance

No matter where you live, having home insurance should be one of the best safety measures you’ve chosen to invest. Therefore, when a huge unexpected disaster takes place, like flooding, fire or windstorm, you can save considerable amounts of money, you would usually lose on out-of-pocket expenses. Not only your home would be protected by also every valuable belonging.

Home insurance will make your life easier especially if you’re living in places that are predisposed to natural disasters. In areas like Florida where the risks of hurricanes are extremely high, people have chosen Florida flood insurance since it’s the best and the only type of coverage that pays for the damage caused by the storm surges. Home insurance must be a paramount priority if you’re looking for ways to make your home safer and healthier. Depending on where you live, home insurance isn’t something you’re required to have but rather something you’ll want to have. Insurance is so far one of the best financial defences against bad events that may happen throughout life, offering you comfort and safety.

5. Go Green and Safe More Energy

Making your home a greener place may help you feel safe and healthy. New products and technologies allowed people to use less energy and be more green-minded. With a greener home, you can now save more money using more efficient ways to use energy, water and ventilation. As you probably know it, a home can be built green, or you can make it green later. It’s important to remember that this will be a gradual process which will require time and patience. Green homes are known to be healthier and even more cost-effective with the right choice of materials.

You can choose to replace those old bulbs with LED that have an amazing potential for reduced energy. When it comes to air quality, mechanical ventilation systems that can easily filter and bring in the necessary flow of oxygen is the perfect answer if you’re looking for ways to improve your home efficiently and health. Also, you should not underestimate the power that plants have in our homes. Bringing the green inside will not only improve the overall aspect of your home but it also can act as a natural air filter reducing the CO2 and increasing the humidity.

It’s recommended to at least try to make some of these improvements in your home if you wish a more healthy and safer place where you and your family can spend important moments. A healthy home means healthy and happy people, therefore it would be necessary to pay attention and be diligent in your choices if you’re planning to make these improvements.

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