5 Best HGH Booster Supplements for Sale in 2021. All the Benefits, Facts, and Results Revealed in the Review

HGH is an abbreviation for the hormone Somatropin. Its effect on the body does not end with the banal growth of tissues, as is commonly believed. The regulating effect of this component on the human body affects all its systems.

HGH Booster Supplements

To understand the value of Somatropin for humans, you need to know that its maximum concentration in the body occurs in adolescence when the body is full of health and vitality is overwhelming. This hormone’s natural secretion decreases as you get older exponentially, which can be observed in the destructive age-related changes. 

When the body begins to lose its shape, muscles and skin lose elasticity, wrinkles, fat deposits are redistributed.

But there is a way to “turn back time” in a natural way. Herbal HGH supplements, which will allow the body to “remember youth “, stimulate the endocrine glands to restore the natural level of Growth Hormone in the body.

5 Best HGH booster supplements of 2021

Bio pharmacology offers powerful formulas to restore the level of somatotropic hormone, which are absorbed by the body without side effects and naturally improve HGH levels in the body.

#1. GenF20 Plus – tablets and spray

It’s one of the few systems used in the treatment of HGH deficiency. GenF20 Plus is available in two forms – tablet and spray. The supplement is characterized by a prolonged action and is optimal at the stage of consolidating the results. 

The spray promotes instant delivery of ingredients into the bloodstream and is advisable at the initial location or preventive course.

The ingredient composition includes an extended amino acid complex and components of Ayurvedic oriental medicine practices. 

Here are their advantages:

  • A combination of arginine, valine, ornithine, and isoleucine stimulates the secretion of growth hormone and enhances its effect on the body.
  • Glutamine and glycine restore neural connections and normalize nervous activity.
  • Colostrum and deer antler extract restoring the balance of energy in the body;
  • Tribulus extract helps in the normalization of sexual function, restoration of libido.

The GenF20 Plus spray is also supplemented with mummy extract. It’s a mineral component of more than 80 beneficial trace elements that improve the nutrient environment for qualitative changes in the body and increase the immune response to infections.

The full course is 90 days. A 15-day break is required to continue taking the pills.

#2. HGH-X2 provides an Arginine Effect

The composition of the pill forms a set of natural extracts and herbs that not only stimulate the pituitary gland but also contribute to:

  • Elimination of stress and normalization of cardiac activity (Hawthorn extract). 
  • Restoration of the energy balance with the help of Peruvian maca root.
  • Improvement sexual function and work of the gonads (Mucuna extract). 
  • The effectiveness of its somatotropic hormone and the activation of its secretion.

A 30-day course solves the problems of obesity, provides a qualitative change in physical endurance, and reduces recovery time after physical exertion. To consolidate the result, the manufacturer recommends extending the course for another 60 days. Repeat if necessary, after a break of 10-15 days.

#3. HyperGH14x

Due to the Human Growth Hormone effect, a quality product provides the fastest possible muscle mass building set. It activates the processes of fat burning to ensure relief and an athletic physique. 

HyperGH14x is available in two forms – tablets and spray, which accelerates the formula components’ absorption.

This product contains 15 HGH precursor Ingredients:

  • Amino acids: arginine, valine, lysine, ornithine to enhance the action of the HGH hormone. Tyrosine to restore the thyroid gland. Glycine, glutamine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid to restore the nervous system.
  • Natural ingredients: colostrum and choline are a source of energy. Antler extract, and astragalus root help to enhance the action of arginine. 
  • Chromium and Tribulus extract contribute to the improvement of your sexual function. Powder of the anterior pituitary gland stimulates natural secretion and release of Human Growth Hormone.

The HyperGH14x principle of action is based on enhancing the effect and increasing the surge of natural somatotropic hormones after physical activity. Therefore, it is advisable to use this product only in combination with a regime of power loads.

#4. Provacyl against aging

The combination of components is specially selected for men during andropause. The Provacyl manufacturer recommends using it during this period and for prophylactic purposes for men after 30 years.

It is a complex of amino acids with significant benefits:

  • Glutamine provides an anti-stress effect.
  • Arginine improves the natural secretion of growth hormone.
  • Pyroglutamate helps in the restoration and improvement of cognitive functions, attention, and memory.
  • Lysine is responsible for qualitative changes in sexual function.

The Provacyl composition also contains extracts of Ayurvedic plants Muira Puama and Ginkgo biloba, which accelerate the body’s recovery and rejuvenation. It provides an antioxidant effect.

The complex of minerals and vitamins helps to increase the body’s resistance to infections and restore immunity.

The total duration of the course is 90 days. In order to continue taking the Provacyl supplement, it is imperative to withstand a break of 15 days.

#5. GenFx

The supplement is equally useful for both men and women during functional age-related changes like obesity, decreased concentration of attention, depression of psycho-emotional activity that starts from 40 years.

The amino acids of the complex are necessary for:

  • Restoration of the thyroid gland.
  • Qualitative changes in cognitive functions and concentration of attention.
  • Improving the secretion of growth hormone.

Also, in the composition of GenFx, there is an extract of the anterior pituitary gland. It is an effective stimulant that increases HGH concentration in the blood and keeps it at a high level for recovery processes.

The duration of the course is 30 days. The break between courses is 15 days.

What is HGH booster pills for men and women?

In addition to medical pharmacology, which specializes in the production of synthetic substitutes and alcoholic tinctures, the development and production of natural supplements have been developed since the end of the last century. 

The peculiarity of this direction is the use as active substances not of an artificially synthesized substitute that has passed the test on rats, but a combination of ingredients of natural origin that would have a similar effect on the human body.

In this case, HGH supplements do not contain somatotropic hormone or its analog. 

The ingredients of such pills alone or in combination with other substances:

  • Enhance the natural secretion of HGH in the human body
  • Provide a somatotropic effect on body systems
  • Affect the main “reproduction center” of growth hormone(the lobes of the pituitary gland).

As a result, the human body receives useful, stimulating nutrients that do not overload its systems and accumulate organs. Therefore, these herbal pills like GenF20 Plus do not cause side effects, as often happens with medications from the pharmacy.

Why is there a problem of lack of HGH?

Human Growth Hormone is usually produced by the body independently throughout its life. This component is necessary to keep all functions in good shape and regulate internal processes like fat metabolism, assimilation of amino acids required to maintain muscle volume, assimilation, and fluid distribution in the body. 

Also, one of the functions of the somatotropic hormone is cardiotonic. It maintains the heart and normalizes its rhythm.

Natural secretion occurs with the help of a section of the brain, which is the pituitary gland. It is there that the own synthesis of this hormone occurs. In the adolescent period of human development, it provides active changes, accelerating the growth of the musculoskeletal system.

Age-related changes, the onset of maturity is characterized by a constant decrease in the level of HGH. This is facilitated not only by the natural aging process and suppression of the pituitary areas of the brain, but also by:

  • Chronic stress
  • Decreased physical activity
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Lack of or significant sleep disturbance
  • Excessive obsession with low-carb diets

These factors can reduce the level of Human Growth Hormone to a critical level, which negatively affects the quality of life and the state of the body. 

It is possible to eliminate such changes by normalizing HGH levels in your body and feel young and healthy again. The GenF20 Plus natural formula helps restore the hormone’s constant production and maintain it at the required level.

The 7 important advantages of HGH booster supplements

Human Growth Hormone can be purchased in its pure form at the pharmacy. This is an injection solution obtained from human corpses, animals, or a synthetic analog. The uncontrolled introduction of such substances to the body can lead to irreparable consequences. But this does not mean that it is impossible to help yourself naturally.

A specialty area of ​​pharmacology specializing in the production of herbal supplements offers a simple but safest solution to low Growth Hormone levels. Natural HGH booster pills (GenF20 Plus system is top rated on the market) consist of a combination of natural ingredients, which has a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland. 

They accelerate Human Growth Hormone’s secretion and increases its volume. Several famous brands market these supplements. Their use has a lot of advantages in comparison with injectable pharmaceutical preparations.


Natural HGH boosting pills are not associated with injections, gross interference with hormonal levels, and saturation of the body with synthetic polymers. Herbal supplements and sprays like GenF20 Plus do not contain either the hormone itself or its analogs, but the plant. Raw materials go through several stages of purification. 

Therefore, the following is excluded:

  • Risk of overdose
  • Any side effects
  • The possibility of systemic intoxication

The ingredients of herbal HGH pills are absorbed by the body and do not accumulate in its tissues.


Customers notice the first changes almost from 3-4 days from the beginning of use. This efficiency is due to the high degree of purification of the components, their natural origin, and a unique catalyst ingredient. The formula accelerates the absorption of the pill and metabolic processes.


The effect of rejuvenation is that the biological product stimulates HGH and metabolism production at the initial stage. 

Such a process, in which all body systems are involved, is characterized by:

  • Normalization of lipid metabolism(a decrease in body weight)
  • An increase in the volume of muscle fibers(qualitative changes in the contours of the body)
  • Activation of collagen synthesis with increasing skin elasticity
  • Elimination of the consequences of chronic stress
  • Normalization of cardiac activity
  • Improving cognitive functions, including memory and attention

A convenient form of release

Natural and effective GenF20 Plus system consists of capsules and a special spray. This form of release simplifies the formula’s administration and eliminates the risk of overdose or infection, as is often the case when using injections.


Manufacturers guarantee that all the ingredients of HGH supplements are of exclusively natural origin. Most of these pills are approved for sale by the FDA and are also manufactured in GMP facilities with the strictest quality and safety controls.

Why use HGH boosters?

A constant decrease in the secretion of Human Growth Hormone, which is associated with age-related changes, is a characteristic of a healthy person. 

Suppose it occurs in combination with stressful transitions in unfavorable conditions for life. As a result, the aging process rapidly leaves its destructive imprint. 

It manifests itself in:

  • Sharp weight gain
  • Atypical obesity in the chest area
  • Decreased muscle tone
  • The gradual replacement of muscle fibers by fatty tissue
  • Sagging skin
  • Decreased vitality: drowsiness, apathy
  • Sexual dysfunctions with reduced sex drive
  • Decreased resistance to infections.

Reception of HGH booster pills can quickly eliminate the consequences if they are in their infancy and, for a full course, successfully eliminate deep changes due to the natural level of Human Growth Hormone in the body use of other drugs.

In fact, the HGH complex of ingredients is effective for:

  • Strengthening immunity. Because it allows you to increase the body’s resistance to infections;
  • Restoration of lipid metabolism occurs due to the release of lipids from fat deposits, which significantly lose volume from such an effect; 
  • Restoration of sexual activity by improving libido and sexual function;
  • Enhancing the growth of muscle fibers ;
  • Accelerating metabolism;
  • Strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Five steps towards youth

If the problems associated with a deficiency of somatotropic hormone poison your life, you need to take five simple steps that will become an effective weapon against age-related and destructive changes. 

These actions aim to restore the natural secretion of Human Growth Hormone and, as a result, the body’s active opposition to the negative impact of HGH deficiency.

Step 1. Normalize sleep

Human Growth Hormone is produced by the lobes of the pituitary gland, a part of the brain. During daytime activity under mental stress conditions, roughly speaking, the body is not up to this. Therefore, the bulk of the work of the endocrine gland falls on sleep. If you refuse a good rest for any reason, the aging process will only pick-up speed.

To restore the body, you need to pay special attention to the ability to sleep. In this case, it is essential not just to lie in bed for 10 hours but to observe the regime so that the phase of deep sleep falls no later than midnight since it is currently that the busy work of the pituitary gland falls.

Step 2. Special products

In pursuit of harmony, a modern person uncontrollably violates his diet and loses the complex of nutrients and amino acids necessary for the natural synthesis of Human Growth Hormone. These include leucine, arginine , and ornithine. Without this combination, your HGH loses its effectiveness.  

Therefore, chicken, fatty sea fish, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds must be present daily. Simultaneously, you should not worry about an increase in cholesterol because these products “provide” the body with the necessary “useful” cholesterol.

Step 3. Sports

It is about correcting physical activity during the day. If professional duties take more than 10 hours a day, you need to find at least 3 times a week to visit the gym, swimming pool, or just run in the park. This activity contributes to the natural surge of the HGH hormone that occurs after exercise. 

Step 4. Dealing with stress

Constant psycho-emotional overload inhibits the natural secretion of the somatotropic hormone. Therefore, it is essential to take steps to help yourself. 

This requires:

  • A change in activity that relieves nervous tension.
  • Find time for relaxation. It creates conditions for maximum peace to your liking like music, sounds of nature, aromatherapy, a bath with the firm foam, whatever you like.
  • Take a course of antidepressants if the problems have gone too far. It’s recommended to consult with a specialist since it is quite challenging to solve Human Growth Hormone deficiency without eliminating stress naturally.

Step 5. Natural supplements

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Choosing an effective HGH booster for its natural production by the body and regular intake of these supplements will be involved and provide excellent results. Several effective products are presented on the market, so you can choose one ideal for yourself.

Frequently asked questions about natural HGH supplements

Do growth hormone stimulants cause bone enlargement and body imbalances?

Since HGH supplements do not contain the hormone itself, this effect is eliminated, as is the overdose risk.

Do I need a prescription to buy HGH pills online?

No, natural HGH boosters are available without a prescription.

Can herbal HGH Supplements Be Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

This is not medicine. Therefore, it cannot be a therapy, but it can be useful as an adjuvant if the dysfunction is caused by the consequences of stress or age-related changes.

Can you lose weight with HGH?

Studies show that Human Growth Hormone has a positive effect on reducing the amount of body fat and fat burning processes in the body

Is it legal to use these supplements in professional sports?

Since the HGH pills do not contain the hormone itself, the athlete will pass doping control without any problems. Therefore, using HGH booster pills in training activities and preparation for competitions is allowed without any risks.

Conclusions: an integrated approach and pills

Modern advances in pharmacy, with proper use, can effectively fight the aging process and the negative changes associated with them. Maintaining slimness, endurance, and athletic muscle relief, repelling infections, and increasing the body’s persistence is entirely within the power of a person. 

If you approach the solution of the problem in a complex way: change the diet, add physical activity and a good sleep regime, and take supplements that stimulate the natural secretion of Human Growth Hormone. 

Such active actions in just 30 days will provide quality transformations, and for the full course, they will consolidate the result. Keeping young and healthy is easy with herbal HGH supplements!

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