3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

The world may not be ready for the Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) 3-Day Business Masterclass set to happen live on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 5PM PST, 8PM EST where hosts Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels are set to put together an experiential online business training program that requires no past track record, success, staff or inventory.

By visiting the Lead Conversion Squared official website at​ 3DayBusinessMasterclass.com​, the marketing strategist Chad Nicely and lead gen outsourcing expert Dave Michaels will meet each aspiring individual with the headline of, “How To Have An Executive Salary While working From Your Couch With Our Turnkey System For Building Instant Credibility,

Generating Massive Leads, & Making REAL Money Online!”

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

It is no secret in 2020 that to boost profits, online businesses look for ways to increase leads and conversions. However, many lead generation techniques are simply not worthy and fail to deliver on what they promise. Besides, some systems are just too complicated for inexperienced digital marketers. If you’re struggling with getting your lead conversion numbers up or fiddling with a series of lead generation software that doesn’t deliver what they promise, then this review is for you. This review is about the Lead Conversion Squared or LCS2.

The LCS2 brainchilds have well over 40 years of combined marketing experience and for the last handful of years their entire focus has been on social media network lead generation and have created the Lead Conversion Squared system and software program to help any marketer, new or experienced, to partake in the “Hook, Line and Sinker”, the “Foot in the Door” technique and a turnkey automated done for you business plan.

This upcoming live Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) 3-day business Master Class​ has excited the internet recently, but is it really worth the hype? In this review, you’ll discover everything you need to know about LCS2 to find out whether or not this is a real home-based business opportunity during this virtual three day workshop from two industry leading experts. But what exactly is LCS2, its launch date, pros and cons, pricing, and many more?

What is LCS2?

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

The Lead Conversion Squared is a three-day business master class developed by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels. Both creators are experts in digital marketing. The program will officially roll out on September 28 at 5 PM Pacific Time or 8 PM Eastern Time.

The free online marketing workshop aims to teach participants how to develop a foolproof system that increases lead generation. With about 13 days to go, LCS2 will help users discover how to take their online businesses to the next level, even with no products to sell, marketing expertise, or tech skills.

In the words of the creators, they will reveal:

“How to have an executive salary while working from your couch with our turnkey system for building instant credibility, generating massive leads, and making real money online.”

The creators of the LCS2 program claim it will provide users with an innovative CRM product to help them better organize and access customer data into one unified system. They claim their lead generation system generates 1000 leads every month on autopilot and sells while you sleep.

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Masterclass to Reveal LCS2

How LCS2 Works and What to Expect

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

The 3-day live masterclass aims to expose the true potential of the LCS2 software. It will provide users with several strategies that revolve around digital marketing. This revelation comes just in the wake of digital marketing scaling new heights, with many companies and brands making it their first priority.

The internet is full of customers from all lifestyles. Consequently, the digital space teems with untapped potential that online businesses can utilize to their success. However, without adequate knowledge and guidance, it’s sometimes difficult to crack the digital game.

For this reason, ​expert digital marketers Nicely and Michaels developed the LeadConversion Squared (LCS2) masterclass​ to show their customers how digital marketing works. Through their upcoming training, they claim to give users tips and advice from the industry’s top brass.

Besides, users will learn practical tips they can use to turn their products into highly demanded and sought after market assets. This digital training suits people with existing online businesses and wishes to take them to the next level.

According to the founders of the program, LCS2 is one of the most prominent online marketing launches this year. The program embraces cloud-based CRM software, which helps users scale their digital enterprises to the next level.

With the CRM software, users will get a complete turnkey system and persuasive lead hooks. Importantly, they will get LCS2 Virtual Assistants with adequate training in digital marketing intricacies. The LCS2 program will help users generate leads successfully and convert them into real customers with little effort.

Lead Conversion Squared software is capable of performing some important tasks for online business operators.

● Customer Data Handling- Since customer data can be quite exhaustive to store and process, LCS2 acts as a relevant platform to store and access required data.

● Constant Customer Acquisition- This software helps maintain a well-structured communication chain and sales funnel to convert leads to potential customers. It also makes sure that acquired customers are constantly engaged.

● Customer Service- One of the most important domains of a successful business is excellent business services. Via CRM, it’s easy to find out details and instantly respond to customers.

What to Expect During the Launch

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

Lead Conversion is the transformation of a lead (potential customer) to a long-term consumer of your business. It works in the following manner:

● A lead watches an Ad of your business via an Instagram profile that they constantly visit.

● This Ad redirects them to your business landing page.

● On landing on this page, they will be asked to fill their contact details in order to proceed ahead.

● Now that you have their contact details, you have to opt for tactics that transform them into potential customers.

● You can opt for email campaigning, call them, or text them to make this conversion possible.

● Your marketing/campaigns should be such that the lead should at one point become your customer.

● Even though you have conducted the process of lead conversion, you still have to keep working on CRM for keeping the customer with you.

White-labeled CRM Software​: This comes with efficient interface and design. It will help users with leads follow-up, text message follow-through, reseller license, and an efficient tagging system.

Efficient lead magnet​: This will assist users in high-level conversions. It includes personalized videos and a customized business card to match the user’s business objectives.

Effective and consistent lead flow​: This enables users to track their leads’ progress through the sales funnel. According to the creators, users will be able to generate up to 1000 leads per month using the software.

Overall, ​using the LCS2 system starts with joining the program​. After joining, you’ll meet a team of experts to guide you through the steps you need to follow to help you generate high-quality leads without having to do cold calling or buying ads. The LCS2 software makes this process seamless and effortless for digital business owners.

Notably, the program allows users to revisit the training and refresh their perspective or simply to sharpen their skills. With these exquisite takeaways, LCS2 stands out from the rest of other lead generation programs.

For those who may not know, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software evaluates and tracks all the established customers. This helps you transform your marketing strategies accordingly.

LCS2 not only analyses customer relationships but also helps improve the nature of this relationship. Constantly working on CRM helps increase the frequency of customer-business interaction, thereby advancing sales rates. In addition to current customers, it also targets potential ones.

Who is Behind the LCS2 Program?

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

The LCS2 program is a brainchild of two expert digital marketers Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely. Daven has 30 years of experience in the digital marketing business. He is the author of New York Times’ bestseller ‘Outsource Smart.’ He’s an accomplished expert in digital marketing.

Additionally, Daven is the owner of the ‘123Employee’ company, which is currently listed as one of the biggest BPO in the Philippines. Daven brings his insight and successful business strategies to the LCS2 program. This will help upcoming entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes and develop a successful digital marketing empire.

Similarly, Chad is another digital marketing guru. He is known for his digital coaching classes. Chad is the founder and President of ‘Eversuite,’ and he has ventured into many businesses and the Digital Marketing world since 1999. Notably, Chad is known for his creation of the Lead Conversion System, which is an extension of ‘Eversuite.’ He developed the LCS to generate and convert leads effectively through a cohesive system.

Pros of LCS2

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

Easy to learn​: The LCS2 program is the creation of an expert online coach and digital marketer with tremendous experience in different types of marketing strategies and conversions.

Proven method​: The developers have already made millions of dollars using the same technology. This makes it a proven way to generate leads and convert them into actual customers.

Little effort from users​: The program comes with CRM software that does much of the work for the user.

Unique​: It comes with strategies and methods, which are unique and easy to follow.

Limited experience and tech skills​: The program works well even for newbies with limited tech skills and experience.

The three-day LCS2 masterclass pricing​: For those who wish to sign up and view the LCS2 program, can either make a one-time payment of $2,997 or pay 2 separate installments of $1,497 each. They also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if consumers are not satisfied with their purchase or results.

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Why Should You Try LCS2?

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

The Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) system​is set to launch officially on September 28. However, the partners who participated in the internal launch are already praising it. During the internal launch, the program recorded a 32 percent conversion rate.

The founders claim that upon its official launch, the program will be a trailblazer in the Digital Marketing world. If you’re an existing business owner or a digital marketer looking for ways to redeem yourself, this program allows you to learn from the leaders.

You’ll discover the strategies they used to build their successful business empires. Since the product is still in its pre-launch phase, you can easily register for the launch. By booking a spot, you’ll be part of the audience and stand to benefit from its exciting offers.

By joining the launch program, you automatically become eligible to win prizes valued at thousands of dollars if you refer other people to join the mega launch. The prize list includes a one-million-dollar prize for the top seller and a BMW for the subsequent sellers.

Sign up for the LCS2 launch here.

User Reviews About LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared)

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

For other LCS2 reviews, there is a sponsored post, dated September 14, 2020, concerning the Lead Conversion Squared 3 Day Master Class. According to the paid content post, “LCS2 or Lead Conversion Squared is a customer relationship management platform that helps you nurture relationships with existing and new potential buyers. You can also say that this is a complete digital marketing program that aims to not only educate you on the best practices of connecting with your customers, but it also provides you with the right tools and assistance to do so. The creators of LCS2, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely, are running a live 3-day business master class online that will teach how users can take advantage of this powerful software to build their own successful online business.”

As anyone can clearly tell, LCS2 is not messing around this time. Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels are two top-shelf marketing experts who took decades of experience and integrated all of the inner workings of their highly successful strategies and put them into a one stop shop program in Lead Conversion Squared.

Buying Lead Conversion Squared and Joining the LCS2

3-Day Business Masterclass?

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

Lead Conversion Squared follows a comprehensive approach of following up with customers. It operates on the concept that customers once acquired must be preserved, since that’s the only way to build a business. The more you follow up, the more long-term customers you have. Additionally, videos as reminders are another remarkable feature in the LCS2 software that can make customers feel special and important.

And as you may have already guessed, LCS2 is not free and joining the 3-day Business

Masterclass is not cheap given the value being provided. Most LCS2 reviews online say

Lead Conversion Squared is still in its pre-launch process and no costs are posted on the official website yet. However, as a true LCS2 insider, the price of Lead Conversion Squared training program is just under three thousand dollars at $2,997 in full. Those interested may also opt to go with the payment plan by splitting this total cost up into two equal payments of $1,497. Members of LCS2 should also be happy to note that there is a 30-day money back guarantee policy in play that makes this a near risk-free investment opportunity for anyone looking to grow their online business in 2020 and beyond.

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Closing Thoughts

3-Day Business Masterclass by Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

The three-day masterclass for online business training seeks to explain the lead generation and conversion strategies clearly and straightforwardly. With a vivid explanation of the technical and psychological aspects of digital marketing through lead generation and conversion, users can hope to acquire the tools they need to build and expand their digital businesses. Beginning September 28, the founders are going to reveal some of their most effective, lethal, and practical strategies to help users create and run real online businesses from their homes.

By now, most know business is all about establishing and maintaining an ongoing healthy relationship with customers. Thereafter expanding one’s services as per the customer behavior and understanding. That’s how leads are converted right — by understanding consumer needs and requirements. In reality, most business models struggle to strike the perfect balance in being able to attract customers to their vision. And even if they do acquire customers, they find it hard to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

As noted,​ LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared) is an upcoming Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for entrepreneurs​ involved in online businesses that addresses these very flaws in most marketers’ spectrum of strategies and tactics. It helps teach you digital marketing from top to bottom, A to Z by incorporating basic tactics to attract and keep customers to advanced concepts designed to build your know, like and trust factors. It is formulated to find high-potential leads, attract them through meaningful campaigns and make them long-term customers by following up and constantly engaging. This additionally helps in increasing sales. This is how you ROI from your LCS2 purchase too.

Right now, you now know that Lead Conversion Squared is an advanced CRM software that is perfect for those who intend to grow their business exponentially. It can also help successful businessmen multiply their business through the right digital marketing tactics. Designed by two remarkable figures in the field of digital marketing and business, it has the potential of amping up the sales in no time if the right strategies are followed.

Not only does it help in converting leads into customers, but it also focuses on helping you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. The model believes in the fact that customer acquisition is a small part of the job, and keeping customers for a long-term is vital. Its unique video reminder features add to the perfection of this software. We believe that it’s the software for you if you intend to grow your business.

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