12 Best Free Reverse Address Lookup & Online Address Search


Sometimes, all we know is where someone lives, or claims to live. Is that information sufficient enough to extract their information? Yes. The growing crimes in the field of real estate, using real estate have led to the rise of reverse address lookup.

Often, what people claim to own, is not theirs. For instance, if a new neighbor moved in your locality, you might have little or no information about them. Before seeking a hand of friendship, running their address through the portal would give you a complete picture about their life.

While there are abundant websites that claim to provide free address lookup, they aren’t always free. To save you the time and effort, check out the 5 best free reverse address lookup and online address search sites:

FastPeopleFinder– One of the best address lookup utility available

EasyPeopleSearch– Superb search services for address lookup

FindPeopleFirst– Easy to use and find addresses online

EasySearchPeople– Simple ways to look address up online

These were the top 4, but there are more sites that offer the best lookup services. In this article, we will list down 12 most reliable online address lookup services.

Part 1: What is Reverse Address Lookup?

Reverse address lookup is getting information about the individual based on their addresses. It’s almost like typing an address to know “who lives at this address”. Instead of typing someone’s name to know their address, you type their address and know their name and much more.

You can read on more about what reverse address lookup is and how it is more reliable than any other platform. A person transacting on multiple levels and points daily, needs to provide his address at multiple places.

For instance, every government registration would require address information. For filing returns, for marriage, for house purchase, for rent, for even shopping, one needs to provide their address. This is why, at multiple organizations, the address of an individual is registered.

The new age sites have made people search by address possible. Furthermore, rather than using cost-extensive ways of finding information about someone, you can just use free address search to know who lives at this address.

Part 2: How Does a Reverse Address Lookup Work?

With the assistance of public records and internet data, the sites and tools of reverse address search break the information down. When you use a reverse address lookup site, and enter the address, the site would run the address down its vast database.

Now, the superiority of these websites depends upon a bunch of factors. Firstly, is it safe to use this site? Most sites are also hidden homes for malware. So, in wake of looking for a ‘free address lookup’, you might end up in a fix. Therefore, opting only for a trusted name is very important.

Secondly, it is also important to see the reliability of the results. Not all sites are reliable. The list you will find in this article would comprise of sites that have a vast database of reliable information.

Nonetheless, through the use of technology, the apt filters and extensivity of data (public records, internet sources etc.), you can know a lot about a person. As opposed to the information you might end up finding on social media, this will be reliable and prompt.

Part 3: 12 Best Free Reverse Address Sites

As already stated, the need for reverse address sites led to a lot of supply of reverse address sites. Therefore, it is important to know which one is worth your time and effort. These 12 Best Free Reverse Address sites that you definitely need to check out:

1.  FastPeopleFinder – Best Reverse Address Lookup

When it comes to the most immaculate reverse address lookup site, it’s FastPeopleFinder. The website has established its niche in the lookup industry. Furthermore, the built-in interface is extremely user-friendly. Even if it was your first time using a site like this, you will be able to search effortlessly.

1.1 Why Is FastPeopleFinder the Best Reverse Address Lookup?

There are many features that are exclusively effective in making FastPeopleFinder the best. Below are some amazing functions that you need to know about:

Prompt Results

The results that you will derive from FastPeopleFinder are immediate. Promptness seems to be embedded into the very structure of this site. You will be able to immediately pursue the results. There is zero wait time. It, somehow, is surprising how the platform churns relevant data out of the massive database.

Huge Database

The database of FastPeopleFinder is very extensive. It has partnered with a lot of State agencies, and hence, has access to innumerable public records. At the same time, the algorithms of the tool are so set, that any and every information available about that address on the internet, will be displayed.

Reliable information

The information derived from FastPeopleFinder is very reliable. You can count upon the details so extracted. You would not need to counter check the veracity of the information received. As the sources of this platform are reliable, the results are reliable too.

Address Lookup and more

You can engage in address lookup from this platform, but it has more to offer. Any kind of lookup services you want to engage in, FastPeopleFinder can extract. For instance, if you want to do a reverse name lookup, address lookup, phone number lookup, it can be extracted from the platform.

Free Address Search

You can run a reverse address search for free on FastPeopleFinder. The platform has no hidden costs that only come to play after you are just about to ascertain the results. Further, you do not need to purchase a membership or subscription to use the services.

1.2 How to Search Who Lives at This Address?

FastPeopleFinder is very simple and easy to use. You do not have to undergo any complicated processes and procedures to extract the required information. In a few a matter of few minutes, and an array of easy steps, you will be able to check who lives at this address:

Step 1

You first need to visit the site FastPeopleFinder. The site and relevant tabs are pretty straightforwardly led out. Then, you go to the relevant tab of ‘Address Lookup’.

Step 2

You can proceed by selecting “Address Lookup” and enter whatever information you have about the address. You can write the complete/or incomplete address, the City, select the State(s) and then click ‘Start Search’.

Step 3

As and when the search is completed, you will be able to see the details of the person to whom the address belongs. In addition to that, you will be able to see any relevant information existing in public records/internet about that address.

Click here to perform a Reverse Address Lookup >>

2. EasyPeopleSearch

EasyPeopleSearch is a very convenient way of finding the person behind a given address. The search is conducted immediately and you do not have to wait for the results. You will be able to see the name, and personal and professional information worth knowing about the resident of an address.

A lot of people have been using EasyPeopleSearch to get desirable results in a timely manner. As compared to extracting information from the internet, the information derived from this platform is far more reliable.

3. FindPeopleFirst

One can find people first, promptly and conveniently when they use FindPeopleFirst. The site can be accessed from the device you are most compatible with and you can search for the address you want to.

Within a few moments of entering the data, you will have the required information. You do not have to worry about the genuineness of the information so extracted. The sources of FindPeopleFirst are very trustworthy.

Visit FindPeopleFirst and Check Who Lives at This Address >>

4. EasySearchPeople

This platform of EasySearchPeople too has successfully established its ground as a very trustworthy tool for any and every information about people. It’s very easy to use, in a way that is very uncomplicated. You can easily browse from tab to tab.

Furthermore, when it comes to the sufficiency of information, the details extracted are very comprehensive in nature. You can know a lot of details about someone’s personal, professional and even criminal life by using EasySearchPeople.

5. RealPeopleFinder

RealPeopleFinder is being effectively used by people around the world to run reverse address search. All you need is to have the details of the address of an individual and you can get every information about them.

It is also used to run background checks on individuals. Instead of just depending upon the information shared by someone, you can also figure out the ground reality by yourself.

Tap Here to Check What More RealPeopleFinder Has to Offer!

6. GreatPeopleSearch

GreatPeopleSearch allows its users to check the platform for some instant reverse address search. The platform is very quick to use, and also provides instant and immediate results. It also has multiple lookups other than just providing who lives at this address free search services.

For instance, it could also be your go-to site when looking for scammer phone numbers lookup, reverse email search, reverse name search too. Whatever information is available at your disposal, you can run a reverse search and find every information about that person.

7. TruePersonFinder

The platform of TruePersonFinder is being increasingly used to search people. It has a very dependable reverse white pages lookup that ensures that the information received is accurate and extensive.

The information received is multi-faceted. You can know about various aspects of someone’s life, just by looking upon their address. The vast database of information is self-sufficient to extract any information from the platform.

8. PeopleSearchFaster

Searching people through their address becomes very easy with PeopleSearchFaster. The process is quick and immediate. Based on someone’s address, you can extract multiple records. Addresses are an important part of public records and their access is very easy through PeopleSearchFaster.

You just type the address and hit ‘send’. The platform will then run the address through its database and provide the desirable results. Any and every important information pertaining to that address will be known to you.

Access Fresh and Accurate Information with PeopleSearchFaster Now!

9. PeopleFindFast

If you want to find someone in a fast and prompt manner through their address, PeopleFindFast is a reliable alternative. The platform is known to have a vast and trustworthy database. When you enter an address, PeopleFindFast churns the information through its database and generates results.

Sometimes, you tend to get more information than what you anticipated. The address of a person is an information which is mandatory in nature. That is why, you can learn about every relevant aspect pertaining to an individual.

10. FastPeopleFinder

When you have a sense of urgency in extracting information, FastPeopleFinder will help you extract the details faster. You can just type the address and wait for the results. Even if you do not know the complete address, typing vague address information will also bring you results.

Using FastPeopleFinder is very simple. In a matter of a few steps, you can get the required information immediately. The address is one of the most coveted information for professional, personal and public record purposes. Hence, the results received are multi-faceted.

11. FindPeopleEasy

You can find people easily through FindPeopleEasy. It is turning out to become one of the most coveted ways to search for free address lookup by name. What has led to its popularity is the way it is user friendly. You will just know how to use this site, even if it was your first time.

It is essentially simple to use FindPeopleEasy. You can just head to the site, type out the address and hit ‘Search’. The display of the search results too are very prompt. The wait time is literally non-existent.

12. PeopleFindFaster

There is a lot of competition for the time taken in the result generation of address lookup platforms. This is why PeopleFindFaster is very reliable and widely-used. The platform is easy to access and convenient to use.

Finding people becomes easy when you are equipped with a platform as wholesome and prompt as PeopleFindFaster. You can browse from tab to tab quite easily. Further, there are also other lookup alternatives available. Be it name, phone number, email, address, PeopleFindFaster will assist you in seeking things sooner.


An address is an important part of one’s identity. Almost every vital registration and information requires the information of address. Hence, reverse address lookup will always lead to guaranteed reliable information about every vital aspect of a person’s life.

Whether it is a new neighbor, whether it is a realtor, or someone you just met, you can know all about them by using the above free address lookups. The best advantage of these tools are the fact that they can produce extensive information about a person. Anything vital and note-worthy about an individual will be known to you.

You can not only see someone’s state and public records using FastPeopleFinder but also relevant social media pages. The address could definitely give you the accurate picture of the individual rather than the person itself. A lot of people are securing themselves from frauds using such sites, you should too!

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