10 Best Phone Psychic Readings Online – Real, Cheap, and Accurate

10 Best Phone Psychic Readings Online - Real, Cheap, and Accurate

No matter what is happening in your life right now, a psychic reading can give you the insight you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Whether you have questions about your love life, career, money, relationships, or your future, online psychics can give you the clarity you need to make the best possible decisions.

But when it comes to getting the best psychic readings online, where should you turn?

It seems like for every real psychic that wants to use their clairvoyant ability to help others, there are just as many scammers that look to prey on unsuspecting victims.

How do you really know who to trust?

My name is Melissa Stewart and I’ve been getting phone psychic readings for the past 5 years. We all reach a time in our lives where we could use a little extra guidance from the spiritual realm and I’m no exception.

10 Best Phone Psychic Readings Online - Real, Cheap, and Accurate

Over the years, I’ve tested 13 different online psychic reading websites to see which companies have REAL psychics and which ones don’t. I tried almost every type of reading you can imagine including love readings, tarot readings, astrology, dream analysis, past life readings, numerology, and more.

Some services I tried were incredible and knew things about my life that blew me away, while others were just awful.

If you want to get the best psychic readings without getting scammed, below are my top recommended psychic services.

  • Psychic Source – Best For Love Readings (3 Free Minutes + 75% Off)
  • Keen – Best For Guidance on Big Life Decisions (10 Minutes for Just $1.99!)
    Kasamba – Best For Tarot Readings and Fortune Telling (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off)
    Asknow – Best For Dream Analysis and Mediumship

    1) Psychic Source – Best Psychic Readings By Phone, Chat, or Video

    10 Best Phone Psychic Readings Online - Real, Cheap, and Accurate

    Psychic Source is my top choice for the best online psychics and the most accurate readings.I was a little skeptical during my first reading with them, but they really blew me away. Their predictions have been spot-on every time and I can’t recommend them enough.

    Psychic Source has over 250+ carefully screened online psychics in their network, each with their own unique expertise. You’ll find everything from clairvoyants, tarot readers, mediums, empaths, astrologists, energy healers, and more. The great part about Psychic Source is that they offer 3 different ways to connect: by phone, online psychic chat, or live video. All of their psychics are screened and tested for authenticity, so you can feel confident that your psychic reader is legitimate.

    The Psychic Source site is currently running a special promotion for new clients, which offers rates as low as $0.66 per minute + 3 free minutes. If you’re looking for a trusted psychic service and a great deal, Psychic Source should be at the top of your list.

    • Connect 24 Hours A Day By Phone, Chat, or Video Call
    • Over 30 Years in Business and Thousands of 5-Star Reviews
    • Specialties Include Love, Career, Money, and Tarot
    • Their Face-to-Face Live Video Readings Are Amazing!
    • Rates As Low As $0.66 Per Minute + 3 Free Minutes

    Call Now: 866-953-6748

    Click Here To Visit Psychic Source Website

    2) Asknow – Best Love Readings

    10 Best Phone Psychic Readings Online - Real, Cheap, and Accurate

    When it comes to matters of the heart, Asknow has experienced love psychics that are truly amazing. I’ve called the Asknow psychic hotline many times before and I’ve been super impressed with how accurate and knowledgeable they are. Their experts can answer questions about all types of love issues including relationship problems, infidelity, marriage issues, love compatibility, and more.

    Asknow has been around since 2004, offering phone psychic readings and psychic chat readings to thousands of customers from all over the world. The best part about Asknow is their strict screening process for all psychic readers in their network. Every online psychic that applies to the Asknow network is tested for skill and accuracy. In fact, only 1 in 20 psychic mediums meet their strict quality standards. That means when you get an online psychic reading from Asknow, you can feel confident that you’re talking to one of the top rated psychics in the world.

    For new members, Asknow has a special offer that includes a 15 minute psychic reading for just $10.In addition, you’ll also get 5 free minutes with one of their Master psychics as well. If you’re looking for the best phone psychic reading at an affordable price, Asknow is a great choice.

    • Choose Between a Phone Reading or Online Chat Session
    • Excellent Love and Relationship Readings
    • All Advisors Are Screened For Skill and Accuracy
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Call Now: 888-908-9434

    Click Here To Visit Asknow Website

    3) Keen – Best For Cheap Readings

    10 Best Phone Psychic Readings Online - Real, Cheap, and Accurate

    Keen is the world’s largest online psychic network, featuring over 1,700 advisors in a wide range of categories. They literally have every type of reading you can imagine including love, tarot, dream interpretation, astrology, aura cleansing, numerology, and everything in between. Similar to other services, Keen allows you to get a psychic reading online or via phone call.

    The best part about Keen is that every advisor in their network is rated and reviewed by the Keen community. This means that you can see reviews and ratings for each psychic on their website or mobile app before deciding which one to talk to. This makes it super easy to find the highest rated psychics and to avoid the mediocre ones.

    Among all the psychic sites I’ve tried, Keen has the cheapest per minute rates. For just $1.99, you can get a 10 minute psychic reading over the phone or via online chat with the psychic of your choice.

    • All Phone Readings Are 100% Private and Anonymous
    • Filter Readers By Rating, Price, Availability, and Specialty
    • Chat or Talk Anytime and Anywhere via Keen Psychic App
    • Special Deal: 10 Minute Psychic Readings For Just $1.99!

    Click Here To Visit Keen Website

    Things to Know Before You Call a Psychic Phone Number

    Getting in touch with psychics is pretty simple. Most psychics are accessible through a psychic website, where each advisor goes through a screening process and is tested for their accuracy, knowledge, and experience. Some psychic advisors specialize in chat readings, while others prefer to chat live via telephone.No matter which type of method you choose, you can rest assured that every psychic is high quality and fully vetted.

    However, there are some things you want to keep in mind.

    Make a List of Questions

    First off, don’t go into the physic reading expecting one definite answer to a question you may have. We encourage you to put a list of questions to ask together to keep the session running smoothly. That being said, real psychic readers have little control over their intuition. The information they receive doesn’t come from them but through them.

    For this reason, there can be different ways of interpretation. At the end of the day, as long as you’re working with the best online psychic advisor, you’ll receive the information you need, not necessarily want.

    Let the Psychic Guide the Session

    It can be tempting to take over the conversation and tell the phone psychic about your problems and personal life. We recommend that you let the reader guide the session. They will ask you questions throughout the reading and take the discussion where it needs to go. Remember that the clairvoyant is the experienced one, and they know what they are doing. A good phone psychic will do most of the talking, asking you to confirm details here and there.

    Listen for Keywords

    This is important especially to tell if your reader is legit or not. Is your psychic hitting important details in your life? An accurate medium will surprise you with some unusual information about your life. They, of course, won’t know every detail but because they are intuitive, they’ll have a general idea of why you’ve decided to call them. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with your reader or it’s clear they are inexperienced, end the session and find another spiritual advisor.

    End a Session if Needed

    We touched briefly on this above. If it’s clear that your reader is a scammer or does not know what they’re doing, don’t be afraid to end the phone call. Here are some signs that you need to stop talking to them immediately:

    They predict your death or foretell a tragedy. No trustworthy reader will ever do this. If you come across one who does, it’s in your best interest to hang up the telephone.

    If your psychic service promises you winning lottery numbers, you can bet they are scams.

    Reputable psychics won’t increase their fee every time you schedule with them. If you feel pressured into paying more or buying some of their merchandise, end the call.

    These are all situations in which we would advise you to end the session. If your advisor does not feel authentic or you get bad energy from them, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. Some phone lines will even give you your money back if this happens to be the case. Be sure to look at their satisfaction guarantee policy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do Phone Psychic Readings Work?

    According to Alissa from psychics4today.com, phone psychics don’t need to be face-to-face with you to connect to your energy. Some argue that an online or phone reading can be more accurate than an in-person session.

    Regardless, if you’ve never had phone psychic readings before, you’re probably curious about what to expect.

    Whether you’re getting a tarot card reading or a medium reading, an accurate psychic will prepare for your session in much the same way they do for a face-to-face appointment.

    Each psychic has a different mixture of gifts. They have all learned to work in a manner that strengthens their connection to psychic energies. When they open themselves up to the universe, some service providers may contact their guides or angels for information, while another may prepare their tarot card deck.

    When you call into your psychic network, they will be ready to assist and guide you however you need.

    Once you connect with your psychic advisor, they will give you insights on how to proceed. Some of the best online psychics will want to speak to you right off, giving you insight from the impressions they get from your energy. Others will ask you questions or invite you to begin the session by asking your own questions.

    A psychic that works mainly through tarot cards will build their spread, interpreting the cards’ insight for you. One that is clairvoyant may describe what they see or hear as they contact the Akashic Record. A medium may speak of emotions or scents, letting their spirit guides communicate to them what information the universe wants you to know.

    Can A Psychic Reading By Phone Really Be As Accurate As An In-Person Session?

    When you work with a psychic network or an individual, genuine psychic, cheap psychic readings by phone will usually be more accurate than an in-person session, not less.

    Beginning readers may make subconscious conclusions about you before or during an online psychic reading. Whether it’s the car you drove, your makeup, your clothes or your body language, people may have a bias that could affect their interpretation of the signals they are getting from their guides or tools. Psychic readers are, after all, human, too.

    Psychic readings circumvent these human foibles cleanly. A reading over the phone narrows down their contact to your voice, their tools, and your energy.

    What Type of Topics Can Be Discussed During A Psychic Reading?

    Psychic readings can provide clarity and answers to a wide range of topics. Here are some of the reasons why a psychic enthusiast might reach out to a free psychic in difficult times.

    • Career, Goals, and Success
    • Relationship Advice
    • Life Purpose and Destiny
    • Love Readings
    • Finance, Money, and Business
    • Family and Health
    • Life Path
    • Messages From Spirit Guides
    • Deceased Loved Ones
    • Future Happiness
    • Weird Dreams
    • Past Life Readings

    What Type of Tools Do Psychics Use?

    Depending on the psychic provider you choose, there are a variety of divination tools that can be used. Here is a list of the most commonly used psychic tools:

    • Runes
    • Tarot Cards
    • Crystal Ball
    • Horoscopes
    • I-Ching
    • Astrology

    How Much Do The Best Psychic Networks Charge?

    With psychic sites, each advisor gets to set his or her own per minute rates. The cost range for phone readings largely depends on customer feedback and how popular they are within the psychic community. However, when you purchase psychic readings, most companies offer 3 free minutes at the start of every session. This makes a lot of sense, as it gives you an opportunity to see if someone is a good fit for you or not.

    How Do I Find The Best Psychic?

    Let your intuition guide you in the process of picking the best psychic reading service. Most services have profile pages that allow you to see testimonials and reviews of each psychic before making a choice. This gives you the option to research their experience, abilities, communication methods, reputation, and level of expertise.

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