10 Best Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android (Undetectable)

Spy apps seem to get better – and more numerous – each year. You can find some truly excellent, advanced...

Spy apps seem to get better – and more numerous – each year. You can find some truly excellent, advanced solutions this year.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best free, hidden spy apps for Android below. Please be aware that the majority of the apps below offer free live demos or trials and not full versions. It’s expensive to make and maintain an app.

1. Spyine – Effective and Easy-to-Use

With over a million downloads and having done the rounds on multiple online channels like TheVerge, The Huffington Post, and TechCrunch, Spyine is a well-known Android spy app. It’s easy to set up and offers several powerful features.

Hidden Spy Apps

Spyine is the best Android spy app because it offers industry-leading features:

Spyine is incredibly stealthy

Spyine is impossible to detect once installed. How does that work exactly? You install and download a tiny app (<2MB) on the target phone or tablet. Afterward, you are given the option to hide the app. Then the app icon disappears. There’s no process to see in the process list either.

The app runs invisibly in the background, sharing the user’s phone activities with you via the internet. It doesn’t drain the battery. As the app is small, works without an app icon, and doesn’t drain the battery, the user can’t find it!

Go to Spyine official website or check the live demo here >>.

The app comes with multiple top-tier features

You will be able to see almost everything the Android user is doing on their device:

  • Check calls: You can follow the user’s call activity. You can view their call logs and see important information like call durations and frequent callers. The app also allows you to retrieve their contacts book.
  • View media files: You can find and download media files present on the user’s device. This includes all the pictures, audio files, and videos.
  • See social media: Spyine gives you access to popular social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter present on the user’s device. You can check their messages, view their followers, and more.
  • Read texts: All incoming and outgoing texts are logged by Spyine. You can find important information like timestamps and phone numbers alongside. Messages are preserved online in an archive.
  • Access web browser history: The web browser history tracker lets you find out the Android device user’s favorite sites, site visit frequency, real-time web browsing activity, and much more.
  • Track real-time location: The GPS and WiFi tracker will let you follow the Android user’s movements in real-time. You receive important information like entry/exit times and dates and the detailed street addresses.

You receive over a dozen advanced features in total, including the ability to retrieve deleted messages.To see more details, you can check Spyine’s website here.

Hidden Spy Apps

What makes Spyine special?

Spyine has much to offer:

a. The app is hassle-free to use

You don’t need to root the user’s device to use Spyine. This makes it straightforward to install and use. You won’t need any special technical knowledge, nor do you have to worry about problems like data loss and malware that may be caused by root.

b. It’s a trusted brand

Spyine is a global brand and has a presence in 190+ countries. The app is used by parents who want to keep tabs on their children, employers struggling with problem employees, and people in relationships with cheating partners.

c. The app has an intuitive user-interface

Spyine has a simple, easy-to-access web interface. You can log into your account from any web browser and track the target device remotely. Once you install the app, you never have to touch the target device again. You can even uninstall it remotely with a single click.

d. It integrates a powerful keylogger

The app comes with a powerful keylogger feature. That means the app can record every keystroke made on the Android device – including usernames and passwords. It may be possible for you to find the login credentials to the user’s online accounts.

The combination of features and reliability make Spyine the 1 top spy app for Android this year. There’s a free live demo available on the official website, you can see the app in action firsthand.

Check how Spyine’s Android solution works here >>

2. Spyic

Spyic is a powerful Android spy app. It has been around for a long time and has a well-deserved reputation for being a solid, reliable solution. You can install this app in minutes and then start tracking the target Android device from your web browser.


The app has a web-based interface and will give you periodic updates on the target device’s activity. You can check phone calls, messages, social media, and the device location. A major feature of this app is the ability to retrieve and display deleted messages – whether social media or texts.

3. Safespy

Safespy is a favorite with people looking to keep tabs on their maybe-cheating partners. The app is super stealthy and will track anyone’s smartphone without the user knowing. It’s known for being a risk-free solution, meaning you won’t be detected.

This app comes with a full suite of phone tracking features. All the major features – like call logging, message viewing, and web browser viewing – are present. The app is convenient to access. It works from your web browser, remotely and discreetly.

4. TeenSafe

TeenSafe, as the name can tell you, is a popular parental control solution. It’s mainly used by parents who want to make sure their teens are safe when they head out. It offers a full set of parental control and remote supervision tools.

hidden app

With TeenSafe, you can track any teen’s movements in real-time when they head outside. You can check their media files, messages, and contacts and make sure they hang out with the right people. The app has a reliable stealth mode if you wish to track an especially rebellious child in secret.

5. Spyier

Spyier is one of the most undetectable spy apps for Android. Once you install this app on the target device, only you can bring it back up again. It doesn’t interfere with the working of the target phone in any way and sends you frequent data updates.

Hidden Spy Apps

This app tracks most major phone functions, including text messages, social media apps, call logs, media files, and web browser history. The app also comes with a powerful keylogger that will record and share the user’s keystrokes with you.

6. Minspy

Minspy is a user-friendly tracking solution for Android smartphones and tablets. It’s compatible with all the newest versions of Android, starting with Android 4.0. It comes loaded with usable features, which you can access conveniently from your phone or PC.

The app will track phone calls, call logs, messages, and media files. You can take a look at the Android user’s contact list and get an idea of their acquaintances. The app will run in stealth mode. It self-updates, so you don’t have to have the target device in your hand.

7. Neatspy

Neatpsy is a popular app. You download it onto the Android phone or tablet you want to track and install it in minutes. Afterward, you will be able to follow device activity from your web browser. It’s fast, safe, and easy.

This app is risk-free to use. It has an excellent stealth feature. You don’t need any technical skills to install the app. It comes with a free live demo, so you can take a look at the various tracking features yourself and see if you like what it has to offer.

8. Appmia

Appmia is an excellent spy app, with over 250,000 active users. It has been reviewed by major channels like CNN, Yahoo, and BBC. The app allows you to monitor target Android smartphones and tablets from any internet-enabled device.

Hidden Spy Apps

The app supports advanced tracking features like social media monitoring and location logging. It also offers some unique features like call restrictions, website blocking, and call recording. However, bear in mind that this app requires root.

9. Auto Forward

Auto Forward is a capable, advanced Android spy app. Once you install the app, it will allow you to track the target device without you having to touch it. This app has an accessible user interface and multiple useful tracking features.

Hidden Spy Apps

Auto Forward will log the user’s text messages, social media messages, and web browser history. The app installs via an over the air link (OTA). It’s easy enough to download and use. However, this app is expensive, costing almost $70 per month.

10. Copy9

Copy9 is an American company. Their app is made to monitor children and employees. The app is designed to be simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. It runs on all Android devices with OS 4.0 and up.

Hidden Spy Apps

Copy9 is a user-verified solution. The app offers some noteworthy features like ambient sound recording and the ability to track and record app usage. Some drawbacks of the app are the dated user-interface and the lack of key features.


Our best free hidden spy apps for Android list is ranked from most recommended apps to the less so. All the apps here are worth trying out, but you are likely to have the most satisfying experience with the first few.

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