For the past decade, SFUSD has delayed algebra I to 9th grade for all students.

For the past decade, San Francisco Unified School District has been setting its students up to be left behind by delaying algebra I to 9th grade for all students.

This means students either find alternative means to prepare for science, technology, engineering, and math careers, or they graduate ill-prepared for a world that leans heavily on STEM.

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Maya Keshavan is a parent to two SFUSD K-12 alumni, co-author of the Families for San Francisco report on the SFUSD math sequence, and an electrical engineer.

Rex Ridgeway is an African American grandfather of a sophomore at Abraham Lincoln High School in SFUSD and a current board member of its Parent Teacher Student Association and School Site Council. He is also a retired interim chair of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee.

David Margulies has a Ph.D. from UC San Diego in materials science and is a former IBM research staff member. He has numerous publications in scientific journals and has co-authored 34 U.S. patents.