Bay Area COVID-19 updates

SF rates climbing, but not as drastically as last winter

The latest developments around the region related to the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, as of Wednesday evening include:

San Francisco’s rate of new COVID-19 cases is outpacing all other Bay Area counties as well as most of the state, according to local and state health data.

The city is confirming an average of around 13 new cases per day per 100,000 residents as of March 29, the most recent date for which complete data is available.

Only one other Bay Area County, San Mateo, is confirming more than 10 cases per 100,000 residents on average while the rest of the greater Bay Area’s 11 counties are confirming between five and seven cases per 100,000.

Likewise, many of the state’s largest counties including Los Angeles, Sacramento and Fresno are tracking even lower at 5.5 cases per 100,000 or fewer.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health said in a statement that even amid the uptick, cases are not increasing at rates similar to the winter surge tied to the highly contagious omicron variant.

In addition, DPH officials said, just 20 patients are currently hospitalized with COVID, down from a pandemic peak of 286 during the omicron surge and equivalent with pre-omicron levels.


As of Wednesday, at 5:30 p.m., officials have confirmed the following number of cases around the greater Bay Area region:

Alameda County: 258,708 cases, 1,844 deaths (258,511 cases, 1,842 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include Berkeley Health Department data)

Contra Costa County: 190,820 cases, 1,294 deaths (190,741 cases, 1,294 deaths on Tuesday)

Marin County: 33,552 cases, 270 deaths (33,527 cases, 270 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include San Quentin State Prison)

Monterey County: 79,406 cases, 733 deaths (79,406 cases, 733 deaths on Tuesday)

Napa County: 25,905 cases, 137 deaths (25,897 cases, 137 deaths on Tuesday)

San Francisco County: 124,458 cases, 848 deaths (124,392 cases, 847 deaths on Tuesday)

San Joaquin County: 167,275 cases, 2,202 deaths (167,275 cases, 2,202 deaths on Tuesday)

San Mateo County: 122,058 cases, 745 deaths (121,767 cases, 745 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Clara County: 310,710 cases, 2,228 deaths (310,483 cases, 2,228 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Cruz County: 47,808 cases, 259 deaths (47,808 cases, 259 deaths on Tuesday)

Solano County: 84,664 cases, 413 deaths (84,664 cases, 413 deaths on Tuesday)

Sonoma County: 84,035 cases, 488 deaths (83,997 cases, 488 deaths on Tuesday)

Statewide: 8,503,930 cases, 88,355 deaths (8,503,930 cases, 88,355 deaths on Tuesday)

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