BART trains to run until midnight on Sundays

Weekday service remains unchanged except for minor departure time changes

By Olivia Wynkoop

Bay City News

As BART makes strides in its power cable replacement project, trains will run until midnight on Sundays again starting Feb. 14.

Since before the pandemic, the transit service has been working to replace power cables in the San Francisco tunnel with Measure RR funding.

BART typically reduces its service from five lines to three lines on Sundays to give crews space to work on the cables. BART on Twitter said the project shaved off 15 months of late-night Sunday construction work thanks to reduced hours during the pandemic.

In response, BART will also run 5-line service on Sundays when single-track construction is not in place.

The service has allocated 16 Sundays for single-tracked, 5-line service this year to finish the project.

More information on single-tracking Sundays can be found here:

Also starting Feb. 14, Dublin riders can take rides to Berryessa and San Jose with a Blue Line train waiting on the opposite platform at Bay Fair during all service hours.

BART will also update the transfer timetable between their service times and Caltrain’s, though BART officials said they expect few changes except for the Sunday schedule expansion.

BART said weekday service will remain unchanged except for minor departure time changes.

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