What’s your life purpose? 2 simple methods to get there

As a therapist and professional coach one of the most common areas of focus for my clients is the question around their life’s purpose.

After many hours of helping others on this matter I would like to share with you the two most effective methods you can apply in your own life if the question “What’s my life purpose?” has ever crossed your mind.

To begin, let’s start with a set of important questions around this matter:

Do you believe you have one specific life purpose?

Is your life purpose something that has been already determined for you?

Do you think that it would be and feel the same whatever you decided to do with your life?

It is my perspective that we each have a unique and individual life purpose. Doing that makes us feel like and become who we really are. It connects us with our authentic self. By life purpose what I mean is not what you like or dislike to do but what you are meant to do with your time in this life.

So, to save your time and effort: If you believe that you don’t have a specific life purpose and no matter what purpose you choose in life you will be just as happy, successful and equally fulfilled, then this article won’t make sense to you.

If you think that there is a specific purpose that already exists for you and that it’s your job to find it and put it into action, please keep reading.

Here are two of the most effective methods I know to get there

Your Peak Experiences

This is an exercise that you will need to focus and use your memory. Find a quiet place where you can sit still, think and take notes without being interrupted. The idea is for you to close your eyes and do a mental exercise traveling back in time to find all the moments in your life when you felt most fulfilled, happy and aligned with your inner self.

Once you have found them and can remember them start to answer the following questions:

When were the times in your life when you felt most passionate and fulfilled?

When were the times you felt most meaningful and aligned with your inner self?

What where the core values you can pick up from those experiences?

If you had a year to live what would you spend your time doing?

Picture yourself at the end of your career. Your friends and partners are throwing a party in your honor to commemorate you. What would you like to be remembered for? What do you imagine them saying about your contribution?

If you did the visualizations and answered the questions with real commitment it will be time for you to sit and start finding a common path, patterns, and signs that will start making sense to you. Think of it as a puzzle. The answer won’t show up at first but if you dedicate time and effort I promise it will arise.

Ask for Feedback

There is a reason why we humans have two ears and only one mouth.

The second method is to ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is a great technique only if you understand that there are three basic rules for this to work:

1. You have to know specifically who you will ask for it (it has to be someone that knows you really well and loves you enough to be honest).

2. Know specifically what and why you will ask.

3. Do not argue, comment or even talk. Just listen as carefully as you can to what the person has to share with you as if it was the most precious gift he is giving you.

These are some helpful questions to guide you with developing your own questionnaire:

What shows up when I show up?

What happens to you when you interact with me?

What are the natural talents you can see in me?

In which moments of my life can you see me using these talents in a natural and spontaneous way?

If I would be on the cover of a magazine, what magazine do you think this would be and what would the front cover say?

These methods will help you to create an amazing map that outlines the things that resonate with you and most likely point to your life’s purpose. Don’t forget — it will take courage and action to start using this map. I invite you to contact me using the information below to let me know how your journey is unfolding as you begin to actualize your life’s purpose.

Nico Iglesias is a therapist and professional coach in San Francisco. Contact him at nicoiglesias@gmail.com.

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