Scoop: Why Sulu’s husband is Asian in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Much has been made of the decision to reveal that the “Star Trek” character Sulu is gay in the latest franchise installment “Star Trek Beyond ,” but for actor John Cho, one of the most important things was ensuring that Sulu’s husband was also of Asian descent.

“Originally we weren’t even sure if the husband was going to be human,” Cho said. “When I thought about it, I wanted two things: I wanted the parents to look as traditional as possible. And because he was gay, the Asian and Asian thing would ironically be super radical.”

The choice, Cho said, was partially intended as a “valentine” to a gay friend he had growing up.

“I always felt it was harder being gay and Asian than any other combination. I thought the cultural stigma was the thickest on the Asian boys I knew,” Cho said. “It would be appropriate that in the future it would look very much like what we tend to see in heterosexual families.”

Hollywood wall of fame

On the day Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for president, a miniature wall appeared around the former reality TV host’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Tourists stopped Tuesday to snap photos of the 6-inch gray wall that was topped with razor wire and plastered with “keep out” signs. The tiny wall was gone by Wednesday morning.

It was the work of an artist who calls himself Plastic Jesus, known for posting “No Trump Anytime” signs on street corners earlier this year.

Kat cuts ties with Star

Tattoo artist and reality show star Kat Von D has cut business ties with makeup artist Jeffree Star.

In a YouTube video, Von D says she’s ended her business relationship with Star because he refused to pay for logos designed by a mutual friend and used on Star’s products.

She said in an Instagram post that she’s also pulling the shade “Jeffree” from her makeup collection.

Von D has starred on a pair of tattoo-themed TLC reality shows, “Miami Ink” and “L.A. Ink.”

Star responded on Snapchat, saying Kat Von D’s statements were “full of some really interesting lies and some propaganda.”

Quick take

The Bayview Opera House reopened on Wednesday after undergoing a $5.7 million renovation. Mayor Ed Lee, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Supervisor Malia Cohen were on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Happy birthday!

San Francisco 49er Quinton Dial is 26. … Drummer Will Berman of MGMT is 34. … Reggae singer Damian Marley
is 38. … Actress Ali Landry is 43. … Comedian Jon Lovitz is 59. … Singer Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is 68. …
Cartoonist Garry Trudeau (“Doonesbury”) is 68.

Behind the scenes at the Goldman Prize

Executive director talks about mission of awards, which are announced May 25

California’s Crisis of Faith

There’s a bigger problem lurking behind our big problems