Scoop: ‘Game of Thrones’ tops Emmy nods, but streaming makes gains

The Emmy Awards nominations told us what is already evident: The power and reputation of streaming services Netflix and Amazon are on the rise, and broadcast networks and even longtime premium cable star HBO are paying the price.

In Thursday’s announcement of prime-time Emmy contenders, television academy voters also signaled their regard for what people of color are bringing to the industry table: Each of the top acting categories included at least one minority nominee. It’s a reality the Oscars have yet to embrace.

Although HBO claimed the most nominations and the top nominee with fantasy epic “Game of Thrones,” the channel’s tally dropped from last year’s 126 nods to 94, a stunning change in what had been a steadily upward trajectory since its salad days of “Sex and the City” and “The Sopranos.”

Of the four major broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and Fox saw a drop in their positive Emmy feedback — with the exception, NBC, only holding year-to-year ground with 41 nominations.

In contrast, Netflix looked like a thoroughbred just starting to show what it can do. With buzz-provoking, critically acclaimed series’ including political drama “House of Cards” and documentary series “Making a Murderer,” the service grabbed 54 nods, compared to 34 last year.

Amazon collected fewer accolades but still made gains, with 16 nods this year versus 12 in 2015.

Prince Harry takes HIV test

Britain’s Prince Harry has taken a nearly instant HIV test as part of his campaign to raise awareness about the virus.

The results of the simple finger-prick test were negative, and Harry seemed relieved to find that he was not infected with the virus. Harry admitted before the test that he was nervous.

The test at a sexual health clinic in London was filmed and broadcast Thursday. It takes only a few seconds and a small amount of blood for the test to be carried out.

Pokemon No! Part II

Authorities say two men who were playing “Pokemon Go” fell off an ocean bluff in Southern California.

Encinitas firefighters say the men climbed through a fence Wednesday afternoon while playing the digital-monster cellphone game.

One man fell about 50 feet down the side of the unstable bluff and the other fell about 90 feet to the beach.

They were taken to a hospital with moderate injuries.

Happy birthday!

Guitarist Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance is 39. … Actor Brian Austin Green is 43. … Actress Brigitte Nielsen is 53. … Actor-director Forest Whitaker is 55. … Drummer Marky Ramone (The Ramones) is 60. … Actor Jan-Michael Vincent is 72. … Actor Ken Kercheval (“Dallas”) is 81.

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