Scoop: Fallen DMX saved by emergency crews

DMX is going to be OK.

Emergency workers resuscitated the rapper early Tuesday after he was found on the ground next to a car in a hotel parking lot in Yonkers, N.Y.

His attorney Murray Richman told the NBC News station that medical crews saved the artist (whose real name is Earl Simmons) after he was found passed out in the lot of a Ramada Inn.

The rapper was taken to the hospital afterward.

Richman said his client is asthmatic and that he had no knowledge of his drug use. The TV news crew reported that witnesses told police the rapper had ingested a substance before losing consciousness.

According to Billboard, a family member denied X’s consumption of powder or drug use, saying he fell unconscious before reaching his inhaler.

Friend and collaborator Swizz Beatz — who produced the 1999 cut “Ruff Ryders Anthem” — tweeted an update and a photo of himself in the studio with his cohort: “Just got off the phone with the DOG. He’s good and in great spirits. Thanks for all the blessings.”


We almost wish Samantha Bee really did declare all-out war against Stephen Colbert.

As the TV comedy news star proclaimed herself the “unholy queen of late night” as a publicity stunt with her fellow “Daily Show” alum, she also got off to a grand start Monday on TBS’ “Full Frontal,” her own weekly not-quite late-night show.

She delved in to the New Hampshire primary. Her response to a clip of Hillary Clinton saying she didn’t anticipate running for president was “f— off”; and she called Bernie Sanders a “blustery old grandpa living off Social Security checks and stolen sugar packets.”

She called the Republican slate “a banquet of all-you-can-eat crazy.” When Ben Carson missed his cue to go onstage, she said it was “the first domino in a cascade of fail.” Donald Trump was “an oddly tinted compilation of psychiatric symptoms” and a “sentient ‘caps lock’ button.”

Her best bit might have been the “Elected Paperweight of the Month,” an award she gave to Kansas Sen. Mitch Hess, who came up with a dress code for women testifying in front of legislators that prohibited low-cut tops and miniskirts.

Warning to Colbert, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Larry Wilmore and Seth Meyers: This clever and courageous Canadian (female!) may well be the best fit for Jon Stewart’s shoes.


Actress Chloe Grace Moretz is 19. … Oakland A Liam Hendriks is 27. … Actress Uzo Aduba is 35. … Actress Elizabeth Banks is 42. … Actress Laura Dern is 49. … TV host Goerge Stephanopoulos is 55. … Swimmer Mark Spitz is 66. … Singer Roberta Flack is 79. … Actor Robert Wagner is 86.

— Wire, staff reports

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