San Francisco’s hidden shopping gem

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Tucked away in the picturesque pocket between Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights is one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets for discerning shoppers seeking out a unique array of retail options. Peppered with legacy businesses, small family shops and and unparalleled dining experiences, Sacramento Street is the ultimate destination for locals and visitors seeking a truly distinctive taste of city life.

Stretched over the span of seven blocks between Spruce and Broderick, the heart of Sacramento Street is home to over 35 independent, locally-owned businesses — many of which have served the City for generations. From modern luxe and classic home furnishings to fashion boutiques, personal care salons and popular restaurants, Sacramento Street has something for everyone.

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Button Down, Sacramento Street’s renowned luxury clothing and gift shop, has also been offering the public fine goods from some of the world’s most luxurious clothing and accessories brands for 40-plus years. Button Down is owned by husband duo Ken Griffin and Dan Keenan.

Button Down is located at 3415 Sacramento Street

In addition to his role at the helm of Button Down, Griffin is the president of the Sacramento Street Merchant Association, which formed in 1990 to provide the area’s businesses a forum for support.

“There’s so much history here with many established iconic shops and restaurants,” Griffin says. “It’s like a mellow version of downtown — all the glamour without the traffic. You can go out to eat and walk around your favorite stores, and there’s a feeling of community with so many small, individually owned businesses. There’s a whole generation of us who grew up shopping at malls and big box retailers, but there is a better alternative. Shopping here, you’re effectively helping to keep small businesses stay alive. Sacramento Street is a one-stop shop for for so many things, from designer jewelry and clothing to swimsuits, home goods, and more. You might walk down the street and discover your new favorite shop — there’s a little bit of everything.”

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To Griffin’s point, there is a surprisingly varied range of retailers dotting Sacramento Street, from James, the modern barbershop located within Button Down, to Found by Maja, the beautiful space housing a vast array of global treasures. Interior design firms Kendall Wilkinson Design, Chantal Lamberto Design and Margaret Ash Design & Home afford customers the opportunity to create the homes and businesses of their dreams while Anthem Home provides elegant furnishings and decor to further realize those visions. Designer Consigner offers opportunities to find luxury items at resale, and Fleur*T offers contemporary and classic floral arrangements to elevate any space or event. As Griffin says, “Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been a regular for years, Sacramento Street is always worth rediscovering!”

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