Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant: A place of friendship

“It’s a beautiful country but I don’t think I’m going to stay here forever,” Tommy Bermejo wrote in a letter from the United States to his wife.

The Haitian spirit clairin is more like mezcal than rum

In 2017, the first clairin was officially exported to the U.S.

Why most total knee replacements are not needed

This year, in the United States alone, the number of total knee replacements will exceed 600,000.

Napa Valley icons share inspirational wines to support Alzheimer’s research

Magnificent wines represent the extraordinary skill of Napa Valley winemakers

Rotator cuff injuries revisited

The rotator cuff of the shoulder has four major tendons. The supraspinatus—the…

The Balvenie Stories are innovative Scotch whiskeys

Scotland’s century-old Balvenie Distillery introduces new line

We taste-tested 13 hard seltzers so you don’t have to

By Bethany Ao, The Philadelphia Inquirer PHILADELPHIA — Ah, summer. The season…

Can I collect from a car wash collision?

This week’s question comes from Karen in the East Bay, who writes:…

Three terrific days in Toronto

Melting pot city has historic treasures, great art, architecture and restaurants

New Bannister wines pair well with Chef Shane McAnelly’s creative small plates

It was a beautiful day. We sat under a huge old oak…

Risk exposure time

The increasing number of injuries in all sports for all ages begs…

A Love Supreme: Coltrane Church celebrates 50 years

‘I don’t believe this community could’ve manifested in any place other than San Francisco. We belong to San Francisco,’ said Archbishop Franzo W. King, co-founder of the Church of St. John Coltrane.

Prop 213 prevents injured drivers from recovering damages

By Christopher B. Dolan and Cristina Garcia This week’s question comes from…

The unexpected pleasures of Uganda

Seeing mountain gorillas thriving an unforgettable experience

Mi Sueño Winery: An Immigrant’s Dream

The theme that is woven through Rolando Herrera’s inspiring story is one of hard work and persistence.

The $150 billion a year industry that is killing our children

By Christopher Dolan and Dianna Albini “It ought to concern every person,…

Great grandson of Jim Beam puts mark on a whiskey worth drinking

The signatures of Fred Noe and Shinji Fukuyo adorn the bottle of Legent.

SPiN ping pong bar makes tweaks to keep the social club going

Social club has renovated patio, new drinks and snacks

Examining the birth tissue revolution

Birth tissues products donated by the mothers when they give birth are the new fountain of youth used in many fields of medicine.

Taking the pulse of San Francisco Bay with snapping shrimp

If you listen closely to San Francisco Bay — in the right place, and with the right equipment — you can hear its heartbeat.